To-Do List Back to Office Cleaning in Toronto

Like many other businesses across the city, you might be welcoming employees back to the office after months of working from home or remote work. Following an extended period of time apart, it can be a lot of pressure to transition back to working from the office. Then when you add in the heightened cleaning expectations, it can be challenging to manage. For businesses, big or small, transitioning back to the office, it’s recommended that you hire cleaning services for businesses, but if you’re looking to take on some of the work yourself, here’s an easy checklist to help streamline office cleaning in Toronto

Get Rid of Dust

Dust is an allergen that affects a significant portion of the Canadian population. When dust is lingering around the workplace, not only will it make employees and customers uncomfortable, it can cause allergic reactions that are notoriously difficult to separate from the flu or other virus. When it comes to office cleaning in Toronto, wiping away dust, everywhere from common areas to individual workstations, can make a huge difference. When you eliminate allergens, not only are you creating a better work environment, you can maintain good morale by minimizing the number of unnecessary sick days your team is requesting off or working from home.

Target High Traffic Areas 

Bacteria and viruses collect on high traffic or high-touch areas in the workplace, so this is where disinfection needs to occur most frequently. Think about where people can isolate themselves or where they share equipment. High traffic areas include kitchens/break rooms, restrooms, reception areas. In these areas, disinfect high-touch items such as phones, door handles, and computers used by multiple people. If you’re having trouble identifying high-touch areas in your office or want to ensure you’re not missing any key spaces, cleaning services for businesses will help you secure the best clean. At We Clean It, we develop custom cleaning plans tailored to your office for optimal results. 

Colour Code Your Cleaning Tools

Sometimes office cleaning in Toronto, if not done diligently, can actually spread germs through cross-contamination. Colour coding your cleaning tools or working with a professional commercial cleaning service can help prevent any mishaps. Cross-contamination picks up germs from one area during the cleaning process and transfers them to other sites. Designating where your tools are being used by labels or colour-codes can prevent this unintentional spread. When it comes to cross-contamination, the experts at We Clean It are vigilant, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are not being worsened by our cleaning efforts but minimized. 

Computer Hardware 

Dirt and other contaminants often go undetected in computer and computer hardware. Before having your team return their desks, make sure that there is no logged dirt in keyboards or computer mouses. Disinfect all of this equipment as well. 

Vacuum All Carpets 

After a long period away, carpets can trap and lock debris and dust floating around the vacant space. Upon the pressure of being walked or stepped on again, that dust will release into the air if not adequately cleaned beforehand. Mopping or waxing the floors for a fresh new finish for vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors. 

If you need help getting your office back in tip-top shape, We Clean It. We offer high-quality cleaning services for businesses. 

Contact us to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto. 

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How to Maintain A Clean Office In-Between Visits From Your Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto

Commercial cleaning services in Toronto are a great starting point for creating a healthy, safe, and hygienic office space. Customers, employees, and even other vendors will thank you for it. Not only will a local office cleaning service improve employee morale, productivity, and retention, it will also reduce sick days and personal time off, saving your company money. The only trouble that some businesses find with scheduled office cleaning services in Toronto is maintaining a high level of cleanliness in-between visits from your janitorial staff. 

To keep up a welcoming and comfortable work environment in your office, here are some tasks you can take on in addition to hiring a commercial cleaning service. 

Ensure There Are Enough Garbage & Recycling Bins 

One of the most unsightly scenes a client can observe when walking to an office is overflowing garbage bins. If you can’t find the time or space in your budget to schedule commercial cleaning services in Toronto frequently enough to manage daily waste, there must be enough disposal bins available throughout your office. With somewhere discreet that garbage can be hidden, you can not only reduce the clutter of loose papers and unwanted junk, but you can also keep up a professional appearance. 

Wipe Down Surfaces Frequently 

Is someone on vacation, or has the boardroom not been used as often? Unused areas need attention too. Take a microfibre cloth or a duster and wipe away the dust that has accumulated. By removing dust, dirt, and contaminants, you minimize the allergens in the air that can make employees sick, uncomfortable, and unable to work. If you notice an area that is not getting enough attention from your commercial cleaning company, share that information with them. 

At We Clean It, we encourage communication with our clients to always provide a cleaning experience that exceeds expectations. That’s why we develop custom cleaning plans designed to target the most in need areas of your space based on the functionality of that room and its exposure.

Disinfect High Traffic Areas

Depending on how frequently you schedule commercial cleaning services in Toronto, you may not see it, but viruses and bacteria may be accumulating in high-touch areas. If your business is prone to visitors, then it’s good to disinfect phones, doorknobs, and bathrooms regularly with alcohol-based products that effectively kill germs. Be sure to dispose of used products and gloves to avoid cross-contamination. If you run a medical practice in Toronto, it is safest to schedule office cleaning services more than just once every week. 

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If it’s going to be a few days between your scheduled visit from the office cleaning company, don’t leave spills of water or sticky liquids. Water can invite mold growth, which can spread and interfere with air quality. Sticky spills attract insects like fruit flies, ants, even spiders, bees and more. These pests are more than just a seasonal nuisance. They can cause discomfort in the office and scare off customers. 

When you work directly with an office cleaning company in the city, prioritizing communication, you can optimize your clean for the best results. 

Contact We Clean It to start building your custom cleaning plan today.

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4 Key Reasons to Communicate with Your Office Cleaning Company in Toronto

The cleanliness of an office significantly affects the environment and atmosphere, which can make all the difference for employees, visitors, and clients. That’s why you should ensure that you choose an office cleaning company in Toronto that is willing to communicate. The relationship between any service provider and their client is imperative to a successful partnership. This is true when it comes to cleaning services for businesses in Toronto too. 

Here are 4 key reasons why communicating with your janitorial service is essential. 

Avoid Any Mix-Ups 

A misunderstanding that doesn’t get cleared up can be harmful to any business relationship, which no one wants. Without proper communication or a reliable communication channel, an office manager may not understand why some tasks are being completed more frequently or why certain products are being used. Instead of leaving these questions to fester unanswered, a call, email, or even a text message can provide instant clarification of what is planned to happen and what changes can be made. Every office cleaning service in Toronto will have its own preferred method of communication. Still, it’s typically best to communicate through a channel that can be recorded like email, which creates a reliable reference point where details can be looked up on-demand. 

Improve Your Cleaning Results

Have you noticed that something is being missed after a visit from your cleaners? Some cleaning services for businesses in Toronto go into an office without a plan, but at We Clean It, our team develops strategic cleaning plans designed to effectively sanitize and clean your office. When you communicate needs that fall outside of the cleaning plan, we can strategize to incorporate any new focuses into a revised approach. When businesses neglect to inform their commercial cleaning company of their priorities, the service provider has no choice but to rely on their survey and impression of the office. 

Stay In The Know 

Whether it’s through talking about business or just small talk about the weather, staying in touch with your office cleaning company can give you a foot in the door to new services that they may be offering. At We Clean It, we provide cleaning services for businesses in Toronto in more ways than one. In addition to office cleaning, we provide corporate event cleaning services too. If a client is aware of the varying services and specials their cleaners offer, they could benefit by being in the know through subscribing to email updates or straightforward communication. 

Easy Emergency Contact 

Often, a commercial cleaning company in Toronto will begin their work after business hours when the office is vacated. During this time, it isn’t unheard of for emergencies or time-sensitive situations to occur, whether it’s a stray alarm, an unexpected call or visitor, direct contact between a manager and a janitorial service provider will allow everyone to quickly and adequately deal with these situations. 

At We Clean It, we operate by the understanding that communication breeds respect, understanding, and good results. 

Call or message us online to learn more about our office cleaning services in Toronto.

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4 Summer Commercial Cleaning Challenges

The summer brings unique challenges to commercial spaces that are filled with employees, patrons, visitors, and any other passersby. The unique cleaning parameters in combination with revised cleaning updated following the COVID-19 pandemic puts a lot of pressure on businesses to stay on top of commercial cleaning. With the help of a professional commercial cleaning service in Toronto, like We Clean It, you can ensure your business gets a good clean without the stress of taking it on yourself. 

Look out for these 4 Summer challenges that you should pay special attention to while you clean. 


Spring and summer time sees different flowers blooming in rotation while beautiful to look at, pollen carried indoors by the wind can be quite a different story for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Ragweed, one of the summer’s most prominent allergens, is especially difficult to rid any indoor space of without the support of a commercial cleaning service in Toronto. The allergen can travel for hundreds of miles and is typically widespread until the first frost of the season.  The presence of ragweed and other pollen producing plants means that during the summer, office cleaning in Toronto must be more diligent and frequent to eliminate dust particles, pollen, and other allergens. At We Clean It, we develop a custom cleaning schedule that tackles hard to reach places where dust can settle and pollen can settle. 

Mold Spores

Mold spores exist naturally outdoors but enter freely into open windows and doors through the wind, but they don’t always thrive. However, in the summer, rain, heat, and humidity in the summer creates conditions more favourable for an infestation of mold. Once mold grows in small or closed spaces it releases foul odours and impacts air quality causing headaches and allergic reactions. When you hire a commercial cleaning company in Toronto, comprehensive and regular sanitization and cleaning practices actively target mold before they can flourish and spread. At We Clean It, our team of cleaning professionals uses strategic cleaning methods the prevent bleach and 


Rotting food in the winter is bad, the heat of the summer accelerates deterioration of organic matter which can release odours into the air and lead to potential mold and fungus growth. This can be unbearable for anyone on the premises and make coming to work difficult. At We Clean It, we offer complete office cleaning in Toronto which means in addition to disinfection, we will promptly remove waste and empty garbage regularly from the workplace, so even if it slips the mind of workers it will be done without negatively impacting anyone’s day. 


The summer brings lots of rain to the city and wet weather means more dirt is being tracked indoors. Depending on the amount of traffic in your store, office, or facility dirt can accumulate. Dirt carries germs, bacteria, and makes visitors and employees feel unwelcome. It’s important to pay attention to mopping and wiping down tiles and washing carpets, especially after rain. 

When you get the support of We Clean It, you can tackle all of these seasonal challenges easily. 

Thorough retail and office cleaning in Toronto will not only keep your employees and customers safe. Good care of your commercial space will also boost employee morale which in turn boosts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Contact We Clean It today to find out more about our services. 

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How to Avoid Cross Contamination in Your Office

Many businesses leverage commercial cleaning services in Toronto to fight the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that exist all around us that risk infecting employees, visitors, and customers alike. Office cleaning services in Toronto are essential for protecting the health and comfort of employees and visitors alike. However, if improperly handled, office cleaning services in Toronto can mistakenly cause cross-contamination, which would spread germs around a commercial space instead of disinfecting or removing them. At We Clean It, we are committed to providing strategic office cleaning services in Toronto and delivering quality results that keep everyone safe. 

Learn how you can eliminate the threat of cross-contamination with professional commercial cleaning services. 

What is Cross-Contamination? 

Cross-contamination occurs when germs move from one surface or person to another. If not properly prevented, this process often accounts for the fast spread of bacteria or viruses in small contained spaces. If a sick or infected person touches a surface, germs can transfer easily to that surface and can be picked up by the next person who makes contact with the same surface. 

The Role of Janitorial Services in Cross Contamination

Commercial and office cleaning services in Toronto can be the solution to preventing the spread of disease, but they can also exacerbate the problem if the proper measures are not taken. Reusing the same washcloths and mops in multiple locations can perpetuate the spread. While this may be unintentional, it’s essential that businesses choose an office cleaning service in Toronto that leverages measures that actively prevent cross-contamination. 

The Effects of Cross Contamination

The spread of viruses and bacteria in the workplace as a result of poor cleaning practices can result in a loss of employee satisfaction, productivity, and increased use of sick days, which can cost businesses time and money. At We Clean It, we make strategic cleaning plans tailored to any office or commercial space and its unique needs to prevent cross-contamination and its fallout. 

How Do We Limit Cross-Contamination? 

While to some degree, cross-contamination is inevitable, there are many effective ways employers can minimize cross-contamination from occurring in the workplace. Primarily, hire a commercial cleaning service in Toronto that actively thinks about preventing cross-contamination from the start. If the spread of germs is an afterthought for an office cleaning company in Toronto, then there is more room for this problem to slip through the cracks. 

There are key practices that cleaning companies can leverage to stop the spread, including separating bathroom cleaning supplies from those used for other spaces. Additionally, disinfectants, adequate personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, etc.), and colour-coding supplies can all work together to prevent the spread of contaminants.

The use of safe disinfectants for doorknobs, keyboards, taps, stationary, phone receivers and other high touch areas helps to tackle the high-touch areas where bacteria and viruses are most frequently found and exist in the highest quantities. 

Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Avoid cross-contamination by choosing a commercial cleaning company you can trust. At We Clean It, our team of professionals takes a strategic approach to commercial cleaning, from supplies and planning to execution. 

Contact us today to find out more about how We Clean It can help keep your commercial space clean and safe.

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When to Call in a Professional Cleaning Service?

Some commercial spaces like malls, restaurants, stores, and offices handle cleaning on their own, while others look to commercial cleaning services in Toronto to ensure their work spaces are tip top. So how do you know when to look outside your own team for retail, restaurant, or office cleaning in Toronto? If you’re contemplating hiring a professional cleaning service, we’ve put together a list of 5 indicators that it’s time to turn to the pros. 

Running Out of Time 

If there is a constant stream of customers coming in and out, a backlog of work you can’t get on top of, or not enough time at the end of the day to do a thorough cleaning, then your business could benefit from professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto. 

When you hire a separate team to handle your cleaning needs, you won’t have to choose between productivity and hygiene. With the support of We Clean It, you won’t lose time to emptying garbage, mopping, and disinfecting, instead you will be able to refocus all your manpower on your work while you leave the cleaning to us. 

Employee Morale 

When employees have to manage jobs that seem tedious or boring, employee morale decreases. When morale or employee satisfaction drops so does productivity and customer satisfaction. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service in Toronto minimizes the amount of cleaning they would have to do on a regular basis, in turn boosting employee morale. When you bring in professionals, employee stress decreases because there is more time for each staff member during their shift, which they can also leverage to complete better quality work. 

People are Getting Sick 

While proper and thorough cleaning should be done before anyone in the office or store gets sick, an increase in illness, outbreaks, or even allergies around the workplace is a key indicator that you may need to go the extra mile and bring in professionals for commercial retail and office cleaning in Toronto. Stopping the spread of germs, viruses, and disease with effective disinfection and cleaning processes especially in medical offices and small businesses can be the difference between closing shop for a few days and staying open.

At We Clean It, our highly skilled team of cleaning professionals are equipped with tools and equipment that are designed to kill harmful germs. 

Increase Traffic 

If you notice people are visiting your office or store at an increasing rate, you might need a professional cleaning service to help manage the accelerated cleaning needs. Even with the full force of your staff, more visitors or customers means that cleaning will end up delayed or on the back burner. 

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services Improves Your Reputation

When you employ the services of a professional cleaning company in Toronto, you can share this information with your customers. This information makes customers feel more comfortable shopping at your store or visiting your office. A good reputation boosts customer retention, and drives sales. 

At We Clean It, our team is dedicated to mapping out custom cleaning plans and solutions tailored to your space and business so you can protect the health of your workers and customers. 

Call us to get started today or send us a message online to request comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Toronto today!

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Why Choose A Green Office Cleaning Service in Toronto?

Proper cleaning is now more apparent than ever. As a society, we understand how vital a hygienic and sanitized environment is to the health of our business, employees, and customers. To achieve a noticeable clean, commercial cleaning services in Toronto often rely on harsh chemicals to destroy bacteria and leave a sparkling shine. While there is still some hesitancy towards green cleaning practices, eco-friendly products and practices are gaining popularity and for a good reason.

If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Toronto, here’s why you should choose a company that engages in green practices.

Indoor Pollutants 

Indoor air pollution is a growing problem, there are few common contributors to poor indoor air quality, and cleaning products are one of them. Harsh cleaning products like bleach and spray cleaners contribute to indoor air pollution. These chemicals are sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and they can be toxic when released into the air. Because VOCs typically evaporate at room temperature, they are easy to inhale when used. 

VOCs impact air quality by releasing toxins into the air. This adversely affects the health of people who use that space. Indoor pollutants can trigger coughing, sore throats, headaches, asthma, itchy eyes, colds, and even bronchitis. These health effects at any scale can negatively impact morale, employee satisfaction, and productivity in the workplace. However, when you opt for cleaning services in Toronto that leverage eco-friendly cleaning supplies, like We Clean It, you can improve your employee experience. 


Some standard cleaning products used by office cleaning services in Toronto may contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, and toluene. When products with these chemicals are used during cleaning in your office or workplace, your staff can contact them, causing skin or eye irritation, even asthma attacks. These chemicals can be carcinogenic and harmful to reproductive organs, but these effects are still being studied. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cleaning services in Toronto. You can get the clean you need with green products at We Clean It. 

Reputation & Sales

When you choose eco-friendly office cleaning services in Toronto for your business. You can share your environmentally conscious practices with your customers and employees, improving your business’s reputation and even boosting sales. Studies show that customers want to do business with companies that engage in sustainable practices. When you make an effort to be environmentally friendly, brand loyalty and employee retention both increase. According to the Harvard Business Review, corporate responsibility practices can boost sales revenue by 20%. When you choose We Clean It, we always opt for green practices where applicable.

At We Clean It, we provide comprehensive commercial and office cleaning services in Toronto using green products whenever possible. We understand the value of caring for our environment and your workspace. Our eco-friendly cleaning practices provide the same level of hygiene and sanitation as conventional cleaning services while minimizing the harm to your team and the environment, 

Contact us today to book our eco-friendly cleaning services for your commercial space today!

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Why Your Retail Store Requires a Professional Cleaning Service

Traffic in stores fluctuates. Even if your employees are mopping, wiping down surfaces, and disinfecting, how can you be sure that everything is getting clean adequately? Your employees are trained for customer service, check out, stocking, and service-related tasks, but commercial cleaning should be left to the professionals to ensure it’s done effectively and keep your team and customers as safe as possible. At We Clean It, we understand the importance of providing a retail environment that is safe and clean for customers and staff alike. That’s why we offer specialized commercial cleaning services in Toronto for retail stores. 

Consider these reasons why you might need a professional cleaning service for your retail store. 

A Welcoming Environment

A clean, tidy, and presentable store is more inviting to customers and will encourage their return in the future. A study conducted by the NACS found that customers are more likely not to make a purchase at a retail store if they don’t find the atmosphere clean. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto will allow you to effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your store so that it is more inviting to customers and comfortable for employees. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic still on everyone’s minds, the importance of a clean and hygienic space has never been more important. At We Clean it, enlisting our regular commercial cleaning for your store will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and contaminants lingering around the stores on fixtures, fitting rooms, merchandise and other high touchpoints. 

Mitigate Risk

Taking on the cleaning of a retail store yourself can open your establishment to potential danger. It sounds far-fetched, but between specialized chemicals, heavy-duty equipment, and slippery surfaces, there’s a lot of room for someone untrained to get hurt. Chemical burns and broken bones are just a couple of potential hazards. At We Clean It, our professionals are trained to manage cleaning safely to protect everyone around. 

Save Time and Money 

When you hire a professional cleaning service for routine cleaning around your store, your employees will be able to spend more of their time and energy on taking care of customers and managing products. This will help keep your team happy and eliminate unnecessary tasks. This allows your team to handle more tasks to generate revenue without increasing spending on hours or hiring more employees. 


A comprehensive clean is not as simple as a broom and a mop. We know that a retail cleaning service must be approached differently than office cleaning in Toronto. So, at We Clean It, we assess your space and create a custom cleaning plan that is best suited for your store. We tailor strategies to suit restrooms, employee areas, and stock rooms in addition to your storefront in order to ensure the best possible clean. 

At We Clean It, we are a team of industry professionals committed to providing a quality service with quality results. Contact us for all your commercial cleaning needs from retail stores, medical buildings, and office cleaning in Toronto

Call Us Today at 647-999-6898 for Your Free Quote or Send Us A Message.

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4 Steps to Ensure Your Medical Office Remains Clean & Safe

Medical offices, labs, and practices are expected to be kept in pristine condition to protect the well-being of both patients and employees. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical services remain open across the city, serving the public. To maintain a high standard of cleanliness and protect patrons and employees, it’s best to look for commercial cleaning services in Toronto with expertise and experience with the high standards of medical offices. At We Clean It, our team of cleaning professionals provides an all-in-one service including equipment, materials, and a team of expert cleaners to keep your office safe and protected.


Dirt, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants could be lurking anywhere in your medical office. The cleanliness of every nook and cranny in a doctor’s office is essential to maintain the health of every visitor. When you can assess what areas require cleaning or what kind of problems are lurking in the office, you can better buy supplies and equipment to eliminate them. Before cleaning, it’s helpful to conduct a thorough examination of the entire office to check for unexpected stains, messes, or other problems you might not have noticed or thought of without seeing. Even when you’re not working, it’s a good idea to keep a working list of areas that need attention so that you never have to miss anything important.


It’s best to turn your focus primarily to high-touch and high-traffic areas where people are most exposed and vulnerable to harmful contaminants on the surfaces or in the air. Pay attention to nurse stations, front desk keyboards, computers, pens, doorknobs, and other frequently touched items that facilitate bacteria transmission. At We Clean It, our team of expert cleaners are equipped with the specialized equipment and knowledge to ensure a comprehensive clean to your medical office’s washrooms, examination rooms, and all other priority areas.


A crucial step in maintaining the cleanliness of any medical office is sanitation. Alcohol-based disinfectants are an easily accessible product that can be used to wipe or spray surfaces to ensure they are bacteria and virus-free. Often, these store-bought items are not durable enough for consistent, widespread use in medical offices. To adequately clean examination rooms, washrooms, and high traffic areas, you will typically have to go through so many disinfectant wipes or sprays it will be unsustainable. To get a more affordable and manageable disinfection process, choose an office cleaning service in Toronto, like We Clean It, with the tools and skills to keep your medical office protected both adequately and efficiently. 


If you want to be confident your medical practice, office, or lab is continuously meeting a high standard of cleanliness, your best option a professional. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto are easy to find, but be sure to select one that can provide a thorough and diligent clean to the entire space. When you choose We Clean It, you are selecting a cleaning service that is reliable, effective, and affordable. We are one of the top office cleaning services in Toronto for medical office cleaning. We understand just how important it is to provide a sanitary environment for your staff and your patients, so that’s what we deliver. 

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your medical office. Choose one of the top office cleaning services in Toronto – We Clean It. 

Call us today or send us a message to find out how to keep your medical office clean and safe. 

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The Best Disinfectant Cleaning Services In Toronto

With the entire world on tenterhooks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular disinfection and sanitization have become vital for safer homes and workplaces. As an Essential Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto, We Clean It is at the forefront of the fight against Corona. We remain committed to promoting safe & sanitary workspaces & homes during these pandemic times. We have implemented and optimized enhanced safety protocols and precautions to provide you with contact-free disinfection and office cleaning services in Toronto

commercial disinfection door handle

Enhanced Disinfection Services 

After a detailed study of cleaning regimens to mitigate COVID-19, we have developed special enhanced disinfection services. The focus is single-minded—safer homes, businesses and offices for your protection. We Clean It crew has been specially trained for industry-leading applications approved by Health Canada. Avant-garde applications like mist fogging follow a 360-degree approach to eliminate up to 99.99% of all harmful bacteria and germs, including COVID-19.

1. High Contact Surface Disinfection

The first level of our enhanced disinfection service covers  Corona hotspots with highly touched surfaces in your office or home. Using a specialized hospital-grade disinfectant, our cleaning crew manually sprays and cleans frequently touched surfaces. This disinfectant service is now an essential element of our commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Killing up to 99.99% of germs and viruses, this service is performed on all door knobs, switches, appliances like laptops, telephones etc. It also includes the handrails on stairs, sinks, faucets, toilet seats & handles.  

2. Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection

Amongst all office cleaning services in Toronto, our Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection services are a class apart! Leading-edge 360 degrees fogging technology is employed to thoroughly eliminate 99.99% of harmful pathogens, airborne viruses, and bacteria in your home & offices. This top-tier fogging methodology is effective in covering every inch of your office or home. It not only ensures that your office/home surfaces are protected, but even the indoor air is safe from all airborne viruses and pathogens. This makes our Enhanced Air Quality Disinfection service an ideal solution to eliminate the dangerous Coronavirus from high traffic spots like offices, educational institutions, medical offices, gyms & retail spaces. Our special hospital-grade disinfectant is entirely safe for use on almost all surfaces–from children’s toys to kitchen countertops & office equipment.

What’s more, the disinfectant spray kills all mold & mildew and prevents re-growth for up to 6 months! Approved by Health Canada, our disinfectant fogging does not use bleach or toxic chemicals. The fogging mechanism disinfects every inch of space so that you, your employees & customers can breathe pure & clean air! What you get is enhanced air quality disinfection with a safe and protective indoor work/home environment. 

Do you wish to create a safe and protected environment for your employees and customers post COVID-19?  

Look no further than the Enhanced Disinfection Services from We Clean It, the undisputed leaders in commercial cleaning services across Toronto! Our top-of-the-line office cleaning solutions and disinfection services can be customized to suit every business & budget! Help break the COVID chain and curb the spread of Coronavirus with our fast & effective disinfection & sanitization services. Dial 647-999-6898 to start a conversation about our Enhanced Disinfection Service today! Or email  for complete information & a free service quote! 

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