The Best Disinfectant Office Cleaning Services In Toronto

With the entire world on tenterhooks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular disinfection and sanitization have become vital for safer homes and workplaces. As an Essential Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto, We Clean It is at the forefront of the fight against Corona. We remain committed to promoting safe & sanitary workspaces & homes during these pandemic times. We have implemented and optimized enhanced safety protocols and precautions to provide you with contact-free disinfection and office cleaning services in Toronto

Enhanced Disinfection Services 

After a detailed study of cleaning regimens to mitigate COVID-19, we have developed special enhanced disinfection services. The focus is single-minded—safer homes, businesses and offices for your protection. We Clean It crew has been specially trained for industry-leading applications approved by Health Canada. Avant-garde applications like mist fogging follow a 360-degree approach to eliminate up to 99.99% of all harmful bacteria and germs, including COVID-19.

High Contact Surface Disinfection

The first level of our enhanced disinfection service covers  Corona hotspots with highly touched surfaces in your office or home. Using a specialized hospital-grade disinfectant, our cleaning crew manually sprays and cleans frequently touched surfaces. This disinfectant service is now an essential element of our commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Killing up to 99.99% of germs and viruses, this service is performed on all door knobs, switches, appliances like laptops, telephones etc. It also includes the handrails on stairs, sinks, faucets, toilet seats & handles.  

Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection

Amongst all office cleaning services in Toronto, our Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection services are a class apart! Leading-edge 360 degrees fogging technology is employed to thoroughly eliminate 99.99% of harmful pathogens, airborne viruses, and bacteria in your home & offices. This top-tier fogging methodology is effective in covering every inch of your office or home. It not only ensures that your office/home surfaces are protected, but even the indoor air is safe from all airborne viruses and pathogens. This makes our Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection service an ideal solution to eliminate the dangerous Coronavirus from high traffic spots like offices, educational institutions, medical offices, gyms & retail spaces. Our special hospital-grade disinfectant is entirely safe for use on almost all surfaces–from children’s toys to kitchen countertops & office equipment.

What’s more, the disinfectant spray kills all mold & mildew and prevents re-growth for up to 6 months! Approved by Health Canada, our disinfectant fogging does not use bleach or toxic chemicals. The fogging mechanism disinfects every inch of space so that you, your employees & customers can breathe pure & clean air! What you get is enhanced air quality disinfection with a safe and protective indoor work/home environment. 

Do you wish to create a safe and protected environment for your employees and customers post COVID-19?  

Look no further than the Enhanced Disinfection Services from We Clean It, the undisputed leaders in commercial cleaning services across Toronto! Our top-of-the-line office cleaning solutions and disinfection services can be customized to suit every business & budget! Help break the COVID chain and curb the spread of Coronavirus with our fast & effective disinfection & sanitization services. Dial 647-999-6898 to start a conversation about our Enhanced Disinfection Service today! Or email  for complete information & a free service quote! 

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5 Things To Look For In A Toronto Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring an expert commercial cleaning company in Toronto is crucial to maintaining a safe and productive workspace. Commercial cleaning not only ensures a healthy workspace but also exudes professionalism while reducing employee downtime. However, with the plethora of commercial cleaning services in Toronto, finding the right office cleaning company can be challenging! Look for these 5 things to select the best option for your establishment: 

#1 Experience & Competence

Your office space is an inalienable part of your business image. You need to hire an experienced commercial cleaning service that understands the value of first impressions. A company with experience in cleaning office premises will know how to safely clean and sanitize laptops, printers, and other office appliances. Another aspect is competence—the company should have established cleaning protocols, the right cleaning equipment and trained staff. Commercial grade equipment with the latest in cleaning technology will ensure efficiency and proficiency. 

#2 Trained & Certified Cleaning Crew

Professionalism does not only mean shiny uniforms; competence in the job at hand is what counts! Make sure you do a thorough background check about the certification and training of the professionals you hire. They should be trained in cleaning regimens like care of carpets, furniture, office electronics etc. Training in the usage of specialized cleaning equipment is a must.   

#3 Trustworthiness

You should be able to trust the cleaning company you hire. The company should be transparent about its prices and the services provided. All reputed commercial cleaning services in Toronto offer a transparent service contract that details the cleaning protocols and the prices. Check out reviews of the shortlisted company on their website and other review sites like Google, Facebook, & Yelp. You can see their customer satisfaction ratings and even speak to a few references about their services. 

#4 Green Clean & Sustainability Check

With increasing emphasis on sustainability, you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. An environmentally conscious cleaning company such as We Clean It will use green cleaning products with green seal certification. This means that they have been tested and certified as non-toxic and eco-friendly. Even the equipment should be green—meeting the approved standards for filtration and noise levels. 

#5 Commitment to Quality & Safety 

Lastly, look for a commitment to providing quality services with an emphasis on safety. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, the cleaning professionals must do a thorough cleaning job, including complete disinfection to mitigate cross-contamination risk. Sanitizing high traffic areas and equipment every day is a must during these uncertain times. Quality commercial cleaning services in Toronto will go beyond routine cleaning and lay equal emphasis on safety. Commitment to safety also means placing correct warning signage to prevent accidents, slips and falls. 

Looking for the Best-in-Class Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto?

Well, look no further than We Clean It, the best full-service office cleaning company that Toronto trusts! With more than 20 years of commercial cleaning expertise, We Clean It has provided top-tier cleaning solutions for a clean & safe office every day. Our cleaning services are customized to suit every business size & budget! Allow the experts at We Clean It to take care of your cleaning & safety needs while you focus on your business—call us today on 647-999-6898 or email complete office cleaning in Toronto.

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We Clean It: Trusted Office Cleaning Services In Toronto

When it comes to the cleanliness of your office or business, you simply cannot compromise. That is why you need a trusted commercial cleaning service in Toronto to take care of all your cleaning needs. With more than 20 years in the industry, We Clean It has become a trusted name across Toronto & the GTA. Serving as the cleaning backbone of hundreds of business houses, medical offices, industrial facilities, government & educational institutions, we are committed to providing quality commercial & office cleaning services in Toronto. Outsourcing your cleaning requirements is also a smart business move, freeing up your time and resources to focus on what you need to—your business! No hassles of interviewing, hiring, training, staffing, or overseeing janitorial employees, We Clean It has you covered!  

Our Commitment to Customers

Total customer satisfaction is not just a slogan for us—our committed cleaning crew takes pride in the integrity and quality of their work, for every customer, every day. Cleaning solutions & service with a smile is what the We Clean It team promises you! With an environment of mutual respect, trust, and pride in work, our winning team is synergized to be the best, and scale greater heights of customer satisfaction. Indeed, customer delight is what we strive for, keeping an ear to the ground and listening to you, our valued customers. 360-degree feedback, quality control checks, and immediate response to your concerns & needs help us to meet and exceed your expectations! After all, our success is not defined by the industry but by you, our valued patrons!   

Our Commitment to Quality

professional office cleaning company toronto

Our commitment to providing the highest standards of cleaning services & solutions drives us to raise the bar—consistently. We are dedicated to delivering sparkling clean and healthy workplaces, adhering to the strictest cleaning programs and quality control. The first indication of quality is cleanliness, and we ensure that your premises leave a lasting impression on clients. Our competent cleaning crew is certified, trained, and qualified to bring you the best disinfection and office cleaning services in Toronto. We not only follow premier industry standards but also invest in cutting-edge cleaning technologies for top-tier customized cleaning services. Our superior cleaning standards, dedicated customer support and proactive quality control through regular quality checks make us the front runners amongst all commercial cleaning services in Toronto. What sets us apart? We never stop learning, improving, and innovating!   

Commitment to Our Green Promise

Our cleaning services come with our ‘green’ promise—a combination of green cleaning guidelines & established eco-standards. We aim for a greener future, and our commitment to sustainable cleaning solutions is reflected in our efforts to diminish waste, re-cycle, and use ‘green’ cleaning products. Our green promise ensures enhanced air-quality and safer workspaces for you! Team We Clean It makes conscious decisions to only use non-toxic, bio-based cleaning products with reduced packaging. Our cleaning products are professional-grade, high performance, and 100% biodegradable—which means they are completely safe for you, your employees and the environment! 

We Clean It: Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Trust! 

Proudly serving Toronto & the GTA for more than 20 years, you know you can count on team We Clean It ! Our world-class cleaning crew is committed to providing top-of-the-line cleaning solutions customized for every budget! Call us on 647-999-6898 for a free cleaning estimate today! 

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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Scarborough

Have you heard of We Clean It? The commercial cleaners from Scarborough are taking the city by storm with their top-tier cleaning solutions! Commercial cleaning services in Scarborough make sure that every inch of your space is completely sanitized and safe during these trying pandemic times. With a second surge of the coronavirus across Canada, it is vital to mitigate the spread with a proactive cleaning and disinfection regimen. Read on how We Clean It, the undisputed #1 amongst Scarborough cleaners, can be your trusted aide in keeping your workspace spotless and sanitized:

commercial cleaning services Scarborough

Advantage Advanced Cleaning Tools & Products

As a professional cleaning company, We Clean It comes with the advantage of specialized cleaning equipment and products. Commercial-grade cleaners, disinfectants, and cleaning regimens perfected through decades give you the deep-clean you deserve! What’s more, our products are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals, promoting a healthy workspace and a lower carbon footprint.

Advantage All Over Clean

Hiring the professional Scarborough cleaners, We Clean It will ensure that each nook & cranny of your workspace is sparkling clean every single day! We are the cleanliness experts with a crew specially trained to clean and sanitize your space from floor to ceiling, carpets to windows. Our commercial cleaning services includes:
➢ Cleaning & disinfection of all office equipment
➢ Cleaning of all floors & surfaces
➢ vacuuming and sanitizing high traffic areas
➢ Spot checking for stains & litter
➢ Thoroughly cleaning & disinfecting all restrooms
➢ Emptying exterior & interior wastebaskets
➢ Restocking facilities with paper goods/sanitizers/handwash
The weekly maintenance schedule includes:
➢ Floor polishing, vacuuming & steam cleaning of high traffic areas
➢ Deep cleaning of lunges/lunchroom/pantry
➢ Spot checking and cleaning of all glass & entryways

Advantage Reliability & Security

We are the most reputable & reliable cleaning service in Scarborough, with a cleaning crew that is responsible and back-ground checked. After all, if you can’t trust your cleaners, then the company is not suitable for you.

Advantage Affordability

Outsourcing cleaning hassles to a commercial cleaning service in Scarborough will be more cost-effective in the long run. Team We Clean It comes with the affordability advantage—custom cleaning plans for every budget. Our cleaning solutions are priced just right, with zero compromises on quality. Our services are the most reasonably priced amongst Scarborough cleaners & we will ensure that you get excellent value for your dollar!

Advantage Great Reviews and Quality Standards

Our client reviews speak volumes about our quality standard & professional service. Thorough, trustworthy, and professional, we guarantee 100% customer delight! Read what our satisfied customers have to say about us here:
Ready For a Safe, Secure & Spotless Space?
Choose the pros at We Clean It, your trusted professional cleaning service in Scarborough.
A full-service commercial cleaning company, we’ve been providing superior cleaning services for more than 20 years. We specialize in building cleaning & maintenance, facilities management & customized cleaning solutions for our customers across all sectors: health care, education, retail, & commercial. Be it a small office or ample commercial space, school or university, dental office or medical facility; we promise world-class cleaning solutions with a smile! Call us on 647-999-6898 for custom cleaning programs tailored to suit your specific budget & needs!

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What Toronto Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Offer To Combat COVID-19

A clean work environment has always been a priority, but with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are engaging commercial cleaning services in Toronto. As we see a second surge in Coronavirus cases, the safety of your employees, customers and office space is more important than ever. With the promise of 100% disinfection and superior cleaning solutions, it’s understandable that people wish to hire commercial cleaners for office cleaning in Toronto. Regular cleaning, disinfection and sanitization are vital to combat the spread of coronavirus. Enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning service in  Toronto is the most reliable and safest way to keep your workspace clean and disease-free. Here’s what commercial cleaning companies can offer: 

#Preventive Disinfection

Regular preventive disinfection and cleaning of your workspace can help you keep your office and business space open—safely! Commercial cleaning services in Toronto possess the requisite knowledge and expertise for prevention and complaint protection for combating the spread of COVID-19. They have a dedicated and trained crew that is experienced in advanced preventive cleaning and disinfection processes. With a regular cleaning and disinfection regimen specifically targeted at fighting infectious diseases like corona, you can breathe easy and stay protected from viral infections in your office. 

#Right Equipment & Training

Commercial cleaning companies have the right equipment and training to stem the spread of viral and other contagious infections. The right cleaning methodology, effective disinfectants and experience in handling viral and bacterial threats make commercial cleaning services in Toronto a necessity in these pandemic times. From UV sanitizing machines to electric sprayers, commercial cleaners can do a stellar job in a matter of minutes. Mitigate the risk of Corona by hiring the right cleaning company that covers your space from floor to ceiling!

#Green Clean

It goes without saying that the cleaning products used should be green and not harm the environment. Harsh chemicals can be toxic and carcinogenic. With a greater emphasis on disinfection, we must use certified products that are safe for everyday use. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and experience to use green cleaning agents for an effective yet eco-friendly cleaning process. 

#Freedom to Focus 

Due to the lockdown, you certainly don’t need the additional headache of daily cleaning and disinfection with enough business challenges. By outsourcing cleaning duties to professionals, you can focus on your core business and let the experts take care of cleaning and disinfection. 

#Emergency COVID-19 Disinfection 

In case you or your employees have been exposed to the virus, you need to close temporarily and open-up only after thorough covid disinfection. Trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Toronto will ensure that you can reopen safely with cleaning and disinfection protocols that conform to national and WHO guidelines. 

Stay Safe and COVID Smart with We Clean It! 

With top-of-the-line cleaning solutions from We Clean It, you can be assured of the best commercial cleaning service in Toronto. Our superior cleaning services are customized to suit every budget and business! From regular cleaning to preventive & emergency disinfection, we will work with you to find the ideal cleaning program. Team up with We Clean It to curb the spread of COVID-19! Call us at 647-999-6898 or for complete disinfection, sanitization, and office cleaning in Toronto.

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5 Industries Needing Cleaning Services in Scarborough

Most of us spend a major part of our waking hours at work. All the more reason for a clean and healthier work environment, especially in these pandemic times.  Whether you hire a janitor or engage a commercial Scarborough cleaners service, a safe, clean, & healthy workplace is essential for any business or industry. Here are five industries that need commercial cleaning services in Scarborough:


#1 Educational Institutions

Maintaining a clean and safe learning environment for hundreds of students everyday is a challenging task for all schools and colleges. More so during the coronavirus pandemic when sanitizing and ensuring a healthy facility is a major concern. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Scarborough will help you with daily cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing tasks. By using green cleaning products and special sanitizing solutions, commercial cleaners can help eradicate disease-causing germs, viruses and bacteria to keep students and staff protected.  

#2 Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities require an extra layer of cleaning protocols for ensuring a sterile and pathogen-free environment. Protecting patients and workers from healthcare-associated infections and cross-contamination is especially important. Utilizing commercial cleaning services in Scarborough will go a long way to keep healthcare facilities sanitary, clean and disinfected. A professional cleaning crew will deep-clean and disinfect your medical facility with the strictest regulation-compliant, certified cleaning regimens. Apart from hospitals and clinics, dental offices, dermatologists, blood-banks, physical therapists, even gyms and sports facilities can benefit from commercial Scarborough cleaners. 

#3 Retail Facilities

Spotlessly clean and welcoming shopping facilities & retail stores ensure higher footfall and higher profits. One of the first things retail customers notice is cleanliness and ambience. Keep your stores and shopping centres sanitized and pristine with regular retail cleaning services in Scarborough.  

#4 Hospitality Industry & Restaurants

From fast food & fine dining restaurants to five-star establishments, the hospitality industry needs top-tier cleaning standards. Impressions and the business image is everything in the hospitality sector, and maintaining a cleanand welcoming environment is vital to survive and thrive! A dedicated cleaning crew committed to a spotless facility for guests is almost mandatory for restaurants and hotels. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Scarborough like We Clean It will ensure you have trained professionals to delve deep into every nook & cranny of your establishment for a really deep clean! 

#5 Office Buildings

A clean office not only reflects on your business values but is necessary for boosting employee health, morale, and productivity. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your office cleaning needs will save you time, effort, and hassle of cleaning daily. You and your employees can focus on your core work without worrying about a shabby office. Whether you need daily/weekly cleaning or deep cleaning services for a spic-n-span office space, engaging commercial cleaning services in Scarborough makes business sense.

Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Scarborough? 

We Clean It has you covered!  With more than 20 years of cleaning expertise, We Clean It is committed to providing a seamless cleaning experience. Our world-class cleaning crew is trained to meet and exceed your cleaning expectations. Customer-centred cleaning solutions, attention to detail, and highest-quality tools & products ensure that you put your best foot forward every day! Call us today at 647-999-6898 for cost-effective and efficient cleaning solutions for cleaning needs! Or email us at for more information about our services.  

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Do You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Business?

commercial cleaning services in toronto

With the number of challenges businesses face every day, the last thing one needs is a dirty workspace. Outsourcing your cleanliness worries to a reliable commercial cleaning service in Toronto will not only give you precious peace of mind but can also positively impact business outcomes to increase your bottom line. 

So, What is a Commercial Cleaning Company? 

A commercial cleaning company is a B2B vendor providing custom cleaning solutions for businesses, commercial spaces, hospitals, schools etc. This customized cleaning service is usually performed after-hours and includes standard cleaning tasks like dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, trash removal, bathroom cleaning and other cleaning chores. Other advanced services can include deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, machine and commercial window cleaning and the like. 

How Do I Know If My Business Needs a Commercial Cleaning Company? 

Do you have a lot of employees or heavy customer traffic in and out of your facility?

In case your business employs a sizable number of people, in-house cleaning may not really work for you. The same goes for any business with a high footfall or customer/vendor traffic. Outsourcing the cleaning tasks to a commercial cleaning service in Toronto will leave you free to concentrate on your core business rather than fretting over a dirty workplace. 

Do you have time to spare for office cleaning?

Time is money, and if you are wasting valuable man-hours delegating cleaning duties to your employees, then you are losing both time and money. If you find that your staff is spending more time cleaning the office than doing their routine work, you know you require professional office cleaning in Toronto. A commercial cleaning company takes away the dead weight of cleaning from your employees, leaving them free to do what they are best at, their office work!

Do You Require Specialized or Advanced Cleaning Services?

Institutions or businesses with specialized cleaning requirements such as deep cleaning, disinfection, carpet cleaning, sanitization for dental offices/hospitals etc. require a dedicated commercial cleaning service. These companies have the right tools, training, and products to ensure a thorough clean which might not be possible in house. A commercial cleaning company will use non-toxic, green products and specialized tools to clean your facility the right way. 

Do You Wish to Save on Cleaning Costs? 

You’ll be surprised to know that hiring a commercial cleaning service in Toronto will actually save you money in the long run. By opting for professional office cleaning in Toronto, you’ll save on all the costs associated with employing full-time staff for cleaning. An in-house cleaning team will eventually cost you more apart from the additional hassle of computing salaries, leaves, and other collaterals.  

We Clean It: Your Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto! 

We are a full-service commercial cleaning company specializing in commercial cleaning solutions and maintenance. From custom cleaning programs tailored to your specific needs & budget to end-to-end cleaning requirements, We Clean It is your go-to vendor for office cleaning in Toronto. From small offices to commercial spaces, institutional cleaning to medical & dental facilities, we cater to all facilities of all sizes! Thorough, dependable, and professional, we guarantee 100% customer delight. Call us at 647-999-6898 or email at to know about all our custom cleaning solutions!   

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Office Cleaning Checklist For the Winter

While cleanliness and workplace safety is always important, it’s even more so in winter. Snow, dirt, and slush from outside get tracked indoors, especially in offices and commercial spaces. Apart from being a safety hazard, it also wreaks havoc on your floors and carpets. So how do you prioritize safety and cleanliness in the brutal winter months? The pros at We Clean It recommends the following winter cleaning checklist. And, if you have a packed schedule, hiring commercial cleaning services in Toronto will be the smartest investment you can make this winter! 

Prepare the Entrance 

It makes sense to be prepared for winter madness and the entrance mess with super absorbent doormats, wet floor signage, snow shovels, and proper storage for boots. Snow guards for the doors and salt for the walkway will also help check the ice. 

Keep the Floors Clean & Dry

Office cleaning in Toronto is especially challenging due to the salt, slush and snow. You’ll need to adjust your mopping techniques and solutions as salt can damage your floors and stain the carpets. Keep the salt at bay by using specialized neutralizing solutions in your mopping water. Increase the frequency of cleaning and mopping during snowy days to avoid accidents. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto can help you tackle this extra load in winter so that you can focus on your work!

Keep the Windows Shining

The dirt and grime on windows can keep out the sun and make your office cold and drab. Light up your workspace with natural sunlight by ensuring that the windows are clean and spotless. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto can clean the windows on a daily/weekly basis, taking time to clean both inside and outside.  

Sanitize for Safety

Winter also brings with it the seasonal flu, coughs and colds. This has been compounded by the corona pandemic this year, making it vital to keep offices sanitized. Taking an extra effort to sanitize high touch surfaces like door handles, workstations, laptops, telephones and office equipment will help prevent the spread of allergens and viruses. 

Check Air Quality

Cold winter air reduces humidity levels, and the heating inside makes it worse. This makes people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions susceptible to infections and illnesses during winter. Taking care of your indoor air quality can help make your workspace healthier and comfortable.  Using humidifiers and vacuums with a HEPA filter can keep germs and dust at bay. A comprehensive winter cleaning program can be undertaken with the help of any trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Toronto. 

A clean office essays professionalism and is essential for workplace safety & productivity. Use this winter checklist to make cleaning a breeze! If winter cleaning is too time-consuming for you, consider investing in premium commercial cleaning services in Toronto like We Clean It. As the front-runners in commercial cleaning across the GTA, our professionally trained and certified cleaning crew will ensure a spic and span office this winter! 

Dial 647-999-6898 or visit to know more about our special winter cleaning services and professional office cleaning in Toronto. We’d love to hear from you!

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Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service For Winter

Commercial offices are bound to get dirty all year round, given the number of people using the space. Winter months are worse, with the mess of snow and slush outside that people bring indoors. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Toronto during the winter months is the best way to ensure a clean, healthy and sanitized office. Here’s why winter office cleaning in Toronto is a beneficial business move: 

Winter Salt Ruins Floors & Aesthetics

Winter salt debris and snow melting chemicals inadvertently find their way inside your office along with foot traffic, ruining your floors and wearing away the polish. The marks show up on almost all surfaces, while these corrosive substances leave ugly stains everywhere. This gives an unprofessional and dirty look to your office. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Toronto will keep the winter slush and salt away from your precious office space. 

Easier Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping the office carpet clean during the Candian winter can be challenging. Salt, moisture and dust make a dangerous cocktail that gets enmeshed into your carpeting. Cleaning entryway rugs and mats are the toughest, as they bear the brunt of foot traffic. Salt and moisture also wear away the carpeting, which can be maintained with professional office cleaning. 

Better Health and Safety 

The wet winter floors are a magnet for mold and moisture. Allergens and germs abound in winter, affecting the indoor air quality. The allergens in dust and stagnant air can trigger allergies, making your employees sick and sluggish. Viruses can survive up to 36 hours on surfaces, and believe it or not, dirty office furniture often carries more germs than a toilet seat!  Engaging reliable commercial cleaning services in Toronto to vacuum, sanitize and disinfect common areas and equipment will help minimize dust and allergens.  

Winter HVAC Cleaning 

Office HVAC systems accumulate many pathogens and re-circulate them in the office during winter. This negatively affects the overall air quality and impairs your team’s health and productivity. Your commercial cleaning services in Toronto can clean the HVAC ducts and filters thoroughly.

Enhanced Productivity

A clean and healthy work environment will boost the productivity and morale of your employees during the depressing winter months. Research shows that people are far more productive and satisfied working in a clean and organized workspace. Say hello to fewer sick days and happier employees this winter with regular office cleaning in Toronto. 

Engaging commercial cleaning services in Toronto is thus critical for maintaining your company image and overall employee health, especially during the trying winter months.   

Trust the team at We Clean It to help you get winter ready! 

We have the experience and expertise to keep your office pristine and safe all year-round. We are proud to serve all of Toronto and GTA with top of the line cleaning solutions and spotless results! Give us a call at 647-999-6898 for reliable and affordable commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Email us at to book your first winter office cleaning or learn more about keeping your office looking spectacular in winter! 

More Information on Commercial Cleaning in Toronto

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Why You Need to Get Your Office Carpets Cleaned Regularly

office commercial carpet cleaning

A clean office projects a positive image, and even more so, pristine carpets exude professionalism. However, carpet cleaning often gets neglected in our office spaces as we tend to focus on bathrooms & kitchens. Office carpets bear the brunt of constant footfalls, dirt and debris. Here’s why you need to get your office carpet cleaned regularly, preferably from a reliable commercial cleaning service in Toronto.

Removes Hidden Dirt and Allergens

Dust particles and harmful allergens tend to build up underneath the carpets and get ingrained inside our work spaces. While one can easily spot dirt on hard floor surfaces, it is difficult to do so with carpets. Dirt from shoes can settle between the carpet fibres and even regular vacuuming cannot remove it. Carpets also trap pollutants in the air that are harmful to people with allergies. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto can tackle these health hazards to make your office a much safer space, especially during a pandemic.  

Better Indoor Air Quality 

Regular cleaning of your carpets eliminates airborne pollutants and dust, which tend to settle deep inside the fabrics. This leads to improved air quality and airflow, positively impacting your office productivity. Commercial carpet cleaning ensures that your carpets and office space are clean and healthy. 

More Professional Look and Feel

A plush, well-maintained carpet speaks volumes about the cleanliness of an office. Coffee or tea-time mishaps can leave unsightly stains on your carpet. Expert Commercial office cleaning services in Toronto like We Clean It offers deep cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets to remove ingrained dirt and allergens. Regular cleaning can also remove unpleasant smells thus presenting a more professional and well-maintained office space. 

Longer Life-span

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpets besides adding to its looks and comfort. Here’s where competent commercial cleaning services in Toronto can come in handy to keep your carpets looking as good as new!

Winter Woes

Winter can wreak havoc on carpets with the wet snow-encrusted boots damaging them. Snow can make the carpets damp and spur hazardous bacterial growth. Hiring professional office cleaning services will provide you with the extra assistance you need to keep your carpets clean and sanitized through the trying winter months. 

The Last Word

Keeping your carpets clean is vital, not only for aesthetics but also for health and  sanitation concerns. Outsourcing your cleaning needs to commercial cleaning services in Toronto will help you save effort, time and energy at work. These trained professionals know the exact treatment necessary for your specific carpet and have the equipment and experience to keep your carpets in top shape!

Looking for reliable commercial cleaning services in Toronto?

Trust the experience and expertise of the cleaning crew at We Clean It for all your office cleaning requirements. Our commercial cleaning company has been providing premium top-tier commercial office cleaning services in Toronto for the last 20 years. Be assured of prompt and professional service with the best cleaning tools & technology. Our experienced crew specializes in regular and deep cleaning, ensuring a truly clean and safe office, every workday! 

Allow the pros at We Clean It to breathe life into your office floors! Dial 647-999-6898 to book a service or email for more tips and tricks to keep your carpets stain-free and new! 

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