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Water Damage Repair

Whatever the type of water damage, We Clean It provides a full service package. In Toronto, and throughout the GTA, our full service approach includes everything from water extraction, to cleanup, to restoration. Our teams are trained and experienced with a wide range of water damage situations, and we have the on-hand resources to handle any scope of water damage. We work quickly and responsibly, and provide the most cost effective solutions for every job.

The key to managing water damage is to respond immediately and begin working quickly. It’s especially important in an emergency situation, whether it’s a flooding problem, sewage issue or plumbing rupture. At We Clean It, our water damage experts have the right equipment for the job and the right tactics for a fast cleanup.  We always follow the municipal and provincial rules and regulations, and never compromise the safety of residents, occupants or workers.

In every situation, water damage is challenging, and it’s critical to get things in control quickly. Whether the water damage is minimal or disastrous, plenty of damage can develop in a short period of time. The structure of the building can be potentially threatened; flooring, furniture, and electronics can be seriously damaged; and personal property can be totally destroyed. For the team at We Clean It, the focus is on responding quickly and minimizing the water damage.

Water damage is always a serious occurrence, and as such, it demands a comprehensive and professional plan of attack. The team at We Clean It is professional and highly skilled - with the tools and equipment to handle water damage wherever it occurs - a flooded basement or cellar; water damage to walls or ceilings; even damaged flooring, carpeting or tiles. We are also cognizant of safety, and always aware of potential health hazards due to water damage.

Properly managing water damage can mitigate what professionals call “secondary” damage. Here, quick response and immediate action can lessen water damage dramatically.  And for the experts at We Clean It, managing water damage properly from the start means averting “secondary” damage and avoiding added costs. It also means preventing calamities like the development of mold – in other words, its not the time or place to take cleanup shortcuts.

At We Clean It, the water damage teams use the latest water extraction equipment to expedite a cleanup and accelerate the drying process. And although drying is critical, we want to make certain that there are no pollutants, contaminants or toxins remaining in the space.  This is particularly relevant to mold, and to preventing its growth and contamination.  Finally, when a space is fully dry, and water damage has been controlled, repair and restoration can begin.

When water damage threatens, a professional service provider is necessary and required. It’s not the right time for DIY solutions or quick fixes. When the team at We Clean It is on site, the extraction, cleanup and restoration process is easily at hand. And whether the water damage is residential or commercial, our response time is fast, our cleanup costs competitive, and our results assured.

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