Do Hand Sanitizers Really Prevent Illness?

If you’re confused about hand sanitizer’s effectiveness you’re not alone. Do they really prevent illness? Do they help in any way? We see them everywhere – from the supermarket to the gym to the airport. But is there any impact on the transmission of colds or other germ related illnesses?

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4 Reasons Business Owners Are Opting For Professional Facility Cleaning Services in Toronto

Busy office and facilities managers are tasked with making sure everything is operating smoothly. When it comes to keeping spaces clean, savvy managers and business owners know hiring professionals for cleaning is the most efficient and economical way to keep the facility clean.

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Does Your Business Have an Office Spring Cleaning Checklist?

The spring cleaning checklist isn’t just for homes and apartments. Offices, warehouses, factories and other types of commercial properties greatly benefit from a detailed and thorough office spring cleaning checklist ,which completely resets the business enhancing productivity and profitability. A total cleanup and reset also creates a healthy and safe working environment further reducing costs.

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The Best Cleaning Services in Toronto

When it comes to the best cleaning services in Toronto, WeCleanIt is the preferred provider of business janitorial services with experience in all types of sizes of facilities. Clients have come to rely on WeCleanIt for thorough, fast, economical and efficient cleanups and maintenance.

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2018 Recap of This Year’s Dreadful Flu Season

If you’ve had it already – you know. If you haven’t had it – you may be freaking out a little. This year’s flu season has officially been the worst in decades. True enough, the news of fatalities is frightening. But for those who have been hit with a two-week (or three-week) infirmity, it really confirms the intensity and severity of this year’s flu season. For those who are wondering, there are two reasons for the appalling outcomes. Firstly, statistics show that fewer people received a flu shot this year. Secondly, and more important, the vaccine has had very low effectiveness rates.

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School Cleaning Checklist

Toronto and Area School Cleaning Checklist

When children go to school they are there to learn and make friends. When the environment in which they are supposed to do so doesn’t meet the proper hygiene standards, it makes it hard for them to achieve their learning and personal growth milestones. Our school cleaning services in Toronto are available to ensure all hygiene and cleanliness goals are met.

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5 Important Reasons to Keep your Office Clean

Your office is the heart of your business maintaining a clean and healthy workplace can affect many aspects of the operation. Managers and business owners who rely on a trusted professionals for office cleaning can count on:

  • Happier and more productive employees
  • Reduced sick days that decrease costs and increase the bottom line
  • Customers and clients who are instantly impressed
  • Set monthly cleaning costs for precise budgeting
  • Thorough and detailed cleaning on a consistent basis

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Can Affect Employees & Productivity

In any business, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. As such, Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace can be the source of low worker morale and low productivity. Also known as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace is prevalent as winter approaches – people are affected by shorter days, colder weather, and above all, the lack of sunshine. In the fall and winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace may affect workers in various ways.

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WeCLeanIt Inforgraphic Office Cleaning



You Wouldn’t Believe How Dirty Your Work Environment is…

Whatever industry you work in, a clean working environment is essential for workplace health and safety. If you refer to our office cleaning infographic, you’ll be amazed at how dirty your workplace can get without regular cleaning and maintenance.

The fact is, keeping communal work areas clean and hygienic will dramatically decrease the risk of picking up germs and illnesses. And that means reducing personal sick days, while increasing productivity. A clean working environment has positive impact.

Our office cleaning infographic clearly shows how a typical workplace is crawling with germs, bacteria, and even viruses. Needless to say, you can’t be walking around with gloves and a mask – but you can certainly make sure that the workplace is hygienic.

Industry research shows that the average office desk has millions and millions of bacteria – hard to believe, but more than a regular toilet seat. Our office cleaning infographic only reinforces the very disturbing statistics. Here again, cleanliness is fundamental.

The bad news is that germs can be quickly and easily spread through hand contact. Worse still, virtually every part of an office or working space is at risk of harboring germs. Here are the top 10 dirtiest spaces and surfaces in an average work environment.

  •  Office desks
  •  Computer keyboards
  •  Computer mouse
  •  Phone and cell phone
  •  Fridge handle
  •  Microwave buttons
  •  Washroom taps
  •  Vending machines
  •  Photocopier controls
  •  Toilet seats

Employees Get Sick More Often in an Unclean Work Environment

Statistics show that unclean and unhygienic workplaces can compromise worker productivity. Whether an employee is sick on the job, or taking a sick day, an unclean work environment costs employers dearly. The important thing for companies is to ensure a clean, healthy workplace.

Unclean work environments are problematic mainly because of productivity loss due to illness (see the office cleaning infographic). Study after study shows the inordinate number of sick days associated with an unhygienic work environment. In short, work environments are dirty places.

All things considered, it’s in the best interest of every company, large and small, to maintain and promote a hygienic workplace. It simply assures a workforce that is healthier, happier, and more productive. More than anything, a clean and hygienic workplace is good for the bottom line.

In terms of an action plan, there are simple day-to-day solutions, as well as more in-depth long-term solutions. Day-to-day, employers can provide everything from hand sanitizers to education to reinforce hygiene. Long term, its best to contract a professional, experienced cleaning firm.

Office Cleaning Services from the Professionals at We Clean It

To combat the serious repercussions of an unclean and unhygienic workplace, We Clean It offers professional cleaning services that go beyond the norm. We can do it all – from kitchen cleaning, to workstation hygiene, to washroom sanitization – and it’s all thorough and comprehensive.

Hiring professional cleaners is both an investment and a commitment (see our office cleaning infographic). For most business owners, professional cleaning services make good economic sense. For an abundance of reasons, outsourcing is a very cost-effective investment long term.

Find out more about our customized cleaning service packages by calling 416-255-6666 directly, or visit our company website at

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Business Owners Focus on Business: Not Office Cleaning

When it comes to running a business, owners and managers know the biggest challenge is getting everything done in time. One of the more neglected duties is office cleaning and many businesses just don’t have the time or manpower to do a proper job at the office or workspace. A healthy and sanitized work environment can directly affect productivity and business that are not maintained regularly can see negative effects on profitability and a reduced bottom line. Manager and owners who know how to run their business understand the practicality and convenience of hiring an outside provider for janitorial services. Continue reading

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