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School Janitorial Services

Educational facilities and schools are one of the highest traffic environments and maintaining a clean and sanitized facility is crucial to keeping a healthy, safe and productive learning space. Daily and weekly upkeep are necessary but a more thorough deep cleaning and specialized once or twice a year tasks could be efficiently executed while the facility is closed during Christmas Break. No traffic and total access to the building means local cleaning crews can perform detailing other custom school janitorial services in Toronto and deliver a total reset of the facility in preparation for reopening in January.

Daycare Cleaning

GTA daycares handle all ages of children from newborns all the way up to teenagers. The vast age range creates a new set of challenges when it comes to maintaining the facility's cleanliness and sanitization. GTA daycares rely on commercial providers of school janitorial services in Toronto for daily clean up, maintenance and sanitization. Daycare managers should utilize the slower Christmas Break period, March Break or Summer breaks to perform a thorough and detailed mid-year cleaning and reset. Expert crews can spend more time and focus more attention on higher traffic areas that require additional care and upkeep. Deep cleaning and sanitization ensures that the daycare is ready to go for when the break is over and full attendance returns. 

Daycare cleaning services to maintain a sparkling image

Daycares and childcare facilities depend on their image to build confidence among their clientele. Parents and visitors who see a daycare that is clean, organized and smelling fresh will feel confident their children are in the finest care possible. High foot traffic and age appropriate activities can create cleaning needs that are better suited to experienced professionals. We Clean It provides school janitorial services for Toronto daycares ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization are maintained. Daily, weekly and monthly services means cleaning plans can be customized for the daycare's specific janitorial needs. Keeping the school’s image sparkling is easy and economical with the professionals at We Clean It.

Consistent school janitorial services to maintain a healthy and clean daycare

Daycares and schools for younger children are more prone to passing viruses and bacteria. These types of schools require daily sanitization and wipe downs to control those viruses and keep colds and flus from passing from one student to another. We Clean It understands the unique janitorial needs of daycares and uses powerful yet environmentally friendly cleaners and equipment that will ensure a thorough clean and sanitazation of classrooms, desks, chairs, office equipment and gyms.

High school & elementary school janitorial services keeps standards high

Private and public schools alike see high traffic in all areas of the facility and hiring the professionals at We Clean It is the most economical and practical way to maintain buildings, classrooms and offices to the highest standards. High schools have their own unique janitorial needs as locker rooms and cafeterias require extra special detail to sanitize and maintain. Elementary schools see a different kind of wear and tear with more messes and detailed cleanups needed to reset the facility for the next day. We Clean It can handle any size school and has extensive janitorial experience both in and outside the building.

Janitorial services for Toronto educational institutions by experienced professionals

Toronto is home to many different types of schools and educational facilities, and the expert crews at We Clean It have experience in all types of schools and can thoroughly clean and reset the facility for the next learning day. School janitorial services are the most practical way to clean and maintain a large expansive university or college style campus. We Clean It also has expertise  in commercial office cleaning and can handle classrooms and conference rooms economically and thoroughly. Clean and sanitized learning environments are known to enhance productivity and improve the learning experience for students.

Creating a more productive learning environment with school janitorial services

Daycares and early childhood schools play an important role in a child’s education, and owners and supervisors are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for the best possible learning experience for the child. Clean floors, restrooms and classrooms provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and educators to fully engage. Nightly cleanups by We Clean It crews will ensure the daycare or school is fully prepared for classes and activities the very next day. Weekly deep and detail cleans will keep the school up to date and reduce and reverse wear and tear on fixtures in high use areas.

College / University Cleaning Services

Colleges and universities have larger scale janitorial needs because of larger sized buildings and facilities that are needed for this level of education. Most GTA post-secondary schools are at full enrolment and run classes from the early morning until 10pm. This means local crews have to perform school janitorial services in Toronto in a much shorter period of time. These types of school usually have a longer Christmas Break and summer break period which is the best possible time to for janitorial crews to complete a full and detailed clean and reset. These types of mid-year detailed cleans brings the school back to standard and provides a more efficient and healthy learning and research environment.

Cleaning services for every type of educational facility

Every GTA school has its own unique needs for school janitorial services in Toronto. Expert commercial cleaning providers, such as We Clean It, understand educational facility needs through extensive experience cleaning different types of facilities and environments. A general cleanup includes such services as:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping of carpets and flooring
  • Stain and spot cleaning of high traffic areas
  • Cleanup and sanitization of classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, lobbies and administration offices
  • Complete cleaning, sanitizing and restocking of all public and private bathrooms
  • Entranceway and workspace floor mat exchanges
  • We Clean It also provides supplies and clean mopheads for use when crews are not present so that spills can be quickly cleaned up.

We Clean It is a trusted provider of school janitorial services in Toronto

Schools and educational facilities in the GTA who demand the best and most thorough cleaning that comes within budget rely on We Clean It for their janitorial services. We Clean It has extensive experience in educational facilities and has provided efficient and detailed cleaning and resets to schools for years. The upcoming Christmas Break is the most efficient opportunity to perform major infrequent cleaning tasks and complete a total sanitization and reset of the facility. We Clean It cleans all types of facilities from daycares to colleges and universities and can economically execute any size janitorial job to requested standards. 

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