Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 13 January 2020

Many business owners find that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning just isn’t enough to keep things properly maintained. This is especially relevant if you have high-traffic areas that get particularly dirty and messy. The answer, of course, is professional carpet cleaning – a full service approach to remove dirt, eliminate allergens, and provide disinfectant. While carpeting is a very popular option for office spaces, it requires more maintenance in order to ensure a long lifespan. Office carpeting requires more than just daily vacuuming, especially throughout the winter and spring. For the best results, periodic professional carpet cleaning must be part of the overall office maintenance protocol.

Professional cleaning is essential for carpet maintenance

From time to time, every office space can benefit from professional cleaning in areas that are carpeted. It may not be the highest priority for many business owners, but when the obvious signs appear, it’s best to act. The more the delay - the more chance for irreversible staining. If you notice any of the following issues, it's likely time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning

When carpet stains become conspicuous

Because of high volume foot traffic, spots and stains are sure to appear over time. Winter is the worst culprit for carpet stains, and quite often, stains start to affect the overall aesthetic of your carpeted space. When those stains become overly conspicuous, it’s definitely time to schedule professional carpet cleaning.

When carpet looks old and worn

Every office looks fabulous with brand new carpeting, and sometimes that’s all you need to revamp a commercial space. A professional carpet cleaning can help old carpet look new, and brighten the appearance and feel of your office, without the expense of completely replacing your old carpet. With professional cleaning equipment and effective cleaning agents, a professional carpet cleaning will eliminate odours, built-up dust and dirt that make carpet look dull, and renew the overall appearance of the carpet.

When employees are getting sick

Carpeting is an ideal home for dust, pollen, and other air-borne particles, and outdoor moisture being trekked onto the indoor carpet creates a great opportunity for potential mold issues. When carpet has accumulated allergens, you’ll find your staff experiencing a number of allergy or flu-like symptoms much more frequently, leading to increased sick days. A professional carpet cleaning will keep you and your staff safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive.

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