How to Schedule Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses

Posted on 08 February 2022

Deciding to bring on a commercial cleaning service is a great relief for businesses and management. When incorporated effectively, cleaning services for business have the potential to revitalize the atmosphere for everyone from employees to customers. Regular visits from a commercial cleaning service improves employee morale by reducing illness. It also leads to a reduction to sick days, increasing productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of a commercial cleaning service for businesses are hard to ignore, when you’re ready to bring on a trusted team, like We Clean It, all that there’s left to do is figure out the logistics. 

Here are 3 of our most reliable scheduling guidelines when it comes to scheduling visits from your commercial cleaning service.

What is the Nature of Your Business? 

commercial cleaning services for businesses

Cleaning services for businesses change their approach depending on what type of space they’re working in. At We Clean It, we offer commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses and facilities including, but not limited to, medical offices, retail, stores, warehouses, offices, and schools. Businesses that have a high number of occupants like warehouses and retail stores may need weekly cleanings while offices may need bi monthly or in some cases, where employees are working from home even monthly. Medical and dental offices are more sensitive spaces and will require more frequently scheduled visits, especially depending on the type of service the office provides.

When working with We Clean It, you can set your schedule and adjust it as needed to best suit the needs of your business, clientele, and employees. The flexibility and regularity in your schedule allows for optimal results. 

What Types of Cleaning Tasks Are Needed?

There isn’t a single type of task a business will ask of their commercial cleaning service. Consider the type of care you’ll need from cleaning services for your business and how often those tasks need to be completed. Generally, businesses will lean on cleaning services for any combination of trash removal, dust removal, sanitization/disinfection, mopping, stain removal, glass cleaning, lunchroom/restroom maintenance, and air freshening. To ensure an effective clean you may need a selection of these services at different frequencies. 

What is the Size of Your Office or Facility? 

Following one cleaning, the size and the number of occupants of the office or facility will determine how soon after the next scheduled visit should follow. Large warehouses will collect dust in less frequented areas potentially requiring multiple scheduled visits to cover the entire facility. Medical offices, on other hand, are significantly smaller but will usually demand a more intense cleaning and disinfection. 

Commercial Cleaning Services from We Clean It 

At We Clean It, our commercial cleaning service for businesses is completely tailored to each individual business. We use high tech equipment and custom strategies to satisfy the needs of your business and achieve high quality results that keeps everyone involved in your business happy, including employees and customers. 

To learn more about our regular cleaning services for businesses contact the We Clean It team today.

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