How Animal Care Facilities Can Benefit From Janitorial Services

Posted on 10 July 2024

Animal care facilities are a lifesaver to busy pet owners. They provide a safe space for your cats and dogs to be cared for, whether it's for the day or for a few weeks. Although these facilities are helpful in maintaining the safety of your pet, the facilities themselves may not be easy to maintain. There is no doubt that dealing with a room full of animals can get messy. It is inevitable for food, fur, fecal matter and pet toys to take over these spaces. This is why animal care facilities are great candidates for janitorial services in Toronto. Janitorial services provide a routine cleaning schedule to businesses that require regular cleanings. Given the messy nature of animals and animal care facilities, they could gain many benefits from investing in this service. The space would remain cleaner, safer, and healthier, and odours would be drastically reduced. If you’re looking into professional janitorial services, contact We Clean It! We offer commercial office cleanings in Toronto along with other corporate cleaning services. 

Continue reading to learn more about how animal care facilities can benefit from janitorial services!

What are Janitorial Services?

janitorial services torontoTo put things simply, janitorial services are when you have a dedicated person or people to complete cleaning services on a regular basis in your space. Any business or facility that is high-foot traffic or is prone to mess is the perfect candidate. The following janitorial services can greatly benefit an animal care facility:

  • Top-Notch Floor Care: Our pets and animals spend a lot of their time close to the ground, so it is prudent to ensure that these surfaces are clean to maintain the health of our animals. 
  • Carpet Cleaning: Not all animals have great control over their bowel movements, so it is common for carpets in animal care facilities to get dirty with animal fluids. The issue is that carpets can get easily stained and can harbour odours. We Clean It’s complete carpet cleaning services are included in janitorial cleanings, which is perfect for pet facilities. 
  • Green Janitorial Services: Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is especially important in the pet care industry. It ensures that harmful chemicals are kept away from your beloved pets. 

Health and Safety

Pets do not have the ability to maintain a healthy and safe environment for themselves, so it is up to their owners or caretakers to do so. Animals, especially cats and dogs, are messy by nature. The more animals there are in a space, the more likely it is that bacteria, fluids, and fur are lingering. When an animal care facility is cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, this can be kept to a minimum. Having regular floor and carpet cleanings can help eliminate the spread of viruses, infections and bacteria. 


As a business, it is important to maintain a professional image in order to create positive brand associations for customers. Conducting business in a messy facility may put off potential customers. They may have concerns about the health, safety and cleanliness of your space for their pet. Using janitorial services ensures that your space is always in a state of cleanliness. This way, you are prepared to impress whoever may walk through your door. 

Janitorial Services with We Clean It

Janitorial services in Toronto can truly make a difference to a business like an animal care facility. Spaces that get messy frequently are the best candidates for this service, as it helps maintain their health and safety. Pets can leave a lot of dirt, bacteria, fur and other unwanted debris in the spaces they spend time in. Maintaining cleanliness in your animal’s environment can prevent diseases from spreading, and odours from lingering and can help businesses maintain a professional appearance. If you are a business looking for a commercial office cleaning in Toronto or janitorial services, contact We Clean It today! We provide customized janitorial services and custom scheduling to fit your needs!


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