Janitorial Services in Toronto

Posted on 17 January 2017

For janitorial services in the Toronto area, We Clean It can provide reliable service for private or public facilities - everything from medical facilities, to real estate offices, to industrial spaces. Specializing in janitorial services, We Clean It takes pride in a quality approach that focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. The objective is to provide top-notch service, and excellent results.

Regardless of the workspace, janitorial services are complete and comprehensive. In house crews are skilled in their work. They use advanced cleaning equipment, and they use only high quality cleaning products. Best of all, We Clean It guarantees excellent janitorial service every time. The crewmembers are bonded and insured, and provide a level of service that every client can trust.

Quality Floor Care

For many clients, floor care is integral to their janitorial service package. We usually recommend regular maintenance, on a scheduled basis, to keep flooring in the best condition possible. Short term, good quality floor care keeps things clean and hygienic for workers. And in the long-term, good preventive maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan, regardless of the floor type.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

For facilities that have carpeting throughout, crews make use of cleaning products and methods that are suited to the carpeting material. Here again, the aim is to make the carpeting look good from day to day, and ensure long life for the material. Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance will guarantee a clean and hygienic environment, while ensuring a good-looking interior.

Floor Mats Service

Many businesses opt for floor mats, particularly when there is high traffic, and especially in the wintertime. We offer quality made floor mats that are water-absorbent and slip-resistant. They are designed to control and contain dirt and water. Floor mat service is competitively priced, and there are no hidden or extra charges. Best of all, service is flexible, and there are no contracts.

Dust Control Service

As part of our janitorial service, We Clean It offers a managed Dust Control Program, where mop heads are cleaned and sanitized weekly or bi-weekly. Clean mops are therefore available to the internal cleaning staff whenever needed. For many businesses, this is a cost-effective approach to cleaning maintenance that can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of the staff.

Washroom Service

We Clean It can provide washroom cleaning services that are customized to satisfy unique facility needs. Depending on the size of a facility, cleaning teams ensure that all washrooms are clean and sanitized. The facility will look and smell hygienically clean. Beyond obvious occupant comfort, clean washrooms are a reflection a company’s high standard and quality public image.

We Clean It provides janitorial cleaning services for companies that are large and small. Crews are highly trained and skilled in every aspect of their work. We Clean It has been servicing clients throughout Toronto for well over 20 years - in health care, education, and real estate. Our people specialize in building maintenance, facilities management, and custom cleaning solutions.

As a priority, the aim at We Clean It is to provide excellent service. And our formula for success is quite simple: extensive experience in the industry; expertise with modern cleaning equipment; and skilled cleaning professionals. We are most well known for corporate office cleaning, and our janitorial services are hard to beat in the industry. Simply put, We Clean It is a “one stop shop”.

As a company, We Clean It is 100% Canadian owned. Everyone takes pride in their work, and we all understand that making clients look good is a priority. Large job or small, our people are fully committed to a job well done. Whether it’s a full cleaning program, or just scheduled service, we make an effort to be eco-friendly, so we use custom made, professional grade green products.

Quality Assurance

Our assurance of quality guarantees that facility staff will be safe while we are servicing the site. We have safety protocols that are mandatory. We subscribe to strict quality controls. And there are guidelines for ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

Health and Safety

Supervisors and management at We Clean It are trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials, and abide by the industry safety standards and procedures.  On each jobsite, the focus is on providing optimal working conditions for our cleaning crews and for the occupants of the premises.

Eco-Friendly Products

Our people make considerate decisions about the cleaning products we use. As a company, we’re serious about using eco-friendly products when it’s possible. We use high volumes of cleaning products, all of them professional grade, and many of them that are custom-made in house.

Green Cleaning

Our cleaning crews try to make use of bio-based cleaners and non-toxic materials. Many products are 100% biodegradable, and still do an exceptional cleaning job, while providing protection to the environment. Every effort is made to provide clients with a clean and hygienic workspace.

Additional Services

With everything under one roof, We Clean It can offer clients far more than just janitorial service. We have the capacity to provide comprehensive “handy-man” services, from the most basic to the more complex. For many businesses, this can be very cost effective for building maintenance.

Companies looking for a comprehensive approach to janitorial service are in good hands with We Clean It.  Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Cleaning results are always satisfactory. And customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. Small company or large, business owners can count on We Clean It for a wide range of services – everything from carpet cleaning, to floor care, to washroom maintenance, to construction cleanup. And everything is about quality.

At We Clean It, everyone from top management to individual cleaners strives for total customer satisfaction. And it's much more than just a company slogan – everyone is committed to quality and integrity in every aspect of their work. Importantly, it's a business philosophy that serves to energize everyone, and everything they do. A quality approach drives us to improve as we grow.

We are green Canadian product