How Does Commercial Office Cleaning Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Posted on 12 July 2022

As a business owner or manager, the last thing you want is high employee absenteeism. Several factors contribute to employee absenteeism, including the cleanliness of the workspace. A cluttered and dirty office is unhealthy and affects employee productivity. The Covid pandemic continues to shape how business owners think about health and wellness in the workplace. The team at We Clean It understands that cleaning can be a chore amidst hectic office life—that's why we offer commercial office cleaning in Toronto to keep you focussed on what matters the most.

Why it's Vital to Have a Clean Work Environment

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An unclean and unorganized work environment affects employees’ overall morale, health, and productivity. No one looks forward to a messy workspace or a dirty office. An unclean workplace can affect the physical and mental health of employees—stress and anxiety about workplace infection can be equally damaging.  

A single worker can spread infection and put the health of all other workers at risk. Walking into an organized and clean workspace can give every employee a positive outlook at the start of the day. That is why opting for commercial cleaning in Toronto can help maintain a clean and disease-free office environment. Remember, a clean workspace is vital for a productive workforce and happy clients.

How it Can Affect Employee Absenteeism 

Viruses and other pathogens spread quickly in a shared office space. Each person in contact with an infected person or who touches contaminated equipment (keyboards, computers, desk phones) can also fall sick. Did you know that 

  • An average keyboard is a hotbed for about 3,000 microorganisms or 7,500 bacteria per square inch?
  • One in every six phones contains disease-causing pathogens.
  • An office desk surface has around 10 million bacteria—400 times more than a toilet seat!

There is a greater risk of infection spreading through office interaction and cross-contamination, leading to increased illness-related absenteeism and recurrent infections. It’s no doubt that focusing on preventing sickness and offering a safe and germ-free environment is a priority for all employers.

Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners 

Commercial office cleaning in Toronto can provide thorough decontamination that eliminates pathogens and protects you and your employees. Professional cleaners have:

  • The necessary knowledge, tools, & equipment.
  • Use professional-grade disinfectant wipes and sprays for complete disinfection and protection.
  • Studies indicate that commercial cleaning in Toronto has a positive impact on the health and productivity of workers. Regular professional cleaning decreases workplace illnesses due to viruses by about 80-90%.
  • Janitorial professionals follow strict schedules and cleaning protocols, significantly reducing workplace pathogens and improving indoor air quality. 
  • Commercial cleaners will keep all high-traffic areas and shared spaces like washrooms and toilets clean and germ-free.

Professional office cleaning will ensure a clean and sanitized workspace and reduce sick leave & absenteeism. 

Invest in the Health & Wellness of Your Employees

Engaging a reliable company for commercial cleaning in Toronto is probably the best gift for your employees. A proactive approach to health and wellness can prevent illness, boost employee morale, and offer precious peace of mind. If you’re considering commercial office cleaning in Toronto, contact the pros at We Clean It. You can count on the We Clean It professionals for quick, dependable, and thorough cleaning services. We’d love to discuss our focused cleaning & sanitation strategy for reducing illness and absenteeism in the workplace with you!

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