Janitorial Services For Back To School

Posted on 16 August 2018

With the new school year fast approaching, its time to get the building cleaned up for the new wave of kids. A clean, well-maintained school gives off a great impression for the kids and for their parents. It’s also an ideal time to contract back to school janitorial services, particularly if there’s extra work to do or a special project. Whatever the case, back to school janitorial services can be very cost effective overall, and can often offset the extra cost of hiring additional staff. More than that, back to school is the perfect time to take on some really thorough deep cleaning.

Back to school janitorial services from WeCleanIt

The professionals at WeCleanIt service all types of schools and educational facilities (including day care centres). We thoroughly clean and sanitize the facility to ensure a healthy, productive learning environment. In high schools and elementary schools, our janitorial teams provide professional cleaning throughout - including classrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, washrooms, and offices. Depending on the scope, our commercial cleaning services in Toronto are both practical and cost effective.

At WeCleanIt, we understand that schools have unique janitorial needs, especially because of the high traffic. Because of the daily wear and tear, we know what’s expected from an in-depth and comprehensive cleaning protocol. In fact, our people can handle any size of school, both inside and out. From day care centres, to university campuses, to private schools, the professionals at WeCleanIt can clean and sanitize the premises, with everything ready to go for the next day.

School maintenance that really makes a difference

For school administrators and facility managers, maintenance is demanding. And in a fast-paced environment like a school, the action plan has to be efficient, pro-active, and cost effective. With WeCleanIt on the job, you can be certain of a comprehensive approach to cleaning/maintenance.

  • classrooms and common areas
  • windows, walls, and doorways
  • stairs, corridors, and vestibule
  • outdoor areas and pavements
  • lighting, light bulbs, cleaning

The “green” approach to cleaning from WeCleanIt

Whether it’s back to school janitorial services, or regular ongoing cleaning, WeCleanIt makes an effort to provide “green” cleaning services. We make careful decisions about all of the cleaning products that we choose, and we do our best to use eco-friendly products. We also make an effort to employ environmentally conscious methods, taking into consideration the water that we use.

There’s no reason to compromise with a “green” cleaning approach – we still deliver a spotless and hygienic indoor space. Where possible, the cleaners we use are bio-based, and some products that are 100% biodegradable. As for the results, these products do an excellent cleaning job without containing ozone-depleting chemicals. Today, there’s no reason not to have a “green” approach.

If you’re looking for back to school janitorial services, WeCleanIt can do it for you the right way, with proven cleaning methods, and cleaning products that won’t leave toxic smells or residue. Find out more about our janitorial services by calling 647-999-6898 or visit the company’s website at

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