With Water Damage - the Only Clean Up is a Professional Cleanup

Posted on 28 November 2016

Regardless of the type of water damage experienced, two things are critical - immediate attention and professional cleanup. Whether in the workplace or at home, water damage has the potential to do more harm when poorly handled. And while things look unremarkable to the naked eye, it’s the professionals who can isolate and identify areas of hidden damage and potential hazard.

Water damage, on any dimension, requires a comprehensive approach to extraction, cleanup, and restoration. As it is, water can intrude in many ways – it can be a broken plumbing pipe; a gaping roof leak; or a natural flood. Hence, a trained team is required, experienced with various types of situations. They have the expertise, the tools, and the resources to act quickly and effectively.

Whatever the cause, the key to dealing with water damage is to act quickly and start the cleanup immediately. This would be particularly relevant when dealing with an emergency like a sewage rupture or natural flood. With industrial equipment, professionals provide fast, strategic cleanup, while abiding by industry regulations and municipal bi-laws. Safety is always at the forefront.

In some situations, flooding and water damage can be a challenge – it’s therefore necessary to get things under control ASAP. Water can do damage in a very short span of time. Walls and floors can be damaged structurally; furniture and belongings can be spoiled; and important documents would be destroyed. This is exactly why speedy reaction and immediate cleanup are critical.

Professional cleaners are skilled in their work, and have the right equipment to deal with water damage and the aftereffects. Most importantly, they are cognizant of the potential health hazards for any occupants. They are also focused on preventing “secondary damage”, like the growth and development of mold. In short, this is work that needs to be done the right way, from the start.

Water damage cannot be mitigated with a quick fix. Professional crews use industrial equipment to extract water and expedite the drying process throughout the premises. Drying is absolutely critical with water damage, as it diminishes the potential for pollutants and contaminants to flourish. This is especially true with respect to mold, and preventing any chance of growth. Water damage, when not properly handled, can be a serious threat to personal health and safety. It’s therefore essential to hire a professional service provider. This is absolutely not the right time or place to go for a do-it-yourself approach. Whether residential or commercial, professionals respond with immediacy (day or night) and undertake the cleanup process from end to end.

The key to properly managing water damage is to do it right from the start. It’s simply a matter of getting things under control, lessening present damages, and averting any potential future issues.

Doing it right also sets the stage for sound repairs and restoration. It would be very shortsighted to restore a space to its original condition if it wasn’t properly cleaned up and remediated.

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