Floor Care

The professionals at We Clean It provide floor care solutions for facilities of all sizes. Our floor care crews operate in Toronto, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga and throughout the GTA, offering a full service approach that can be customized to suit specific client needs, enhancing office cleaning in Toronto. Our floor care crews are well trained in floor care methodologies, and are experienced with all types of cleaning products and applications. Whatever the need - whatever the size - We Clean It can come up with a floor care solution.

At We Clean It, we do it all when it comes to floor care. We top scrub - to remove dirt, stains and scuffs. We deep scrub - to prepare the flooring for a new finish. And we strip and wax –particularly when waxing large floors. Our floor care crews use high quality cleaning products and special equipment to ensure a clean and hygienic finish, while maintaining the original condition of the floor. All things considered, we do a quality job, and deliver quality results.

For the professionals at We Clean It, regular and ongoing floor maintenance is the preferred approach. It’s floor care that keeps everything clean and presentable, while ensuring long life. Indeed, in larger facilities, preventive floor care is key to assuring longer life for floor material of all types. As such, We Clean It will customize a floor care program to suit the precise floor type in question. Product options and floor care techniques are combined for best results.


Stripping and Refinishing

Floor care soloutions TorontoOur floor stripping process begins with the removal of scratches and imperfections, followed by a thorough cleaning and rinse. This is a quality approach to floor preparation, which precedes the refinishing step. For refinishing, a new finish is applied, relevant to client pre-requisites. Ongoing, appropriate floor care is required to ensure the best possible maintenance.

Buffing and Burnishing

Floor care in large facilities can pose challenges. These are expansive spaces. Some of them are comprised of marble; some of vinyl composition tile; and some, with acrylic finish. Many of these surfaces require floor care that includes buffing and restoring. And in these situations, We Clean It can schedule floor care that best suits the traffic flow of the facility.

Green Cleaning Products

At We Clean It, the floor care crews use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. This is of benefit to residents and occupants, as well as the environment. We also do our best to minimize water usage and hydro usage, which in itself conserves energy and saves money. As a company, it’s our way of ensuring high quality floor care, while operating responsibly.

We Clean It can handle practically any floor care requisition. Our floor care crews can provide service on a quarterly basis, a monthly basis, even a daily basis - and we can accommodate every type of space - from a conventional office lobby to a vast car showroom.  For large, retail environments, our reliable floor care service (during off hours) is easily managed. Best of all for our clients – our work isn’t complete until our customers are 100% satisfied. We Clean It is a leading commerical cleaning company providing a range of janitorial services for all types of commercial spaces.

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Why Choose Us

Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Flexible Cleaning

Cleaning needs are unique and specific to each business, meaning your cleaning schedule is unlikely to be identical to that of your neighbour or competitor. We create a clear scope of work, detailing everything we will clean and won’t clean.

Trained & Insured Cleaning Teams

Trained & Insured
Cleaning Teams

We Clean It employs reliable, licensed cleaning teams to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service. Our trained and certified staff are dedicated and insured to ensure the safety of all involved.

Reliable Processes and Results

Reliable Processes
and Results

We Clean It has developed a proven cleaning process that has been tried and tested at thousands of client locations, resulting in a standardized approach to cleanliness.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction

We Clean It has built a reputation for providing exceptional cleaning services that go above and beyond the competition. We take pride in treating your buildings like our own, striving for your complete satisfaction.

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

At We Clean it, we don’t hide costs in the fine print. When you hire our commercial & janitorial cleaning services we will get to understand your cleaning needs and create an accurate cleaning quote.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We consistently monitor our pricing and strive to provide accurate cleaning quotes that are the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on fair pricing and making sure our clients only pay for what they are getting, and nothing more.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

All of our commercial & janitorial cleaners are equipped with the latest technology to minimize cleaning times. We efficiently complete all jobs while maintaining stringent high standards.

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What Our Clients Say About US
quote Thomas, Brampton

Because our company has unique cleaning needs, WE CLEAN IT was able to accommodate. We had to be sure that the cleaning crew was bonded and insured so we could feel protected. Besides that, the crew was very well trained for our unique needs – we were well satisfied.

quote Sarah, Vaughan

We were very satisfied with the custom-cleaning plan that WE CLEAN IT put together - it was ideal for our needs. We knew exactly what we wanted, and they created a timetable and a budget to match. They seemed to be quite expert in knowing what would be best for us.

quote Michael, Mississauga

WE CLEAN IT did it all for us – we just set up a scope-of-work and a schedule and let the crew do their work. We didn’t have to worry about cleaning tools or products, and we didn’t have to supervise the cleaners – we just let the whole process take shape and didn’t worry. 

quote Daryl, Toronto

The first time we used WE CLEAN IT, we were impressed. They brought the right cleaning equipment and products, and worked like they really knew what they were doing. They were thorough and time-efficient doing the job – and we were impressed with the final results.

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