Keeping Your Office Clean During Business Lockdown

Posted on 16 April 2020

With so many businesses locked down in Toronto and GTA, we understand how everyone is trying to conserve precious resources. Cleaning and disinfecting your office premises and making it safe for use is extremely important today. As a premier office cleaning company, We Clean It has developed numerous best practices and procedures to ensure that businesses are able to keep their office premises clean and hygienic with efficient use of resources and without burdening the businesses. Here are a few suggestions that We Clean It believes every business should undertake to keep their work premises safe.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning

Schedule a deep cleaning to clean and sanitize every surface of your office. Surfaces that are regularly touched or places that are frequented are often cleaned regularly. But the hard to reach places and other surfaces like hard to reach light fixtures are overlooked. These surfaces can be a cause of worry if not handled properly. During a deep cleaning, the cleaning experts will cover even the most hard to reach places and completely disinfect them to remove all traces of germs and infections.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

A professional cleaning company develops practices and procedures that ensures regular cleaning of office premises is being done and all safety standards are being maintained. Professional cleaning companies like We Clean It have access to high quality materials and equipment that are necessary for use cleaning of all kinds of surfaces. The cleaners employed are highly trained and are very careful when it comes to cleaning and are careful with how these materials and equipment are used. Also, such companies will help ensure that disposable items like mop heads, cloths, etc are disposed of safely and reusable cleaning items are cleaned properly. So a professional cleaning company can not only help you keep your office clean effectively, they can do it efficiently as well.

If You Are Partially Open, Disinfect High Contact Surfaces

As per the guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency of Canada, high contact surfaces are to be thoroughly clean as they contain a risk of carrying the virus for a few hours. Make sure that your cleaning company is using only the best and high quality hard surface cleaning products. Your cleaning company should also have developed special protocol and procedures for this time. This will greatly help lower risks of infections and contain its spread.

We Clean It Can Help

We Clean It is the premier office cleaning company in Toronto and the GTA. We pride at providing professional cleaning services and customer service with a smile. Our cleaning experts and maintenance teams are excellently trained and highly knowledgeable. For more than 20 years, we have delivered outstanding service to our clients and have kept them 100% satisfied. We use only the best and the safest cleaning materials and equipment available and have incorporated eco friendly materials to ensure a greener future. Connect with us today to make your office cleaner and healthier.

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