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Commercial Cleaning Richmond Hill

Commercial properties and buildings require a higher level of maintenance than residential properties. Larger and complex spaces, higher foot traffic and accelerated wear and tear makes commercial cleanliness even more critical in the operational plan. Professional commercial cleaning crews know how to handle these heavy duty jobs by creating a detailed action plan for each business that is based on their unique janitorial needs.

Heavy duty cleaning for Richmond Hill commercial spaces

Commercial type cleaning provides a more thorough and complete job for high use industrial and office spaces taking the burden of janitorial duties off the hands of employees who can focus their energies on the business. WeCleanIt has extensive experience in various types of commercial properties in Richmond Hill and will focus on tough areas that are specific to the type of business.

Cleaning that keeps your Richmond Hill business going

Each business has it’s own volume and janitorial needs. WeCleanIt will assess each Richmond Hill business on an individual basis and create an efficient and effective cleaning plan that takes care of all the cleaning needs and requirements for that specific business. WeCleanIt has experience in different size businesses and commercial spaces and will make sure the facility is clean from top to bottom. Typical commercial services include:

  • Workspace and office cleaning and sanitization
  • Carpet cleaning and care
  • Floor waxing and polishing
  • Indoor and outdoor garbage removal
  • Public and private restroom cleaning and reset
  • Sales floor dusting and cleaning
  • Kitchen and food preparation area cleaning and sanitization
  • Employee lounge maintenance
  • Warehouse cleaning and reset
  • Entrance and Exit doors and glass cleaning
  • Parking lot maintenance

WeCleanIt can also deliver on specialized and custom client requests that are based on the needs of the particular Richmond Hill business.

Different types of cleaning for different types of Richmond Hill businesses

From small storefronts to large office complexes, WeCleanIt has serviced all types and sizes of businesses in Richmond Hill including:

Whichever the business, WeCleanIt takes the time necessary to understand the business’ particular cleaning needs. Owners and managers can convey specific janitorial requests to the WeCleanIt crew and they will pay special attention to those areas. WeCleanIt offers flexible schedules depending on the type of business and can complete the job during non-business hours providing seamless, consistent and unobtrusive commercial cleaning services in Richmond Hill.

Clean commercial spaces drive the business bottom line

One of the biggest costs for Richmond Hill businesses is labor costs. People are critical for the successful operation of a business and keeping them healthy and happy will decrease costs and increase productivity for owners and managers. High traffic work and industrial spaces can be susceptible to germs and viruses as many different people pass through the area passing off anything they might be carrying. Businesses that have seen an increase in sick days taken and a reduction of productivity may be suffering from ‘sick building syndrome’ and could correct both issues by simply hiring a commercial cleaning company like WeCleanIt. The professional crews at WeCleanIt will thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas of the business including detailed wipe down and sanitization of all office technology and workstations, which are hotbeds for virus and germ contamination. WeCleanIt’s commitment to a healthy work environment extends to details such as maintaining all supplies such as hand sanitizer and wipes which are proven to reduce the spread of cost increasing viruses. Richmond Hill businesses owners and managers who want to improve their profitability and reduce labor costs at the same time should consider hiring the commercial cleaning experts at WeCleanIt to keep the facility clean and healthy.

Richmond Hill businesses control costs with commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning can also help Richmond Hill businesses plan for budgets and control costs by offering a set monthly or quarterly cost that includes all services and supplies. Busy companies know hiring a commercial cleaning company like WeCleanIt saves time and money by allocating important resources to the business and not cleaning and maintaining the workspace. WeCleanIt has extensive and varied experience with different sized Richmond Hill businesses and can tailor a cleaning plan to fit your company’s individual cleaning needs and budget. Specific commercial janitorial services can be selected or removed and daily, weekly and monthly cleaning visits are available depending on the traffic and wear and tear on the business. WeCleanIt is committed to Richmond Hill commercial client satisfaction and delivering the best value for the money spent.

Tough on dirt and germs but gentle on the environment

Modern technology and processes means that being tough on dirt and germs doesn’t mean being tough on humans or the environment. Richmond Hill businesses that are concerned for the environment or carry an eco-friendly mandate can rest assured that WeCleanIt uses the latest and most environmentally friendly cleaners that are biodegradable and easy on the respiratory system. Heavy duty stains, grease and dirt can easily be removed with and still maintain a sensitivity to mother nature and the environment. WeCleanIt will dispose of garbage and material in accordance with the company’s recycling policy and will respect Richmond Hill bylaws in regard to the environment. Equipment and tools are maintained to the highest standard extending WeCleanIt’s commitment to protecting the environment and maintaining a healthy commercial space in Richmond Hill.

WeCleanIt is the first choice for commercial cleaning in Richmond Hill

Savvy business owners and managers in Richmond Hill understand that focusing on the business is at hand is how you drive profitability and increase the bottom line. Something simple as keeping the business clean and healthy shouldn’t be a stressful task and hiring WeCleanIt to take care of all the janitorial needs makes perfect business sense. WeCleanIt will create a unique cleaning plan and frequency that will fit the needs and budget of the business and deliver thorough and consistent cleaning and sanitization of the commercial space. WeCleanIt will save Richmond Hill business owners and managers time and money by:

  •  Offering a defined and set cost for commercial cleaning services
  •  Reduced labor costs by maintaining and sanitized and healthy work environment
  •  Increased productivity by an maintaining an organized and clean work environment

WeCleanIt has the experience and training and is the first choice for quality and professional commercial cleaning in Richmond Hill and York Region. Contact WeCleanIt today for a custom commercial cleaning quote.

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