Benefits of Manual Disinfection From Commercial Cleaning Services

Posted on 11 January 2022

Without a doubt, the cleanliness, organization, and sanitization of a workplace affect the productivity of employees, comfort of vendors, and satisfaction of customers. And with viruses and bacteria lingering on surfaces or being transmitted between people, it’s a good idea to implement a disinfectant strategy from a commercial cleaning service to stop the spread of illness. 

There are advanced methods that commercial cleaning services for businesses use to streamline the disinfection process. Some businesses use sprays, foggers, and electrostatic sanitizers. While emerging commercial disinfectant technologies have made mass disinfection easier, commercial cleaning services for businesses should also focus on manual disinfection for complete sanitization. 

Here’s how manual disinfection from commercial cleaning services can boost overall hygiene. 

Sensitive Equipment 

The amount of sensitive machinery on-site may depend on the nature of your business. Still, with the increase in touch screen technology, there is a reason to be cautious with liquid disinfectants. Manual wipe-downs ensure that high-tech equipment, computers, and other hardware are not drenched in water or sanitizing solutions. Instead, your commercial cleaning team can pay close attention and follow specific care instructions. 

Impacted Dirt and Debris 

Unfortunately, spraying sanitizers won’t always reach 100% of dirt and debris, leaving pathogens behind. Manual inspection of tools, workspaces, and high-touch surfaces, guarantees a more comprehensive clean from commercial cleaning services for businesses like medical offices or high traffic facilities where there is a heightened risk of contagion. Through manual cleaning methods, cleaning teams can physically pick up and remove dirt, also using friction to facilitate disinfection. 

How Your Commercial Cleaning Service Should Use Manual Disinfection 

If the goal is that commercial cleaning services for businesses achieve the most comprehensive level of cleanliness, then there should not be just one method of disinfection employed. Manual disinfection should not be neglected as it offers greater control and attention to detail. Still, its effects are maximized by layering the disinfection technique with others such as sprays and foggers to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, save time, and reach hard-to-access areas. 

That’s why the best results come from a combined commercial cleaning strategy tailored to your business and space. At We Clean It, we don’t bring a one-size-fits-all solution to our customers. We enable clean, healthy retail, office, facility cleaning that keeps employees and customers feeling safe and healthy using the expertise, advanced technology, and industry know-how. 

Manual disinfection is an excellent way for commercial offices and facilities to maintain the hygiene of individual workstations, communal rooms, and guest or visitor areas between scheduled visits from your commercial cleaning service. 

Tools For Manual Disinfection 

You don’t have to opt for a particular brand name for surface cleaners to stock in your office. Choose surface cleaners, wipes, or sanitizers that eliminate 99% or more pathogens. Sanitizers should have an alcohol percentage of at least 60% paired with clean microfibre cloths. 

When engaging in manual disinfection of any public or commercial facility, it is imperative to avoid cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when bacteria or viruses accumulate on cleaning tools such as a sponge or mop, then that same tool is used in a different area, thus spreading the pathogen. The best way to avoid cross-contamination is by labeling and allocating tools to specific locations depending on an experienced commercial cleaning service like We Clean It. 

With years of commercial experience, our team of trained professionals is equipped with the tools, techniques, and knowledge to optimize commercial disinfection. 

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