What Makes for a Quality Commercial Cleaning Service?

Posted on 05 October 2015

Every business owner knows that there’s no shortage of commercial cleaning companies out there. There are companies that specialize in office buildings; some of them in condominiums; others in medical facilities; and some in industrial spaces. For the most part, they offer cleaning services designed to be thorough, comprehensive, and regular. But for a business owner who wants to contract a commercial cleaner, it’s more about satisfying personal pre-requisites.

There’s no doubt that a clean building or office space makes for a good impression. At the same time, a poorly maintained building feels and looks the part. The fact is, a clean, orderly, and well kept working environment is good for more than just appearances – the workers and staff feel better and work better; the indoor “eco-system” is healthy and hygienic; and there’s a level of pride for clients, customers, and tenants. You can tell the difference almost immediately.

There’s a lot to be said for hiring a professional commercial cleaner. And while the service can certainly be cost-effective compared to doing it “in-house”, it’s important to strive for quality, reliability, and professionalism. After all, the whole idea of hiring an external service is to save time and money for the business, while allowing the specialists do their job well. Here, it’s not necessary to pull out a lengthy checklist – it’s enough to follow some fundamentals.

High Standards of Quality

Like anything, you’ll want a good job done the first time around. And a good cleaning company will be able to deliver – with high cleaning standards; with tools and equipment to do it all; and with quality products that clean and sanitize. Employees should be well trained. They should exhibit thorough cleaning techniques, time-efficient execution of tasks, and excellent results. For the business owner, the results should speak for themselves, and every time.

Set It Up - Forget About It

Once decided, and once contracted, a business owner shouldn’t have to worry about anything. The “package approach” offered by a good commercial cleaner should be all-inclusive – without the need to be concerned about the day-to-day routine. It means that equipment and tools are not your problem. It means that purchasing and stocking products is not your problem. And it means that the cleaning team is not your responsibility to supervise or manage.


Hiring a commercial cleaning company alleviates certain accountabilities for a business owner. To begin with there is no connection to the cleaning staff, and therefore no liability for anything that might happen on the job. The same applies with respect to cleaning products (many are chemical-based) that have health and safety standards. In short, the service provider you hire is fully accountable for staff training, product usage, and safety precautions.

A Custom Cleaning Plan

Most important for a business owner is to collaborate with the cleaning company in creating a cleaning program that’s appropriate to the needs, and meets the priorities of the business. A good commercial cleaner will work professionally to create a custom cleaning plan, a suitable schedule, and an amenable budget. And since every building, office and facility is different, each will require a different approach and different plan of attack – customized to suit.

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