How Can Commercial Office Cleaning Services Boost Productivity?

Posted on 17 October 2018

Are you noticing your employees lacking interest, constantly chatting and checking their phones, and looking tired, unhappy, and depressed? It isn’t the seasonal depression – maybe, you just need some good commercial office cleaning services to boost workplace productivity. A clean office will not only improve the work environment, but also increase the moods of your employees and raise  workplace efficiency.

Even if you already have cleaning staff working for you, without the professional cleaning products and equipment, the result may be disappointing. Luckily, at WeCleanIt, we have years of experience in the office cleaning field, and we will make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services Boost Productivity

When you own and run your own business, the main goal is to always maximize profits. In order to achieve this, the workplace productivity must remain high. However, companies that fail to provide clean and well-maintained work spaces for the employees, observe a lower level of production due to workers’ physical and psychological issues associated with constant exposure to mess, germs, and other hazards. Here, commercial office cleaning services from WeCleanIt come to the rescue. There are a number of ways in which WeCleanIt will boost your company’s productivity:

1. Improves Health

Every time an employee takes a sick day, overall office productivity is reduced. Whenever workers  get sick due to germs and contamination, they not only miss important work days to stay home but they can cause additional expenses for the company, as the enterprise has to pay for the workers’ hospital bills as a part of the employee health insurance.

Regular office cleaning minimizes germs and bacteria, thus preventing your employees from getting sick. Workers suffering from allergies would also appreciate commercial office cleaning services, as regular cleaning limits the amount of dust and other allergens in the air.

2. Keeps Employees Focused

In order to achieve the maximum productivity in the office, everyone must be focused on their tasks. If your employees are surrounded by endless clutter and disorganization, they spend extra time looking for items and get constantly distracted. Messy work spaces will make finding the required files more difficult, thus turning a simple task into a long process. In addition, disorganized spaces make collaboration more difficult, as it is hard to find a place to work in a cluttered conference room.

3. Supports a Strong Company Culture

Presenting your company as a professional organization could be difficult if the office space is not clean and beautiful. Furthermore, a tidy office will boost the workers’ moral and keep them happy. The thing that employees care most about is feeling comfortable in their work space - otherwise, it could be hard to keep them motivated to push the company forward. Your employees should be proud of where they work. Why not start with providing a beautiful and clean space for them to strive in?

4. Reduces Stress

Disorganization is stressful – and, if your employees are stressed, they will have troubles focusing on the work tasks and will require more breaks during the day. Simply being surrounded by clutter can cause the person to feel uneasy, thus reducing concentration. On the other hand, if workers enjoy and feel comfortable in their surroundings, they are more likely to remain calm and productive. Trust us, if you hire professional commercial office cleaning services, your employees will thank you!

5. Prevents Accidents

Even though accidents are unavoidable, you can still attempt to limit the possibility of them occurring in the workplace. Messy offices with spills and messes all around increase the likelihood of slips and falls, which lead to workplace injuries. Not only does it poses danger for employees, but an injured employee also means reduced overall productivity and additional expenses for the company to pay for any medical bills or law suits.

6. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever been to an Apple retail store? Apple is one of the best examples of how a clean retail space helps a company become one of the most successful businesses in the world. Of course, there are a number of reasons behind Apple’s success, but one of them is definitely a clean environment in their retail stores that exhumes nothing but professionalism.

A clean office also allows the client to develop a stronger feeling of trust for the company. And when the customers feel like they can trust your business, they are more likely to purchase your product or service.

7. More Efficient Office Equipment

Another reason to hire commercial office cleaning services is that at WeCleanIt, we can take a good care of all of your office equipment. Fax machines, AC units, printers, and photocopiers require proper maintenance to prolong their operational life. Sometimes they clog due to dust and interrupt the working process, but with a janitorial service, these issues will be minimized.

Hire WeCleanIt to Keep Your Workplace’s Productivity to the Maximum

Although you may choose to clean the office yourself, it may add up and cost you extra money in the long-run. You may not have the proper professional equipment to battle germs, and your employees will still get sick. As a result,overall productivity will still be reduced. This is why hiring professional commercial office cleaning services, such as WeCleanIt, is the optimal solution to achieve maximum productivity in the workplace.

Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, WeCleanIt is an industry leader in commercial cleaning and maintenance. Our cleaning crews are knowledgeable in their field and well-trained. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to make our clients 100% satisfied! When you hire WeCleanIt, we will develop a cleaning program that is tailored specifically to your company’s cleaning needs to make sure your employees remain healthy, happy, and eager to work.

Contact WeCleanIt today and get your workplace productivity to its maximum. Visit our website at or call 416-355-6666.

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