Why Professional Office Cleaning is Important in Winter

Posted on 26 December 2016

Because of the extreme conditions posed by a North American winter, regular professional office cleaning in Toronto is especially important. Workers and customers are dragging in slush and snow. Nicely carpeted areas get dirty and wet. And worse still, residual salt starts to accumulate everywhere. Keeping everything clean and sanitary can be a real challenge, and last for almost 6 months. With some professional help, an office workplace can be kept under control, and relatively free of melting snow, water puddles, and salt deposits. It makes for a much better environment for both workers and visitors. While every office may have different cleaning priorities, some of the needs will be common - such as the need for regular, scheduled “overnight” cleaning (often daily).

Mat service during the winter is probably one of the most important services. From main entry points, to employee entrances, to delivery areas, mats are crucial to collecting snow, salt, and dirt. A good mat system actually reduces the amount of debris that’s being carried into various office areas. Here again, regular service can either clean the mats or remove and replace weekly. Offices that are covered with carpeting clearly need a different type of approach. This is where a professional cleaning service can keep things well maintained with a regular cleaning regimen, as well as periodic steam cleaning throughout the winter. Comprehensive steam cleaning will help remove “trapped” dirt and salt, while restoring the integrity and appearance of the carpeting.

Heating Systems & Dust Control 

Often overlooked in an office environment is the accumulation of dust while heating systems are operating at full blast. Dust accumulates faster on all the office furniture, mechanical equipment, and flooring. Daily cleaning from a professional firm will ensure that workspaces are dust-free, and employees can work in a clean environment. It’s a great way to start off every workday. In many cases, especially when winter weather gets extra snowy and icy, outdoor entrances also require regular maintenance. Beyond keeping walkways clean and clear, the potential for falling or slipping is dramatically reduced. And while this service may not necessarily be required on a daily basis, it makes good business sense to create and maintain a safe and welcome access area.

Why You Shouldn't Overlook Winter Office Cleaning

During the winter months, office employees and visitors are constantly bringing dirt into the office. There’s more than usual, and more leftover than at other times of the year. There’s mud and slush, and plenty of salt that gets dragged in from the outside. This is why winter office cleaning is so critical and why it’s so demanding throughout the fall and winter months.

Winter is also a time for colds and flu – and here, germs are being spread right around the office. Having a regular service for winter office cleaning will do wonders in keeping desks and counters sanitary, let alone the public spaces like kitchens and washrooms. Winter office cleaning keeps employee areas cleaner, and contributes to a more sanitary, healthier working environment.

  • many people eat lunch (or snacks) at their desk
  • keyboards are known to harbour heaps of germs
  • some viruses can survive on surfaces for 24 hours
  • office desks are quite often dirtier than toilet seats

It’s no wonder that colds spread so easily in the office – it’s a time when germs are transferred, even from desk to desk. Without effective cleaning practices, the potential for an office epidemic is increased dramatically. On the other hand, with effective winter office cleaning, the workplace can be clean, sanitary, and otherwise healthy. It doesn’t take much to keep things under control.

Save Office floors From Winter Salt

Winter salt ruins floors – period. Whether the municipality is using rock salt or snow melting chemicals, these are all tracked into the office. Salt wears away floor polish and destroys carpets. Under desks, all of the salt collects, doing even more damage over time. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, flooring requires replacement much sooner than expected. With proper winter office cleaning, hard surface floors and carpeting are cleaner, more sanitary, and last longer.

With outdoor salt, shoes and boots are constantly marking the floors in winter. Salt debris shows up everywhere – whether the floors are wood, tile, or marble. Simply put, the office space looks dirty and unprofessional. With a regular cleaning service, the office floors are kept clean and well maintained, allowing for a professional image. Workers feel better about their working space and visitors can be impressed with a business environment that is well cared for and presentable.

Boost Team Morale with Janitorial Services

With winter office cleaning, a healthy working environment serves to improve morale. Germs and allergens are kept to a minimum, and the disinfected workspaces provide improved health and wellbeing for employees. Indeed, satisfied employees are known to be more productive.

  • Industry surveys show that professional cleaning does minimize germs. It means that disinfecting surfaces and equipment will keep germs and viruses from spreading through the office.
  • Professional cleaning also controls allergens, particularly when heating systems are spreading allergens and dust more than usual. Worse still, fresh air circulation is much reduced in winter.
  • With a professional cleaning company, practically everything is included – from trash removal, to dusting, to vacuuming, to washroom sanitizing. Every day is a clean and welcome workspace.

It may sound obvious, but winter is the time when office workers are dealing with more frequent colds and flus. It’s therefore critical for office space to be clean and sanitary, and to prevent the negative impacts of spreading germs.  A reliable cleaning firm will ensure that the entire office is properly disinfected, and that common areas like washrooms and kitchens are well sanitized.

Whether it’s winter or summer, an office space that is clean and fresh will make for a comfortable work environment, and a professional image for customers and visitors alike. Having a cleaning firm on contract will take the responsibility away from office workers, who can then get down to work, without the stress of extra duties. The truth is, staff and employees appreciate the effort.

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