Hire WeCleanIt as your School Cleaning Contractor in the Greater Toronto Area

Posted on 23 July 2019

WeCleanIt is a school cleaning contractor in the Greater Toronto Area and is the only company for an educational facility to use to create a sparkling learning environment. Daycare centres, educational facilities, and schools systems are high traffic areas that can be breeding grounds for bacteria. At WeCleanIt, we specialize in cleaning educational facilities on a daily, weekly, bi-annual or annual basis. We perform day-to-day clean up, we schedule deeper cleaning jobs when required, and we enter your facility over the holidays. During this period, we perform tasks that can’t be done when students and teachers are present. Maintaining a safe learning environment for educators and students alike is what we do by preventing exposure to dirt and grime. When you hire WeCleanIt as your school cleaning contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we will help position your institution as one that parents will entrust their children to and where staff will want to work.

The only school cleaning contractor in the Greater Toronto Area

The health and welfare of your students, staff, and visitors are paramount for the administration that operates any educational facility. This creates challenges when maintaining a healthy environment, safe environment for all. First, eradication of germs is a top-of-mind concern, and it is one thing that will stop an outbreak of illness at your school. Sanitizing the school is of great importance, and as your school cleaning contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we will sterilize your institution. We use non-toxic cleaning supplies that will leave your institution buffed and shining. Our cleaning products pose no risk to toddlers in a daycare setting, and staff and students along the educational chain to the post-secondary level. When your school hosts sporting events, sweat can be a conduit for germs and diseases and that is when your gymnasium will require deep cleaning. In sports, injuries happen, and blood-borne diseases can be transmitted if a sterile cleaning hasn’t been done. Special events are a part of service offering; we come in before and after an event to clean, and that protects your guests from any contamination that could be present. Deep cleaning is a project that can be completed during holidays or a vacation break. When the staff and students return, they will have a shiny, fresh learning environment to excel in. Whether it is daily, weekly or weekend cleaning services that are needed, we will formulate a plan to achieve your goal of safety for students, staff and visitors. Cleaning any facility is a layered, day-to-day job. Dirt and grime need to be cleaned up, but there will be times when a deep cleaning is necessary. 

We take special care with your students’ safety

In elementary school environments, students who are very young and not yet well-versed in personal hygiene can easily start a cold or flu epidemic in the classroom. Runny noses, playing outside during recess, and bathroom breaks without washing hands make desks, chairs, easels and toys a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and dirty hand prints. For the little ones, a day-to-day cleaning to keep students and staff healthy may be necessary.

Once students reach high school, they’ll be less messy and able to keep themselves and their environment relatively clean; however, they’ll also be taking part in various inter-school academic and sports competitions, and school plays and assemblies. Either way, you’ll want to make an extra special impression on your students’ guests by preparing with a deep clean. You’ll also need another deep cleaning and sanitization on the sweaty benches and even floors in your gymnasium once the basketball tournament is over, removal of any waste and mess from the after school play, and return your school to it’s usual environment in time for the next day’s classes. WeCleanIt understands that different schools have different needs based on their student’s ages and involvement in various activities, and is equipped to provide safe, pristine learning environments, whether in the classroom or in common areas.

When your facility needs to be ready to meet the world, your cleaning contractor in the Greater Toronto Area is WeCleanIt. Our reputation shimmers like the services we provide in the region, and we would like to invite you to contact us to discuss your cleaning needs.

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