Keep Your Office Cleaning New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is not only an excellent time to reflect on your personal life but also an opportune time for leaders in the workplace to set new habits for their team and office space. Working with commercial cleaning services for businesses, companies were able to boost morale and enable a more productive environment by making employees, customers, and vendors feel safe and comfortable. 

Before December ends, setting some cleaning-related new year’s resolutions can help maintain good habits at the office, especially when paired with corporate cleaning services, like We Clean It. 

Here are 3 Ways to Keep Your Clean Office New Year’s Resolution.

Set Goals

Try encouraging employees, departments, or even your office as a whole to keep organized and tidy with manageable benchmarks, goals, or rewards. While commercial cleaning services for businesses will help with garbage collection, cleaning, and disinfection, it’s most effective for employees to sort through papers and supplies to decide what needs to be kept versus thrown out. Reducing paper usage may directly impact clutter around the office, so consider goals to reduce paper-based operations in 2022. Small goals for shorter time periods are much more manageable. Try setting a benchmark for the month or the quarter, then expand for the following period. 

Empower Your Team 

If you want the employees in your office to be responsible and accountable for messes in their work area or department, empowering them with access and knowledge of cleaning supplies will help. Corporate cleaning services make a massive difference in the cleanliness, organization, and hygiene of any space. Still, there will be times when there is an unexpected spill or unannounced visitors where the internal team will have to take the lead. Show your employees where they can find simple cleaning tools like brooms and wipes, and ensure they are aware that they are welcome to use them. When you empower your team, you’ll find them taking more initiative. At We Clean It, we suggest labeling cleaning supplies clearly by the area for which they’re used. This is a practice that commercial cleaning services for businesses use to avoid cross-contamination. 

Delegate Responsibility

Keeping an entire team organized and clean is a lot for one person to take on. Commercial cleaning doesn’t come down to one single task. It’s time and energy-intensive, and some days require more than others. Get all your employees on the same page about commercial cleaning by delegating and rotating responsibilities throughout the office. One person should be in charge of clutter in a communal area, while another could be responsible for disinfection. Paired with professional office cleaning services, you’ll be well on your way to sustainable cleaning practices that benefit everyone in your office. 

Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses in Toronto

If you feel like your office cleaning isn’t up to par, don’t blame yourself. When working a full-time job, it’s easy for tasks like cleaning and organization to slip. That’s why businesses in Toronto rely on ​​corporate cleaning services, like We Clean It. 

For commercial cleaning services in the Toronto area, you can count on We Clean It. 

Call one of our office cleaning experts today!

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6 Commercial Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Flu Season

Influenza, better known as the flu, is a virus that circulates throughout the year, but during the fall and winter months, flu season, transmission is usually at an all-time high for the year. Without practical measures in place or a commercial cleaning service, flu season can be a particularly troublesome time for offices and other types of workplaces. Since the flu is contagious, spreading from person to person and even through the air, it has the potential to take out a good chunk of your workforce, interfering with productivity, customer satisfaction, and team morale. Cleaning services for businesses offer a proactive approach to managing flu season at work.

We Clean It offers custom cleaning services for businesses all year long to keep your business and team healthy. With the help of a commercial cleaning service in Toronto, here are some tips to keep the flu at bay.

Scheduled Deep Cleaning 

cleaning services for businesses

Start of flu season with a proactive deep cleaning. Cleaning services for businesses will first target the most relevant office areas to eliminate lingering germs that risk contamination. When you choose We Clean It for commercial cleaning, you’ll get a custom plan suited to your office layout and functionality for optimal results. 

Handwashing Posters

Sometimes businesses will skip putting up hand washing posters in the restrooms and kitchens under the guise that everyone understands. But these posters serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, they can be genuinely effective in optimizing the hand washing process by reminding people of steps they may have forgotten to take, like how long it should take. The other side of that is, hand washing posters convey to your employees and guests that you take the flu season seriously. 

Hand Sanitizer

The flu spreads through germs that infect your respiratory system. People often become infected through their hands, so keeping your hand disinfected is a great way to stop the spread of the flu at work. If you’re putting hand sanitizer out for employees and guests, put them in areas with high-touch surfaces like reception, breakrooms, kitchens, phones, communal work stations, and restrooms. These are areas where germs are most likely to be transferred, so it’s a great place to have people cleanse their hands. 

With the support of a commercial cleaning service, you’ll be able to better target these areas. At We Clean It, we devise commercial cleaning services for businesses that focus on high-touch areas in their office where bacteria and viruses are most likely to be. We employ smart office cleaning strategies that prohibit cross-contamination from person to person or between cleaning tools.

Individual Workstation

Space is an influential factor in preventing transmission of the flu in the air. If possible separate communal work areas or introduce cubicle wall separation to minimize airborne infection. By encouraging separation or distance between coworkers and regular commercial cleaning services with We Clean It, you’ll effectively decrease infection among your team.

Employee-Accessible Cleaning 

Stocking up on disinfectants, like hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and cleaning sprays that are easily accessible by employees will empower individuals to clean their workstations or the break rooms as they see fit. In addition to ramping up visits from your office cleaning team, this will help everyone feel more comfortable and in control of their health. 

Work From Home 

With the tools for remote working in place, work-from-home options for sick employees or even just sniffly can stop the flu from spreading quickly. By encouraging employees to take sick days or stay at home, you can call We Clean It to disinfect before their return to work, with minimal impact on productivity and a boost in morale.

Contact We Clean It Today to learn more about our tailored commercial cleaning services for businesses in Toronto.

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4 Areas Cleaning Services for Business Should Target

commercial cleaning service for businesses

Cleaning services for businesses are expected to provide comprehensive office cleaning in Toronto. While that is absolutely the goal, there are certain areas that commercial cleaning companies in Toronto should target to maximize the results of their efforts. When these areas are prioritized and effectively targeted during office cleaning in Toronto, workplaces will see healthier, happier, and more productive employees. 

At We Clean It, we develop custom office cleaning plans to optimize our cleaning services for optimal results. 

Here are the most important areas for commercial cleaning services in Toronto to target. 


Cleaning services for businesses will obviously stress the importance of restroom cleaning in Toronto. A lot of bacteria can find their way into communal washrooms. As a result, they can be easily transferred from sinks, doors, stalls, handles, dryers, and even the floors, the entirety of a shared restroom requires professional attention. Often seemingly unclean washrooms will make employees uncomfortable and less happy at work. When you choose We Clean It for office cleaning in Toronto, you can turn that feeling of discomfort into a sense of cleanliness. 

Break Rooms

The office kitchen or the office break room should be a priority for any office cleaning company. This is where employees go to eat, take five, or grab a cup of coffee to recuperate and reenergize during the workday. When it is not acceptably clean, it can be hazardous and disruptive to employees. Spilled drinks, crumbs, and general clutter can make the space unwelcoming and dirty, and in some cases, even causes bacteria and mold to fester. With proper and regular care, these risks are minimized, and the peaceful atmosphere of the workplace break room can be preserved. 


The reception area is vital to creating strong, positive first impressions with employees and customers. Hence, cleaning services must understand the value of keeping it clean, organized, and healthy. The weather is one of the biggest influencers in the cleanliness of reception since it’s where most people enter. Slush, water, salt, and snow often make their way inside on rainy or snowy days as people walk in and out. Left uncleaned, they constantly build up, creating stains and unsightly watermarks. Nightly mopping does a good job of protecting the floor and removing unwanted dirt from the elements. 

High Traffic Touch Points 

Without a professional cleaning company, bacteria and viruses can spread through an office very quickly. One way the spread happens at such an accelerated rate is through cross-contamination. Essentially, when one person is sick, they can contaminate areas they touch with bacteria or viruses like doorknobs, phones, and handrails. When someone else feels these later, they can pick up the contaminants and become infected. To minimize the spread of germs, reduce absenteeism, and maintain a healthy workspace, cleaning services should focus their attention on the communal touchpoints where germs are likely to be transferred. At We Clean It, we used a specialized approach to coordinate office cleaning in Toronto, minimizing cross-contamination from cleaning tools. 

Professional office cleaning in Toronto can improve your workplace atmosphere, keeping both customers and employees happier and healthier.

Contact the We Clean It team today to learn more about our cleaning services for businesses in Toronto.

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4 Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Office Party

December is right around the corner, and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area are getting started on holiday party plans. As one could imagine, the excitement of planning and throwing a team party after a couple of years where gatherings were limited. If you are coordinating a special event for your employees, consider how commercial cleaning services in Toronto fit into your plans.

With the scariest parts of the pandemic behind us, many people are still hyper-focused on the organization and cleanliness of their office space. At an office holiday party, it can be difficult to maintain elevated standards without the support of outside office cleaning services in Toronto

Here are some ways an office cleaning service in Toronto can be factored into your holiday plans for maximum success and fun. 

Pre Party Prep 

office cleaning services Toronto

Before your guests arrive, whether you’re hosting your party at your office or separate venue, commercial cleaning services in Toronto will help prepare the environment, so it’s clean and welcoming. At We Clean It, we go beyond just office cleaning services in Toronto. We offer event cleaning and can tailor our comprehensive cleaning services to virtually any commercial setting. The main reason for hiring a janitorial service to clean before an event is to prep the space to maximize hygiene and comfort upon arrival. In some cases, when venues are not cleaned properly from the previous event, surfaces can be dusty, sticky, and unorganized. When you choose the We Clean It for commercial cleaning services in Toronto, you won’t have to stress about the care of your office. You can focus on throwing a great party. 

Bathroom Clean Up 

At any event, the state of the restroom is key to how comfortable guests feel and how long they stay. Repeated cleaning and disinfection during an event not only shows your guests and employees that you care about their well-being, it also makes them feel comfortable staying longer. 

Trash & Junk Removal 

As guests eat, drink, talk, maybe even open up presents, it’s not far-fetched that garbage cans would get full quite quickly. With the We Clean It team on site, you can depend on us to take the trash out regularly before garbage gets to the point of overflowing. This helps maintain a good and accessible environment for everyone in attendance. 

Post-Event Clean Up 

We Clean It offers complete post-event clean-up services for businesses in hosting parties at their own office or separate venues. When you opt for a commercial cleaning company for cleaning, you can be confident that you will not compromise your security deposit on a holiday party venue. Or, for those hosting parties at their office, you can rest assured that you will return to a clean and tidy office in the new year. Our post-event commercial cleaning services include but are not limited to site teardown, trash & junk removal, recycling, trash hauling, sidewalk sweeping and more. 

With high-level office cleaning services from We Clean It, you can throw a safe and healthy holiday party for your team. 

Contact us to learn more about our event clean-up services for businesses.

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How Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses Boost Employee Morale

Commercial cleaning services for businesses in Toronto have become somewhat of a norm. In this age, the importance of the employee is highlighted by employers who spend more time and attention focusing on enhancing employee morale. Many factors contribute to the satisfaction of a team and individual people on said team, such as communication, collaboration, incentives, benefits, and sanitization. It can be surprising, but a business’s devotion to office cleaning in Toronto is one element that impacts and improves how valued a team feels, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how regular office cleaning in Toronto boosts employee morale. 

Showing You Care

commercial cleaning company Toronto

Taking the time to find a commercial cleaning company that you trust and scheduling regular office cleaning in Toronto shows clearly to your staff that you care about keeping them safe and healthy. Cleaning services for businesses that offer disinfection and sanitization can effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants lingering in the workplace. With the scare of the COVID-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases, a commitment to cleanliness in the office communicates the respect you have for your team.

Less Illness

An outbreak of any type of illness, from a cold to the flu, can drain employee morale in the workplace. People coming down with the common cold are more likely to be irritable and tired. This can make other team members uncomfortable and afraid of also becoming infected or frustrated by increased workload when coworkers are out due to illness. At We Clean It, we offer strategic cleaning services for businesses designed to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria in the office.

Reduce Stress

A cluttered or unhygienic workspace can make employees uncomfortable. It is frustrating and distracting, especially when it is out of the control of employees themselves. This often leads to stress. When your team is stressed out, morale drops, and subsequently, productivity follows. When you hire a commercial cleaning company for your Toronto office, you can expect junk to be better kept out of the way for a clear workplace, a healthier environment, improved focus, and a happier team.

Access to Equipment

The burden of clutter or a lack of cleanliness in the workplace can make employees feel uncomfortable and unmotivated to search for supplies and tools necessary for their work. Disorganization alone can lead to a significant loss in time and productivity, which then causes rushing or time constraints that put pressure on team members. Regularly scheduled office cleaning in Toronto with We Clean It keeps your office organized and orderly, reducing time spent looking for tools and equipment so employees can get tasks completed more efficiently. 

Response & Communication 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have asked their employers to introduce stricter and more comprehensive cleaning processes. Employees returning to work in-person want this level of office cleaning in Toronto to feel safer at work, where they spend most of their time. When companies respond to these requests with action, employees feel heard and valued, improving satisfaction, and often job performance improves. 

Contact We Clean It today to learn more about our custom commercial cleaning services for businesses in Toronto.

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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto This Fall

In Toronto, the Fall (or Autumn) represents a time for transition, this year especially. Businesses are preparing to bring their workforce back to the office either partially or entirely, and the weather is changing significantly. Without the help of commercial cleaning services in Toronto, companies and office managers may begin to struggle to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and organization in the workplace. If you’re in need of commercial or office cleaning services in Toronto, call We Clean It. Our team leverages comprehensive cleaning tactics, starting with custom strategies that factor your business, customer base, and external variables to deliver an exceptional result you can depend on. 

Read on for 5 reasons you should hire professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto this Fall. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been quite the wildcard over the last few years, and if we have learned anything, it’s to be prepared. Regularly scheduled office cleaning services in Toronto enable local businesses to stay on top of disinfection to keep lingering viruses away and ultimately prevent internal viral outbreaks. In some cases, offices will forgo a commercial cleaning service and take on disinfection themselves. While this may be effective in some cases, it’s easy to get distracted or not have significant time to complete a thorough cleaning. With the help of an office cleaning company, businesses can be confident that scheduled cleanings are being met effectively and in a timely manner. 

Comprehensive Disinfection

Even without the looming threat of a workplace COVID-19 outbreak, the Flu season pops up with little remorse every fall, seeing more people sick. Even the common cold can render the most valuable employee out of commission for a significant period. With an office cleaning service in Toronto on hand, you can efficiently and effectively manage sickness and bugs among staff by disinfecting high-touch or high traffic areas and by avoiding cross-contamination in your cleaning strategy.

Rainy & Muddy Outdoors

As the temperatures drop in the Fall months, the ground begins to soften. Additionally, the season brings more rainfall, all of which equals more mud. As employees, vendors, and visitors travel in and out of the office every day, mud, dirt, and gravel are inevitably tracked indoors. As mud builds up in reception or other entrance areas, it becomes more than just visually unappealing, it can also bring in unwelcome critters and bacteria. With regular visits from a local commercial cleaning company, the build-up of dirt will be minimized. 

Dustier Indoors

While the drop in temperatures typically means reduced irritation from allergens like pollen, it doesn’t necessarily mean less dust. In fact, declining temperatures outdoors can often lead to more dust inside due to higher heating. Various indoor heating equipment can cause dust and organic matter to collect and be blown around inside. With weekly or bi-weekly visits from a commercial cleaning company in Toronto, dust can be eliminated before there is an opportunity for it to accumulate. With less dust floating around your office, the air will feel less stuffy, and employees will feel more comfortable in their workspace.

The We Clean It team can adapt to various spaces. Our skilled cleaning specialists develop custom plans to ensure the most effective results for your workplace. 

Contact us to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto today.

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To-Do List Back to Office Cleaning in Toronto

Like many other businesses across the city, you might be welcoming employees back to the office after months of working from home or remote work. Following an extended period of time apart, it can be a lot of pressure to transition back to working from the office. Then when you add in the heightened cleaning expectations, it can be challenging to manage. For businesses, big or small, transitioning back to the office, it’s recommended that you hire cleaning services for businesses, but if you’re looking to take on some of the work yourself, here’s an easy checklist to help streamline office cleaning in Toronto

Get Rid of Dust

Dust is an allergen that affects a significant portion of the Canadian population. When dust is lingering around the workplace, not only will it make employees and customers uncomfortable, it can cause allergic reactions that are notoriously difficult to separate from the flu or other virus. When it comes to office cleaning in Toronto, wiping away dust, everywhere from common areas to individual workstations, can make a huge difference. When you eliminate allergens, not only are you creating a better work environment, you can maintain good morale by minimizing the number of unnecessary sick days your team is requesting off or working from home.

Target High Traffic Areas 

Bacteria and viruses collect on high traffic or high-touch areas in the workplace, so this is where disinfection needs to occur most frequently. Think about where people can isolate themselves or where they share equipment. High traffic areas include kitchens/break rooms, restrooms, reception areas. In these areas, disinfect high-touch items such as phones, door handles, and computers used by multiple people. If you’re having trouble identifying high-touch areas in your office or want to ensure you’re not missing any key spaces, cleaning services for businesses will help you secure the best clean. At We Clean It, we develop custom cleaning plans tailored to your office for optimal results. 

Colour Code Your Cleaning Tools

Sometimes office cleaning in Toronto, if not done diligently, can actually spread germs through cross-contamination. Colour coding your cleaning tools or working with a professional commercial cleaning service can help prevent any mishaps. Cross-contamination picks up germs from one area during the cleaning process and transfers them to other sites. Designating where your tools are being used by labels or colour-codes can prevent this unintentional spread. When it comes to cross-contamination, the experts at We Clean It are vigilant, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are not being worsened by our cleaning efforts but minimized. 

Computer Hardware 

Dirt and other contaminants often go undetected in computer and computer hardware. Before having your team return their desks, make sure that there is no logged dirt in keyboards or computer mouses. Disinfect all of this equipment as well. 

Vacuum All Carpets 

After a long period away, carpets can trap and lock debris and dust floating around the vacant space. Upon the pressure of being walked or stepped on again, that dust will release into the air if not adequately cleaned beforehand. Mopping or waxing the floors for a fresh new finish for vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors. 

If you need help getting your office back in tip-top shape, We Clean It. We offer high-quality cleaning services for businesses. 

Contact us to learn more about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto. 

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How to Maintain A Clean Office In-Between Visits From Your Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto

Commercial cleaning services in Toronto are a great starting point for creating a healthy, safe, and hygienic office space. Customers, employees, and even other vendors will thank you for it. Not only will a local office cleaning service improve employee morale, productivity, and retention, it will also reduce sick days and personal time off, saving your company money. The only trouble that some businesses find with scheduled office cleaning services in Toronto is maintaining a high level of cleanliness in-between visits from your janitorial staff. 

To keep up a welcoming and comfortable work environment in your office, here are some tasks you can take on in addition to hiring a commercial cleaning service. 

Ensure There Are Enough Garbage & Recycling Bins 

cleaning services for businesses Toronto

One of the most unsightly scenes a client can observe when walking to an office is overflowing garbage bins. If you can’t find the time or space in your budget to schedule commercial cleaning services in Toronto frequently enough to manage daily waste, there must be enough disposal bins available throughout your office. With somewhere discreet that garbage can be hidden, you can not only reduce the clutter of loose papers and unwanted junk, but you can also keep up a professional appearance. 

Wipe Down Surfaces Frequently 

Is someone on vacation, or has the boardroom not been used as often? Unused areas need attention too. Take a microfibre cloth or a duster and wipe away the dust that has accumulated. By removing dust, dirt, and contaminants, you minimize the allergens in the air that can make employees sick, uncomfortable, and unable to work. If you notice an area that is not getting enough attention from your commercial cleaning company, share that information with them. 

At We Clean It, we encourage communication with our clients to always provide a cleaning experience that exceeds expectations. That’s why we develop custom cleaning plans designed to target the most in need areas of your space based on the functionality of that room and its exposure.

Disinfect High Traffic Areas

Depending on how frequently you schedule commercial cleaning services in Toronto, you may not see it, but viruses and bacteria may be accumulating in high-touch areas. If your business is prone to visitors, then it’s good to disinfect phones, doorknobs, and bathrooms regularly with alcohol-based products that effectively kill germs. Be sure to dispose of used products and gloves to avoid cross-contamination. If you run a medical practice in Toronto, it is safest to schedule office cleaning services more than just once every week. 

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If it’s going to be a few days between your scheduled visit from the office cleaning company, don’t leave spills of water or sticky liquids. Water can invite mold growth, which can spread and interfere with air quality. Sticky spills attract insects like fruit flies, ants, even spiders, bees and more. These pests are more than just a seasonal nuisance. They can cause discomfort in the office and scare off customers. 

When you work directly with an office cleaning company in the city, prioritizing communication, you can optimize your clean for the best results. 

Contact We Clean It to start building your custom cleaning plan today.

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4 Key Reasons to Communicate with Your Office Cleaning Company in Toronto

The cleanliness of an office significantly affects the environment and atmosphere, which can make all the difference for employees, visitors, and clients. That’s why you should ensure that you choose an office cleaning company in Toronto that is willing to communicate. The relationship between any service provider and their client is imperative to a successful partnership. This is true when it comes to cleaning services for businesses in Toronto too. 

Here are 4 key reasons why communicating with your janitorial service is essential. 

Avoid Any Mix-Ups 

commercial cleaning services for Businesses Toronto

A misunderstanding that doesn’t get cleared up can be harmful to any business relationship, which no one wants. Without proper communication or a reliable communication channel, an office manager may not understand why some tasks are being completed more frequently or why certain products are being used. Instead of leaving these questions to fester unanswered, a call, email, or even a text message can provide instant clarification of what is planned to happen and what changes can be made. Every office cleaning service in Toronto will have its own preferred method of communication. Still, it’s typically best to communicate through a channel that can be recorded like email, which creates a reliable reference point where details can be looked up on-demand. 

Improve Your Cleaning Results

Have you noticed that something is being missed after a visit from your cleaners? Some cleaning services for businesses in Toronto go into an office without a plan, but at We Clean It, our team develops strategic cleaning plans designed to effectively sanitize and clean your office. When you communicate needs that fall outside of the cleaning plan, we can strategize to incorporate any new focuses into a revised approach. When businesses neglect to inform their commercial cleaning company of their priorities, the service provider has no choice but to rely on their survey and impression of the office. 

Stay In The Know 

Whether it’s through talking about business or just small talk about the weather, staying in touch with your office cleaning company can give you a foot in the door to new services that they may be offering. At We Clean It, we provide cleaning services for businesses in Toronto in more ways than one. In addition to office cleaning, we provide corporate event cleaning services too. If a client is aware of the varying services and specials their cleaners offer, they could benefit by being in the know through subscribing to email updates or straightforward communication. 

Easy Emergency Contact 

Often, a commercial cleaning company in Toronto will begin their work after business hours when the office is vacated. During this time, it isn’t unheard of for emergencies or time-sensitive situations to occur, whether it’s a stray alarm, an unexpected call or visitor, direct contact between a manager and a janitorial service provider will allow everyone to quickly and adequately deal with these situations. 

At We Clean It, we operate by the understanding that communication breeds respect, understanding, and good results. 

Call or message us online to learn more about our office cleaning services in Toronto.

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4 Summer Commercial Cleaning Challenges

The summer brings unique challenges to commercial spaces that are filled with employees, patrons, visitors, and any other passersby. The unique cleaning parameters in combination with revised cleaning updated following the COVID-19 pandemic puts a lot of pressure on businesses to stay on top of commercial cleaning. With the help of a professional commercial cleaning service in Toronto, like We Clean It, you can ensure your business gets a good clean without the stress of taking it on yourself. 

Look out for these 4 Summer challenges that you should pay special attention to while you clean. 

commercial cleaning services Toronto


Spring and summer time sees different flowers blooming in rotation while beautiful to look at, pollen carried indoors by the wind can be quite a different story for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Ragweed, one of the summer’s most prominent allergens, is especially difficult to rid any indoor space of without the support of a commercial cleaning service in Toronto. The allergen can travel for hundreds of miles and is typically widespread until the first frost of the season.  The presence of ragweed and other pollen producing plants means that during the summer, office cleaning in Toronto must be more diligent and frequent to eliminate dust particles, pollen, and other allergens. At We Clean It, we develop a custom cleaning schedule that tackles hard to reach places where dust can settle and pollen can settle. 

Mold Spores

Mold spores exist naturally outdoors but enter freely into open windows and doors through the wind, but they don’t always thrive. However, in the summer, rain, heat, and humidity in the summer creates conditions more favourable for an infestation of mold. Once mold grows in small or closed spaces it releases foul odours and impacts air quality causing headaches and allergic reactions. When you hire a commercial cleaning company in Toronto, comprehensive and regular sanitization and cleaning practices actively target mold before they can flourish and spread. At We Clean It, our team of cleaning professionals uses strategic cleaning methods the prevent bleach and 


Rotting food in the winter is bad, the heat of the summer accelerates deterioration of organic matter which can release odours into the air and lead to potential mold and fungus growth. This can be unbearable for anyone on the premises and make coming to work difficult. At We Clean It, we offer complete office cleaning in Toronto which means in addition to disinfection, we will promptly remove waste and empty garbage regularly from the workplace, so even if it slips the mind of workers it will be done without negatively impacting anyone’s day. 


The summer brings lots of rain to the city and wet weather means more dirt is being tracked indoors. Depending on the amount of traffic in your store, office, or facility dirt can accumulate. Dirt carries germs, bacteria, and makes visitors and employees feel unwelcome. It’s important to pay attention to mopping and wiping down tiles and washing carpets, especially after rain. 

When you get the support of We Clean It, you can tackle all of these seasonal challenges easily. 

Thorough retail and office cleaning in Toronto will not only keep your employees and customers safe. Good care of your commercial space will also boost employee morale which in turn boosts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Contact We Clean It today to find out more about our services. 

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