Why Outsourcing Janitorial Services Makes Sense

Posted on 20 October 2015

Every business, big or small, requires janitorial services of some kind. In the past, many companies, especially large enterprises and government institutions, would have in-house janitorial services because the scope of the business meant that the need for janitorial services was a daily constant. Today, that trend has shifted in favor of outsourcing janitorial sources. Due to the shift in dominant industry types, the need for on-site janitorial services has decreased to the point that they aren’t as widely needed. The vast majority of companies are now structured with workers generating products and services at their desks on their computers, not manufacturing goods and generating a large mess as a result. Outsourcing for janitorial services has become popular for a reason. What are the benefits of outsourcing for janitorial services?

For starters, outsourcing to a janitorial services company generally means that you’re getting more value for your dollar. Professional cleaning companies like take great care in ensuring their employees are excellent at what you’re paying for janitorial services. With in-house janitorial services teams, you don’t have the same kind of training or best practices approach that you get with outsourcing. Outsourced companies have also learned from past cases with the variety of clients they serve and can bring that diverse sample of knowledge to the table to improve their services and processes for all of their clients.

For example, let’s say that you’re a large insurance company that’s looking to outsource your janitorial services, and you have a problem with the number of employees reporting that their allergies are triggered whenever they’re at the office. By outsourcing, you can approach a company like and outline your problem. They’ve probably experienced a similar problem before with a different company. A janitorial services company will examine your carpets and other flooring types and even check for other allergen sources like mold. As it turns out, the company that previously had a similar allergen problem had carpets that were similar to the ones present in your building, and the solution was applying a specific cleaning agent to the carpets. You simply won’t get that knowledge base with in-house cleaning.

Finally, outsourcing is much less expensive than maintaining an in-house janitorial services team. You can call for cleaning when needed, but you aren’t required to maintain a team that won’t be working all the time and hemorrhaging money.

Outsourcing for janitorial services has become a viable option for many companies thanks to all of the benefits it provides. If you like the idea of streamlining operations and cutting costs, you too should join the growing list of companies who outsource their janitorial services from a company like You’ll be rewarded with professional service, efficient cleaning, and the added value of a large knowledge base to solve your business’ cleaning problems. Give us a call at (416) 255-6666 to get a free quote and leave your cleaning needs to the professional cleaning company.

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