Professional Cleaning Services for Office Safety

Posted on 16 June 2020

Clean Office for a Healthy Workplace

As offices and businesses gear up to restart work, complete office cleaning and sanitization are vital for workplace safety to protect against COVID-19. Contagious illnesses like the coronavirus, cold and flu can spread quickly in closed workspaces and people can catch the virus by touching contaminated surfaces. Germs and viruses can stay alive on highly used office equipment (keyboards, telephones etc.), door knobs/handles and all surfaces. (Tables, desks, counters etc.)  The kitchen and common areas are a breeding ground for infection as germs can thrive on coffee machines, taps, microwave or refrigerator doors. The coronaviruses are encased in a protective layer of lipids that can be easily destroyed by soap or other disinfectants. Undoubtedly, a clean and healthy office is the key to a safe and healthy workspace, thus office cleaning is best left to professional cleaning services like We Clean It!

Office Cleaning Services in Pandemic Times

As a pro-active measure to combat the threat of COVID-19, we have revisited our cleaning protocols as per the WHO and state recommendations. Our services can be customized as per your company’s requirements and layout. We offer nightly, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly janitorial services in Toronto with green cleaning agents and cost-flexibility tailored to suit every budget.

Daily Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

  • Clean & disinfect all office equipment & surfaces
  • Vacuum & sanitize all high traffic areas (carpets, floors)
  • Clean & sanitize all restroom surfaces & floors
  • Restock facilities with required paper goods/soaps
  • Empty all interior & exterior wastebaskets
  • Spot check for major stains & litter

Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

  • Clean & sanitize all workspaces & working surfaces
  • Floor polish/steam clean all high traffic areas
  • Deep clean lunchroom/lounges
  • Spot check and maintain all glass & entryways

Professional Cleaning Prevents Potential Problems

In addition to routine cleaning, professional cleaners can help prevent potential plumbing disasters by spotting and reporting leaking taps n toilets. They are trained to prevent build-up, mold, termite, or rodent infestation. Professional Cleaning services employ trained professionals who know their cleaning products’ dos & don’ts. They will handle and clean your expensive equipment with the care and detail it deserves. It is your first line of defense, treating small issues before they blow-up into major problems costing you unnecessary expenditure. As they rightly say, a stitch in time saves nine!

Safety First

Outsourcing your office cleaning to professional cleaning services will keep liability issues and health concerns at bay. Wet surfaces, toxic chemicals & disinfectants are all handled by the cleaning company and you need not stock potentially hazardous cleaning materials. Cleaning is done after work hours to minimize accidents like exposure to cleansing agents, slippage on wet floors etc. Cleaning professionals are trained in standard safety procedures so you don’t have to worry about workplace safety.

Trust We Clean It to take care of your office cleaning and sanitization needs. Our commercial cleaning company has been providing top-tier janitorial services in Toronto and the GTA for the last 20 years. Our experienced & trained cleaning crew is committed to your safety and satisfaction. Hire the Pros in regular and special deep cleaning services.

Book us for a safe, clean and healthy office every workday! Dial 647-999-6898 for a free consultation & quote!

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