Safe and Reliable Cleaning for Medical and Dental Offices in Toronto

Posted on 23 September 2019

Medical and dental office cleaning is highly specialized work. Because a medical facility is unique, the environment requires special attention. As such, cleaning services require both experience and expertise. Using specific cleaning methods and special disinfecting products, medical facility cleaning must necessarily focus on hygiene and sanitization – it’s key for optimal outcomes.

When working with the professionals at We Clean It, customers are assured of safe and reliable medical and dental office cleaning. Our cleaning crews are specialized in this type of work, and conform to municipal standards to ensure a hygienic environment for patients and personnel. We also follow a comprehensive checklist of cleaning requirements to guarantee satisfaction.  

Medical and dental office cleaning by trained professionals

At We Clean It, our crews are experts in providing a germ-free environment. We provide services that are fully customized to suit our clients’ needs. This is particularly relevant when it comes to medical offices, dental clinics, and institutional facilities. We are attentive to cross-contamination; we use proprietary cleaning methods; and we make use of colour-coded cloths to assure hygiene.

If you’re looking for professional medical and dental office cleaning, you can rely on the experts at We Clean It for a comprehensive cleaning regime – one that is sanitary, hygienic, and sterile. We provide the most thorough and diligent cleaning services, where nothing is ever overlooked. 

  • examination rooms, chairs, and tables
  • all touch surfaces – phones/keyboards
  • nurse stations, countertops, and desks
  • window sills, window ledges, windows
  • washroom cabinets, sinks, dispensers
  • door handles, door knobs, kick plates

Green cleaning services available from We Clean It

Today, many office managers are demanding green cleaning services when it comes to medical and dental office cleaning. At We Clean It, our cleaning crews use green cleaning products when it’s possible. We also use HEPA vacuum cleaners (multi-filtration) to collect and remove virtually everything – from airborne pollutants, to dust particles, to residual bacteria.

In short, we have a proven and effective cleaning regime that relies on a comprehensive TO DO checklist – we simply ensure that nothing is overlooked. Regardless of the size or complexity of your clinic, our cleaning crews can handle it. We have the equipment and experience to provide an office, workplace, or clinic that is fully clean, sanitary, and decontaminated.

We Clean It customizes cleaning to suit your needs

Outsourcing your cleaning needs can be very cost effective. At We Clean It, our crews do it all from end to end – we take the burden off your staff – and we provide consistency that you can rely on. We do everything “under one roof”, providing all of the equipment, supplies, and staff.

With We Clean It, you can be of sure of a customized approach to cleaning. We clean according to your needs and your priorities. We guarantee both privacy and confidentiality. And we work with you to satisfy your scheduling and budget requirements. In short, we work in partnership.

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