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Medical Facility Cleanup

Medical facility cleanup is uniquely different – the facility is unique; the medical equipment needs special attention; and the environment often requires special cleaning products. Medical facility services require experience and expertise that are facility-specific. This includes special cleaning methods, specific disinfecting products, and special attention to detail. Quite simply, a medical facility is an environment where hygiene and sanitization is key to the cleaning process.

The service teams at We Clean It are highly trained in medical facility clean up, and are experts in facilities that demand a germ free environment. We Clean It provides the equipment and crews, and a customized approach to facility clean up – in other words, services designed to suit specific client needs. Dedicated cleaning professionals operate under “best practices” and carry out their duties to accommodate the pre-requisites posed by medical offices, facilities, and institutions.

Medical facility cleanup depends on advanced cleaning techniques so that cross-contamination is prevented. At We Clean It, the service team has established proprietary cleaning techniques that are designed to eliminate the potential for germ and/or bacteria contamination. Cleaning crews use color-coded microfiber cloths specific to certain areas and surfaces, and ensuring that cloths are not used in multiple places. The microfiber cloths are ideally suited for medical facilities.

Microfiber captures dust and germs far better than conventional cotton, or even disposable paper towels. For flooring, the cleaning teams at We Clean It use microfiber mops – they very effectively remove germs, while preventing any mop water contamination. Here again, the primary objective is to offer a cleaning regime that is both sanitary and hygienic. Cleaning crews are thorough and diligent, cleaning every surface, counter, workstation, and floor – nothing is overlooked.

Green Cleaning Services

When cleaning a medical facility, regardless of size, cleaning crews use hospital grade detergents and disinfectants, as well as green cleaning products (when possible). The objective is to provide more than just routine cleaning, and that includes cleaning areas that aren’t even visible. Yet another priority for We Clean It is to maintain safe, healthy air quality, and here, multi-filtration HEPA vacuum cleaners are key. In fact, there’s no other effective way to clean a medical facility.

HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are critical in medical facility cleaning since they collect and remove practically everything - airborne pollutants, dust particles, even bacteria and viruses. HEPA filter systems also serve to improve overall indoor air quality. At We Clean It, an effective cleaning regime relies on a specific “to do” checklist to make sure that nothing is overlooked. It makes for a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process in a very demanding facility environment.

  • Examination rooms, tables and chairs
  • Touch surfaces, phones, and keyboards
  • Nurses stations, desks and countertops
  • Windows, sills, ledges, locks and levers
  • Washroom sinks, cabinets, dispensers
  • Storage cabinets, door handles, knobs

For the cleaning teams at We Clean It, every job is done to completion. No medical facility is too challenging, and no client is too demanding. Cleaning teams have the equipment, resources and expertise to deliver a facility that is clean, sanitized and decontaminated.

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