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Flood Restoration

When a flood decides to interrupt business or home life, flood restoration requires immediate action.  Immediacy is critical with any flood – mainly to prevent more damage from resulting.  In Toronto and throughout the GTA, We Clean It provides flood restoration services quickly and effectively. It’s a professional approach to flood management, allowing for comprehensive cleanup at the start, and ensuring efficient flood restoration to follow.

Practically every flood is unforeseen. It can be groundwater backing up for numerous reasons; it can be a damaged residential (or city-owned) water system; or it can be a so-called natural calamity. Whatever the case, professional flood restoration will focus on preventing additional damage, and keeping the home or business safe and secure for the occupants. And while there are things a business owner (or homeowner) can do, this is work for experts.

Operating in Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Mississauga and throughout the GTA, We Clean It specializes in flood restoration and employs the equipment and tools to effectively mitigate water damage right after the flood. Unfortunately, floodwater does not discriminate – carpeting and rugs get drenched; walls and floors get soaked; and furniture gets waterlogged. There is always immediate damage, and without proper flood restoration, there is potential for long-term negative effects.

For the team at We Clean It, flood restoration comprises three priorities: reducing immediate damage; preventing more damage; and restoring the property. Truth is, it’s never a bad time to call for professional help – even when seeping water might potentially become a flood. And although a shop-vac might be adequate for getting a flood initially under control, professional equipment is the key for a proper cleanup. This is not the right time for a quick fix.

We Clean It has the equipment and resources to handle a flood properly from the moment we arrive. Our teams are well trained in the latest water extraction methods, and experienced with rapid drying techniques. We also have specialized tools that can pinpoint moisture that is unseen – it allows us to isolate pockets where mold might grow and spread. The point is, a lot is going on even after the flood, and that demands a comprehensive approach.

Depending on the extent of the flood, We Clean It can handle everything from water extraction to sewage cleanup to carpet removal in Toronto. We can provide dehumidification when required, and professional cleaning services once the drying process is complete. For the team at We Clean It, it’s the same level of professionalism regardless of the type of floodwater. And where flood situations might be hazardous, we take necessary precautions for all involved.

In any flood scenario, immediate action is required, whether it’s a business or a home. And in most cases, a DIY approach to flood restoration is not the preferred option. Professionals like We Clean It can respond and react quickly, and reduce the risk of present or future problems. It’s not appropriate with a flood situation to cut corners or to take short cuts – it’s a time for a professional approach, with experts who are trained and experienced

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