Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean During COVID-19

Posted on 20 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing the workplace environment. Many employees were forced to work from home and are now returning to their workplace expecting an increased focus on sanitation. How can you tackle commercial office cleaning in Toronto? We recommend starting with the tips outlined below for maintaining workplace hygiene throughout the pandemic.

Tips for Maintaining Workplace Hygiene

  1. Communication and Education

It is important to establish open lines of communication between your employees and supervisory staff to ensure that everyone feels safe speaking up about cleanliness issues. First, start by addressing the severity of the situation with your staff to ensure everyone is complying with social distancing and sanitation rules. We recommend sending an e-mail outlining updated cleaning policies and where to report if someone is feeling ill. You can also set-up posters and other placards to remind your employees about social distancing and appropriate hygiene habits.

  • Daily Workspace Cleaning

One of your updated policies should include employees disinfecting their personal workspace daily. This should include washing their hands, sanitizing their desk, keyboards, and mice and any other high-contact surfaces such as pens or monitors. It is also a good idea to ask employees to sanitize their spaces at the end of the day.

  • Restock Soap and Hand Sanitizer

To ensure employees can wash their hands regularly, you will want to stock up on soap and hand sanitizer and refill supplies frequently. If possible, assign a schedule or point person to check on supplies and refill accordingly.

  • Pay Close Attention to High-Traffic Surfaces

High-contact surfaces will need to be frequently sanitized to keep you and your staff safe during the pandemic. This includes doorknobs, pens and any furniture or counters in communal spaces. Pay close attention to bathrooms and kitchens which will need to be sanitized regularly. We recommend making a list of high-contact surfaces that will need to be cleaned daily including microwaves, kettles, coffee makers, cabinets and door handles, counters and sink handles.

  • Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to encourage employees to stay home when they feel ill. Updating your sick day policy may be important to prevent an outbreak at your office.

An effective solution for your office might be to hire a commercial cleaning service. Through a cleaning service, a team of professionals will sanitize your entire office space, including high-contact surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. By taking the pressure off your staff, they will be able to focus on their work while a team of professional cleaners ensures the safety of the entire office. We Clean It provides commercial cleaning services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our cleaners specialize in commercial cleaning, maintenance, and sanitation and have experience cleaning offices, retail sites, and medical offices and facilities. With flexible schedules, we can ensure your office is clean and sanitized before your employees arrive for work. To learn more about commercial cleaning services in Toronto, contact the We Clean It team at 647-999-6898.

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