A Medical Facility Must Be Cleaned By An Experienced Company

Posted on 11 January 2017

At We Clean It, we recognize the unique attention that needs to be paid to cleaning medical facilities. Cleaning a medical facility is unlike cleaning other locations. Special cleaning products, techniques and processes are required to ensure the cleaning is completed to the standards facilities expert. Here is why you should consider using an experienced company like We Clean It for your medical facility.

We Clean It has been operating in commercial, industrial, and medical facilities for over 20 years. Our team consistently accommodates the needs of our clients through continuous innovation, attention, and care. When it comes to medical facilities, we make hygiene and sanitization a key part of our cleaning process. Typically, we meet with our clients and understand the exact types of cleaning and sanitization they’re looking for, while also recommending additional factors that they may not have thought about. Our team is highly trained in delivering germ-free environments to our medical clients.

We understand that a failure to adhere to standards can result in real-life consequences. Hence, we ensure that we’re only using the latest and greatest cleaning techniques and preventative measures for cross-contamination or bacterial growth. We also use proprietary measures to ensure that germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance. For example, our teams use colour-coded microfibre cloths that are allocated to specific areas and surfaces. This ensures that cloths are not used in multiple places, which can increase the risk of cross-contamination.

Our microfibre cloths are the perfect material to capture dust and germs, and are far more effective than cotton or paper towels. Use microfibre mops and products to avoid mop water contamination to remove germs on medical facility floors. We ensure that our cleaning regime is thorough and complete, so that every work area, surface, and floor is cleaned appropriately.

We use HEPA vacuum cleaners, which actually help to maintain safe and uncontaminated air quality, and leverage green cleaning products when possible. HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners are super effective at collecting and removing everything from airborne pollutants to dust particles to bacteria and even viruses. Moreover, HEPA filtered systems even improve indoor air quality by filtering and purifying the air as they work.

We know that it’s critical for our staff to routinely clean all of the areas of your medical facility space, namely the tables and chairs in examination rooms, commonly used items like phones and keyboards, desks and countertops, work stations and cubicles, window areas, locks and door handles, all surfaces in washrooms including sinks, cabinets, and soap dispensers, as well as storage area cabinets.

At We Clean It, we ensure that the safety and hygiene of your medical facility is in the right hands. if you have additional questions about cleaning medical facilities or would like to get a free quote from our team, give us a call at 647-999-6898 or send us an email at Our expert team will be happy to assist you and provide top levels of service to your space.

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