What does it cost to hire a commercial cleaning company?

Posted on 05 October 2015

On one hand, this is a relevant question – on the other hand, there are many variables. In short, the cost of hiring a commercial cleaning company will depend on three basics: the scope of the project, the frequency of the service, and the cleaning protocol. And when it comes to quoting, a reputable service provider will have no problem providing a specific and detailed quotation, while being upfront about costs and charges, including anything extra.

Services Required

Commercial cleaning costs will vary directly with the type of services required. A multi-office building will naturally require a different approach than a factory facility with specialized cleaning requisites. And because the cleaning techniques and procedures will differ, so will the costs. For example, dusting and vacuuming 15 office suites in a building will require a whole different scope of work than cleaning and sanitizing a medical clinic. As a rule, the more involved the cleaning procedures, the more costly the cleaning service will be.

Frequency of Services

Needless to say, frequency of service will affect overall cost. This will depend on time spent during each cleaning cycle, but will also be dependent on frequency of service (every day; every week; every month). All this can be negotiated with the service provider, and can be contingent on a business owner’s budget. Where a contract is long-term, a volume discount may be available. And while many commercial cleaners quote according to square footage or hours spent, the so-called “package-deal” is more common with a bigger contract.

Comparison Shopping

The quoted cost between commercial cleaning companies could differ for many reasons. It’s therefore important for a business owner to compare various service proposals and assess the inherent benefits. What’s most important is not to always choose the cheapest company. Like anything, the best option is the one that offers a quality job at a fair price. Everyone is in business to make money, and everyone wants to get good value. In the end, it’s mandatory to draw up a contract that’s specific to hours required, scope of work, and frequency.

Selecting the Services

Commercial cleaning services are usually priced according to task. For instance, some business owners might need a more in-depth service that includes sanitizing everyone’s computer station. At the same time, an office may have private washrooms that require both cleaning and disinfecting. In some situations, a business owner might decide on a very basic daily cleaning regimen, with more comprehensive cleaning on a rotating monthly schedule. But whatever the case, it’s vital to match the cleaning tasks with the pre-requisites.

Beyond the contracted cleaning tasks, business owners always have special needs from time to time. Here, its important for a commercial cleaner to be flexible enough to accommodate client needs, and versatile enough to provide the special services. For example, broadloom shampooing and window cleaning may only be needed once a year. These services can be quoted separately and expedited when required. The thing is, when a business owner and service provider work well collaboratively, it’s easy to make these kinds of accommodations.

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