Does Your Business Have an Office Spring Cleaning Checklist?

Posted on 16 March 2018

The spring cleaning checklist isn’t just for homes and apartments. Offices, warehouses, factories and other types of commercial properties greatly benefit from a detailed and thorough office spring cleaning checklist , which completely resets the business enhancing productivity and profitability. A total cleanup and reset also creates a healthy and safe working environment, further reducing costs.

Key areas that should be on your spring cleaning checklist


Buildup over time can drastically reduce the speed and performance of office computers. Dust and crumbs can easily fill keyboard crevices ,while clogged fan inlets can reduce computing performance. Spraying compressed air into these areas is effective at blasting out dust and debris and will restore performance increasing productivity.

Computer Data

The spring cleaning checklist also extends to the internal company network and is a good time to check in on internal information and data security. Employees should change passwords for logins and all data should be backed up and stored off site. Full virus scans should be performed on all systems with unnecessary data and programs deleted.


Network administrators and managers can use the spring reset to update and secure the company’s email system. A review of all active employee email accounts and deletion of inactive accounts will reduce the risk of incoming spam and viruses. Updating incoming spam and virus controls will keep your defenses current against the latest cyber threats.

The Keyboard (more germs than a toilet seat...!)

The keyboard is the primary input device for those using computers and the constant skin contact makes it one of the more critical areas to clean and disinfect. Germs and viruses can easily pass from the hands on surfaces such as keyboards, trackpads and mice. A through wipe down with the appropriate cleaner will kill germs and remove viruses that can easily reduce productivity and increase sick days.

Desktop & Files

Depending on your provincial laws, spring cleaning is a good time to clear out unnecessary documents and paperwork from filing cabinets and desktop files. Files and papers that will be removed should be shredded to protect information.

Office Desk

Another area that is a hotbed for viruses and germs are desks and conference tables. These areas can easily pass colds and flus to whoever comes in contact with them. Desks and tables should have all their surfaces wiped and disinfected to remove and potential illnesses on the surface. Office technology such as phones, printers and tablets should also be wiped and disinfected to control germs and viruses.

Office Areas

Reception areas and waiting rooms are the first things your customer sees. Clean and sanitized common and public areas will give off a positive first impression while also maintaining a healthy and productive environment. Tables, chairs and surfaces should be wiped down and disinfected while carpets and fabric surfaces should be thoroughly vacuumed and steam cleaned.

Kitchen/ Lounge Room

Your employees work hard and deserve a clean and healthy space to take their breaks. Staff kitchens should be thoroughly cleaned by removing all appliances and items from cupboards and drawers. Microwaves and fridges should be detailed cleaned inside and out. Bathrooms should get the same detailed cleaning and restocking. Employee lockers should be emptied and cleaned during the office spring cleaning.

WeCleanIt provides consistently thorough and detailed cleaning each spring

Winter weather is harsh and extends wear and tear on buildings inside and out. The spring cleaning checklist is an excellent time to perform a deep cleaning that will cover all areas of the business including spaces that see little to no traffic. These areas can build up with dust and debris and can affect air quality in the workspace. WeCleanIt are the experts in spring resets and their crews have the latest tools and cleaners to get to those impossible and hard to reach areas and places ensuring a complete and thorough clean.

High traffic areas are a priority for the spring cleaning checklist

Foot traffic creates the most visual dirt and marks as the outside environment is brought into the workspace. WeCleanIt can handle any size business in any type of environment:


Carpets provide warmth in any office but their fibrous nature makes them magnets for dust, dirt and debris. Vacuuming and steaming of carpeted areas will provide a good clean and enhance the life and durability of the carpet but WeCleanIt crews go one step further by offering carpet shampooing for the ultimate in clean and refreshed carpets in addition on the spot stain removal. Deep cleaning of carpeted surfaces will also improve air quality by removing airborne contaminants from the area.


Modern contemporary offices use floors in their workspaces which are easy to maintain and last a long time. Dust and ‘dust bunnies’ can easily build up in less traffic areas and under fixtures and office furniture. The spring clean is the perfect opportunity to clean, sweep and mop all flooring surfaces at the business. Seasonal resets are a good time to polish and wax flooring restoring it to its original shine. WeCleanIt has the right equipment, cleaners and waxes for your office’s specific floor material.


The spring cleaning checklist enhances the visual appearance of the office or workplace but the main purpose of such a detailed and deep clean is to remove viruses and germs from all areas of the business. WeCleanIt focuses on creating a healthy workplace by detail cleaning fixtures, furnitures and technology that comes in frequent contact with skin. WeCleanIt crews use environmentally friendly yet tough cleaners to sanitize all types and styles of surfaces. Removing germs and viruses from office surfaces can ward off potential illnesses that can reduce productivity and increase costs. A thorough and deep seasonal clean combined with weekly maintenance will ensure a healthy and productive work environment.

WeCleanIt is your trusted partner for completing your spring cleaning checklist9

Businesses that utilize an office cleaning checklist can effectively reset the office or workspace creating a healthy and productive environment. WeCleanIt specializes in seasonal cleanups and resets for commercial properties, offices, factories, medical and school facilities. Request a quote online. 

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