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School Janitorial Services

A regularly cleaned school is crucial to maintaining a safe, healthy and productive learning environment.

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Medical & Dental Office Cleaning

Medical and dental office cleaning is highly specialized work and requires expert attention.

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Commercial Office Cleaning Services Toronto

For many business owners, both large and small, a commercial cleaning service makes good economic sense.

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Janitorial Services Toronto

When it comes to janitorial services in the GTA, WIC provides professional services that clients can rely on.

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Welcome to We Clean It - Specialists in Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance.

Savvy business owners understand that time is money and focusing on the business at hand is always the priority. Outsourcing your company's cleaning needs to a reputable service provider will save your business time giving you more resources to take care of what's important, your business. Hiring a Toronto based service, like We Clean It will also improve the bottom line. Cleaning plans can be tailored to any size organization and budget, so you know exactly how much your business will spend on janitorial services every month. Outsourcing your company's cleaning needs makes smart business sense freeing up time and money for your organization to succeed. 

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, We Clean It has established itself as an industry leader in commercial cleaning services for businesses, regular maintenance and janitorial services. We service a wide array of industry sectors, including education, health care, corporate and real estate. And although we’ve built a solid reputation with our outstanding corporate cleaning services, our business encompass far more - everything from facility floor maintenance and carpet cleaning, to commercial janitorial services, to restroom maintenance.

Cleaning crews and maintenance teams at We Clean It are trained and knowledgeable in their trade. Our people are bonded and insured so that clients are well protected. And with more than 20 years of commercial cleaning industry experience, we know how to deliver quality cleaning services for businesses that keep our customers 100% satisfied. We provide professional, high-quality and environment friendly corporate cleaning services for businesses in Toronto and the GTA. In short, we guarantee our clients a job well done, with the best results, and with excellent customer service. And that applies to all, large and small.

Our Cleaning Services for Businesses Is Committed to Green Cleaning in Toronto

The team at We Clean It is at the leading edge of commercial cleaning and maintenance in Toronto, Mississauga, and Etobicoke. We have extensive professional knowledge; we use the most advanced equipment available; and many of our cleaning products are custom made - highly effective, yet eco-friendly. At We Clean It, our mission is to fully satisfy the customer. And that means having the best, most reliable crews, as well as the widest range of commercial cleaning services on the market.

Everyone at We Clean It knows their role. Essentially, we’re here to make your company look good and feel good for employees and visitors alike.  And everyone takes that responsibility seriously, especially on site. Our commercial cleaning programs are fully customized to suit each client and our roster of additional services can always accommodate special requests and unique pre-requisites. Simply put, We Clean It is at your professional service in Toronto and surrounding areas. 


We strive for Total Customer Satisfaction. It's more than just a slogan - our employees believe in the quality and integrity of their work, every day, and for every customer. It's an approach to business that energizes us to be the best, and drives us to enhance and improve our cleaning and maintenance services as we grow.


Quality service is all about commitment. Our employee teams are trained, qualified and skilled. Our staff and management are at the leading edge of the latest products, equipment, and technologies. And most importantly, we never stop learning and improving - it's our formula for working smart.


Our commitment to working "green" combines established eco-standards with green cleaning guidelines. We implement these types of programs on every project, and are proactive in our effort to diminish waste and reduce pollution. In short, our corporate aim is to ensure a greener future. Learn more about green cleaning.

What Our Clients Say About US
Thomas, Brampton

Because our company has unique cleaning needs, WE CLEAN IT was able to accommodate. We had to be sure that the cleaning crew was bonded and insured so we could feel protected. Besides that, the crew was very well trained for our unique needs – we were well satisfied.

Sarah, Vaughan

We were very satisfied with the custom-cleaning plan that WE CLEAN IT put together - it was ideal for our needs. We knew exactly what we wanted, and they created a timetable and a budget to match. They seemed to be quite expert in knowing what would be best for us.

Michael, Mississauga

WE CLEAN IT did it all for us – we just set up a scope-of-work and a schedule and let the crew do their work. We didn’t have to worry about cleaning tools or products, and we didn’t have to supervise the cleaners – we just let the whole process take shape and didn’t worry. 

Daryl, Toronto

The first time we used WE CLEAN IT, we were impressed. They brought the right cleaning equipment and products, and worked like they really knew what they were doing. They were thorough and time-efficient doing the job – and we were impressed with the final results.

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