5 Good Reasons Your Toronto Business Needs Spring Cleaning

Posted on 26 June 2018

As a business owner, you know all about juggling priorities – everyone has a lot on their plate and everyone has a long “to do” list. As it is, cleaning and organizing don’t always get the needed focus even though a clean and organized workspace improves productivity and maintains good worker morale. Beyond daily needs, there’s a point when your Toronto business needs spring-cleaning.

Here are a few good reasons your Toronto business needs spring-cleaning

In business, time management experts and organizational specialists agree that productivity in the workplace is highly influenced by the level of organization (and cleanliness) that abounds.

Productivity and Efficiency

A well-organized workspace simply allows employees to do their jobs more efficiently. When things are organized, employees are naturally more focused. Whether it’s paperwork or tools, an organized workspace averts both lost “physical” time and “mental” time. More than that, research shows that lack of organization contributes to more work errors, directly affecting productivity. Needless to say, worker responsibility plays an important role, but there must be a management driven effort to instil the positive aspects of an organized workplace.

Fewer Workplace Injuries

From office equipment to storage facilities, employee injuries are far less probable when things are systematically organized. It’s no wonder that workplace mishaps (of all types) account for millions of emergency room visits throughout the year. Cleanliness is also critical. A clean space keeps staff healthier and obviously more productive. The flip side – unclean washrooms and kitchen facilities – contribute to sickness and lost workdays. When things get out of hand, which they do, that’s the time your Toronto business needs spring-cleaning.

Organized Inventories

Effectively organizing supplies and product inventory results in less employee downtime when it comes to access and availability. In any business environment, there is no better alternative to a well-organized system. When things are well organized, it’s easy to view, easy to access, and easy to manage. In many cases, lost “search” time is avoided and duplicate ordering is averted. Here again, employee discipline is a definite requirement, while management oversight contributes to changes and modifications that are designed to constantly improve.

Document Retention

Whatever the business sector, general paperwork, financial records, and business data must be filed and organized for efficient storage and access. Having an appropriate records management system is key to business success for many reasons, and especially if sensitive information is involved. In fact, industry studies show that the cost of lost or misplaced records (sensitive or otherwise) can be quite damaging. In getting filing systems newly organized or re-organized, this could be the time that your Toronto business needs spring-cleaning.

Reduced Absenteeism

Overall, businesses lose millions of workdays every year to sickness and illness. Clearly, this is a productivity loss and therefore a bottom line loss. There is no doubt that a clean and sanitary work environment promotes better worker health. It’s a simple equation - dirt, dust, and germs contribute to illness, sickness, and allergic reactions. Worse still, poor indoor air quality will compromise worker health from the warehouse to the boardroom. The solution is also simple – maintaining clean office spaces, break-rooms, and washrooms.

When your Toronto business needs spring-cleaning

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