quoteDo you have the resources to handle water damage?

With water damage, our team responds quickly. In an emergency, we operate with additional priority. We have the equipment, resources, and staff to handle a “natural” flood, a sewage rupture, or a plumbing disaster. Our crews abide by all municipal rules and regulations.

quoteWhat types of janitorial services can you provide?

Our janitorial services are customized to suit the client. Crews are trained and skilled, and we use the latest equipment. Our people are bonded and insured, with professional expertise in carpet cleaning; general floor care; floor mat servicing; restroom maintenance; and more.

quoteAs a customer, how can we be sure of quality work?

Our crews are highly trained, bonded and insured. We have been in business for more than 20 years and guarantee our cleaning services. Clients can rest assured that the job is well done, with great results, and with uncompromised customer service, regardless of the size of job.

quoteFor floor care, what are the services that are offered?

We recommend regular, scheduled, floor maintenance. This approach keeps everything clean, while ensuring longevity for the floor. We service marble flooring; vinyl composition tile; and acrylic finish floors. As well as maintenance, we offer stripping, refinishing, and buffing.

quoteDo you offer professional flood restoration services?

Our flood restoration services are designed to handle groundwater backup, damaged water systems, or natural calamity. Our priority is to prevent more damage, and keep the premises safe for occupants. We don’t recommend a do-it-yourself approach for this type of work.

quoteCan your teams expedite a cleanup after an event?

We can coordinate and expedite the entire event cleanup: we provide all of the equipment; we supervise the cleanup teams; and we work directly with site managers. Our event cleanup service is quick and efficient, relieving our clients of all the unwanted responsibilities.

quoteAre your commercial cleaning services reasonable?

With all of our commercial cleaning services customized to fit, pricing is intended to provide the best value for a client’s budget. We can provide scheduled service; special service requests (washrooms or kitchens); or “one-time” cleanups, each with good value and great results.

quoteDo you have specialized carpet cleaning services?

We specialize in carpet shampooing, using the latest equipment and cleaning products for the carpeting or broadloom in question. We do recommend professional carpet cleaning once a year so that carpeting provides a clean, hygienic indoor environment for occupants.

quoteAre your cleaning services considered “green”?

We are serious about the products we use. Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly products – these are high-grade products, bio-based, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable. Many of our products are custom-made in house, and do an outstanding cleaning job without polluting.

quoteDo you offer any building maintenance services?

Beyond our cleaning and maintenance services, we also offer a range of “handy-man” services. This may entail everything from drywall repair to lock work. Our services are cost effective to each customer, and our crews, tools and equipment are all under one roof.

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