Moving Into a New Office Space? Start With a Professional Cleaning!  

Posted on 22 December 2016

One of the best decisions when moving into a new office space is to totally clean the space - and that means doing it professionally. After all, you just never know who was there before; how they lived in the space; and how often (or not) they cleaned. There’s nothing like starting off with a perfectly clean and hygienic workspace. The key is to choose appropriate office cleaning services in Toronto that best reflect the needs of the space. As well, it’s wise to choose services that would be a priority.

Comprehensive Floor Care

In an office space that requires floor care, the best option is a full service approach customized to suit. In a new office, deep scrubbing may be required – in order to remove residual dirt and deep stains. In some situations, floors may need stripping and/or waxing, so as to restore the original condition of the floor. Beyond that, regular maintenance will ensure cleanliness and longevity.

Complete Washroom Service

A major cleanup of the washroom facilities is a no-brainer in a new office. Washrooms need to be super-clean, professionally sanitized, and hygienically ready for public use. Better cleaning firms will use high-grade detergents and disinfectants, and will offer business owners “green” products to reduce off gassing for employees. After the main cleanup, regular maintenance is advised.

A Green Cleaning Approach

Today, the best cleaning professionals almost always use “green” cleaning products. These are all eco-friendly, and are of universal benefit to workers. Many companies also focus on using much less water and less electricity in order to conserve energy. Clearly, this is a responsible approach to office cleaning, and without any need to compromise on the standard of cleaning quality.

More Specialized Services

With every office space being uniquely different, so are cleaning needs. Offices with a high level of customer traffic, for example, may require floor mat service, particularly during the winter. These offer slip-resistance in high traffic areas, with regular service to ensure cleanliness. When setting up a new office, carpet shampooing is an absolute necessity – proper cleaning and sanitizing sets the stage for a work environment that is clean and hygienic, and without dust and/or pollutants. Going foreword, it’s important for every business owner to have a cleaning maintenance program that will keep the workspace well maintained day-to-day. And it’s worth doing professionally.

Ongoing Cleaning Plan

Doing a professional cleaning job when first moving into a new office is counter-productive without a commitment to regular and ongoing janitorial services. The most effective cleaning program is one that is customized to suit the need of the business, and relies on a very specific checklist to ensure that the work is thorough and comprehensive. Business owners should be 100% satisfied with the work completed, with the quality of work provided, and with the service approach of the cleaning firm. Quality professional cleaning services are not inexpensive, so it’s essential for the business owner to get the best return-on-investment, much like any other business transaction.



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