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Janitorial Services Toronto

WeCleanIt offers top notch janitorial services and complete commercial cleaning solutions. From high rise office space to industrial warehouse environments, WeCleanIt can handle the toughest floor and carpet cleaning jobs, high and low traffic restroom maintenance, floor and fatigue mat exchange and dust control.

janitorial services toronto for business ownersWeCleanIt crews are well trained and experts at janitorial and clean up services consistently delivering excellent results. Our expertise lies in commercial cleaning in the Toronto and GTA areas and we take the time to fully understand your janitorial needs to create a custom tailored cleaning plan to fit your business. WeCleanIt can handle any size job and will consistently deliver a complete cleaning every time.

Janitorial Services to Keep Your Toronto Business Organized

When it comes to janitorial services in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Etobicoke and throughout the GTA, We Clean It provides professional services that clients can rely on. We service private and public facilities of all kinds - everything from real estate businesses, to health care facilities, to a wide variety of industry sectors. Janitorial services are one of our specialties, and we take great pride in our quality approach to customer service. At We Clean It, our focus is on keeping our customers 100% satisfied, and it applies to everything that we do.

  • Corporate office cleaning
  • Top quality floor care
  • Complete carpet cleaning
  • Floor mat service
  • Dust control program
  • Restroom services
  • Enviro-friendly cleaning products and equipment 

Our janitorial services are comprehensive. Our crews are skilled and knowledgeable. We employ the latest in equipment and technologies. And we use high quality (often eco-friendly) products. Best of all, we guaranty exceptional janitorial services every time. As a company, We Clean It is fully bonded and insured, with over 20 years of trusted business relationships, and with thousands of satisfied customers. Our primary goal when providing janitorial services is to ensure excellent results every time we arrive on site.

Toronto Corporate Office Cleaning

We work closely with our clients, providing office cleaning services for a variety of corporate office environments. Our crews ensure that offices are clean and hygienic on a regular and ongoing basis. We use proven cleaning methods and a systematic approach – everything is intended to enhance our client’s corporate image.

Top Quality Floor Care

Many of our clients include floor maintenance and care as an integral part of our janitorial services. We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep facility flooring in good condition. Short term, everything is kept clean and hygienic, while long-term, preventive maintenance ensures a long lifespan for every flooring type.

Complete Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to janitorial services for businesses that have installed carpeting throughout, the crews at We Clean It use cleaning products and techniques specifically suited to the carpeting. Here, our approach is focused on making the carpeting look great and last long. Regular carpet cleaning will guarantee great results.

Floor Mat Services

For clients who have opted to use floor mats, our janitorial services are ideal. We offer floor mats that are both slip-resistant and water-absorbent – they are designed to control all manner of dirt and water. Our prices are competitive, there are no extra (or hidden) charges, and best of all - no contracts.

Dust Control Program

We Clean It also offers a Dust Control Program as part of our janitorial services. We can clean and sanitize mop heads on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and make sure that clean mops are available to your staff when needed. This is a cost-effective service package that can be customized according to specific needs.

Restroom Services

We Clean It provides fully customized restroom janitorial services to meet the unique needs of a facility. Our cleaning crews make sure that restrooms are sparkling clean and perfectly sanitized. Everything will look and smell hygienic – and will reflect the company’s high standards and quality public image.

At We Clean It, we guaranty great service and quality work. Our company is 100% Canadian owned and operated – our people are bonded and insured - and our janitorial services are guaranteed to satisfy.

The New Clean is Friendly to Mother Nature

The old thought process was that the harsher the chemicals, the better the clean. Over time, health concerns and body sensitivity have made the use of harsh chemicals passe and cleaning companies like WeCleanIt are using more environmentally friendly cleaners that are more human friendly as well. WeCleanIt uses bio-based products that are considered Eco-friendly and are 100% biodegradable but still provide a complete clean and sanitization just like harsher cleaning chemicals. WeCleanIt is committed to the environment and a healthier workplace and all crews use our in-house products and equipment when working on cleaning projects in the Toronto, Vaughan and GTA area. 

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