Janitorial Services For Small And Medium Size Offices

Posted on 13 February 2017

While most offices maintain a certain level of order and cleanliness day-to-day, there is usually a need for more comprehensive cleaning, and on a more regular basis. And it goes beyond making a good impression – it’s about health and hygiene for office staff, business customers, and visitors.

With professional janitorial services, an office space is always clean and well maintained. The fact is, professional cleaners are efficient and cost-effective – they simply do a better job than anyone in-house. And while there is an associated cost to the service, the benefits make it all worthwhile.

Like anything, office cleaning should be done properly the first time around, and clients should be both impressed and satisfied. Reliable janitorial companies are focused on cleaning standards, efficient equipment, and effective products – after all, this is their ultimate business character.

Clients who outsource their janitorial services can be assured of cleaning crews who are well trained and highly skilled in their work. They have specialized cleaning methods, and up-to-date equipment that allows for comprehensive often cleaning in far less time than in-house staff.

Outsourcing also provides businesses with a so-called “no hassle” advantage. There is no need to worry about cleaning schedules, additional costs, or even cleaning supplies. An external cleaning service will handle everything, and provide an effective cleaning regimen throughout the year.

A reputable cleaning company will guarantee regular and consistent service. They manage their cleaning crews and make sure there is never a gap in service. Unlike in-house cleaning staff, there are never any sick days, and service is provided without question on the day and time contracted.

Many office managers don’t realize that managing cleaning products can be a burden. With a hired company, chemicals and cleaning products are properly handled, appropriately stored, and always in ready supply. More than that, cleaning crews observe the health and safety guidelines.

One of the big benefits of outsourcing is the capacity to customize a cleaning regimen. Here, office managers can collaborate with the janitorial company to devise a plan, which will be tailored to suit specific needs, yet flexible when it comes to any special requests when that need arises.

Experienced cleaning companies can also help to create the ideal cleaning schedule. They have the practical experience to recommend the right approach based on the office traffic, regularity of service, and of course, annual budget. In short, they will work precisely around client schedules.

Because every office space is different, cleaning needs will also be different. Here again, it’s the experts who can offer a cleaning regimen that will be most cost-effective, within a given budget. This could mean that some areas of the office are on a daily routine, while others are monthly.

From a bottom line view, outsourcing cleaning will benefit a business of any size. Daily workloads don’t need to be interrupted, and office staff can carry on with the business of doing business.  It’s simply a good investment - an efficient approach that is both cost effective and time effective.

Professional janitorial companies have made a big business investment, and every client is key to their success. That’s why customer satisfaction, both short term and long term, are part of the service package. Delivering 100% client satisfaction is the only way to ensure repeat business.

Hiring the right janitorial service for the job

While its true that every office has different needs, and at different times, it’s the experienced and well-established janitorial company that can accommodate most every need. That includes a staff that is professional and competent; cleaning methodologies that deliver results; and flexibility to handle everything from a medical clinic, to a corporate office, to an industrial facility.

At We Clean It, the overriding priority is customer service and satisfaction. And that comes with a simple formula for success - extensive experience, modern equipment, and skilled crews. It’s very much a “one stop” approach to professional cleaning. And that means that clients can pick and choose a service package that best suits their immediate needs, as well as their special needs.

Cleaning quality guaranteed

When outsourcing janitorial services, clients are entitled to a certain level of quality assurance. Beyond high quality cleaning, there should also be a focus on the health and well being of office staff, particularly with cleaning products. After all, this is a daily working environment.

Cleaning products/methods

As a company, supervisors at We Clean It are trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials, abiding by all of the safety procedures.  In addition, eco-friendly products are used whenever possible to ensure a safer workplace. Many products are bio-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Additional service offerings

Most clients will benefit when a cleaning company can offer an array of services. These may not be required daily, but can be pre-scheduled when needed - and that includes everything from seasonal floor care, to restroom maintenance, to renovation cleanup (all under one roof).

More than janitorial services

With a service provider like We Clean It, clients can take advantage of more than just janitorial services. Whether it’s related to general building maintenance, or more specialized “handy-man” services, office managers can be assured of reliability, as well as a high standard of quality.

Customer service commitment

Every client, large or small, is entitled to service satisfaction. As such, office managers should be shopping for services that are comprehensive, with employees that take pride in their work, and a company guarantee that ensures complete satisfaction. Anything short should be unacceptable.

“Green” products and methods

Today, many office managers are opting for cleaning services that use "green" products as well as “green” cleaning methods. There is no need to settle for less, and any reliable janitorial company should be open to these pre-requisites. This is truly a responsible approach in any office.

Hiring a commercial janitorial service, especially from a high quality provider, is an investment for any business owner. But like other business decisions, it’s a matter of cost/benefit. As it is, outsourcing professional cleaning services is probably one of the better investments.

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