As Winter Comes To An End, It’s a Good Time For “Spring Cleaning” The Office

Posted on 16 March 2017

As the winter ice and snow melts away, and all of that outdoor slush dries up, it seems fitting that the office space gets a thorough “spring cleaning”. It’s actually a great opportunity for employees to clear things up, perhaps do some de-cluttering, and start “fresh” for the springtime. While each employee can certainly do their part, especially when it comes to personal workspace, in-depth office cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding area after the winter is best left in the hands of a professional cleaning company.

A professional cleaning team can do wonders when it comes to deep cleaning carpets, refreshing the floors, and thoroughly cleaning the washroom facilities. Once done, it all makes for a cleaner, more hygienic working environment that is enjoyed by workers and visitors alike. As it turns out, the opposite is also true – unclean environments tend to be less inviting and less appealing. Most of the time, a clean and well-maintained office space will be a more positive place to work.

Floor Care

Short of regular, scheduled floor maintenance, the “spring cleaning” approach will at least ensure that office flooring is in good condition after a rough winter. And besides keeping the space clean, it’s also a preventive approach, providing a longer lifespan for the flooring, whatever the type.

Carpet Cleaning

For offices with carpeting throughout, these areas take a beating during the winter. Here again, the idea of a “spring cleaning” is to restore the carpeting material, and ensure longer life. For the staff, carpet cleaning and maintenance also guarantees a more hygienic working environment.

Floor Mats

Winter or spring, businesses with high traffic areas generate more dirt and debris than the norm. This is where high quality floor mats (slip-resistant and water-absorbent) might be an option. In fact, having a regular mat service may be the best maintenance choice on a year-round basis.


Large office or small, a major cleanup in the washroom area is always welcome. And while a post-winter cleanup might suffice in the short term, there’s nothing like a regular janitorial services to keeps washrooms clean, hygienic, and sanitized. A clean washroom reflects well on a business.

Many businesses who do a seasonal “spring cleaning” often find that an ongoing cleaning contract can provide good quality cleaning and maintenance right around the year. The benefit, of course, is the regularity of service, without having to worry about anything. A good cleaning contractor offers crews who are skilled and trained, with equipment and technology to satisfy even the most unique of cleaning requirements. Additionally, cleaning products are supplied, there is no need to purchase cleaning equipment, and contractual services are customer guaranteed.

With a good cleaning contractor on hand, business owners can be assured of special services that may be required from time to time, but not a regular basis. There may be a need for special event cleanup, for example. Or a need for water damage restoration. Whatever the case, there’s some confidence that a hired cleaning company has the crews and know-how to handle it.

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