How To Find The Best Janitorial Services Company

Posted on 23 March 2017

On the surface, it seems that every janitorial company is the best. Each one has the best service package, the best cleaning crews, and the best customer satisfaction guarantee. But the truth is, what’s best for one business owner may not be good for another - everyone has different needs. The important thing is to choose a janitorial services company that will best satisfy those needs.

Comprehensive cleaning

Some business owners want their office space to be clean and well maintained day in and day out. They want to be sure that the cleaning service will do a better job than the in-house staff. And they want to be sure that the cost of the service is worthwhile.

Nothing to worry about

With a good janitorial services company, there should be nothing to worry about for the business owner. Cleaning equipment and products should be supplied, with no need to fret about supply and/or inventory. Clearly, cleaning crews should be well trained.

Everything under one roof

Outsourcing office cleaning should be a “no hassle” experience. The cleaning company should be handling everything under one roof - the cleaning schedules should be fixed; cleaning protocols should be defined; and special needs should be addressed in advance.

Dependability of services

Janitorial cleaning services should be regular, consistent, and unfailing. There should never be a gap in service, nor any downtime while on the job. And although there may be such a thing as a weather emergency, reliability of service should be guaranteed.

Customized cleaning needs

Whatever the size of business, a cleaning regimen must have the capacity to be customized. Every business is different, with different requisites, and with specific needs. While janitor services can be tailored to suit a business, there should also be some flexibility.

Budgetary considerations

A good janitorial service will offer a cleaning package that is based on a given budget, yet one that is cost-effective for the business owner. Beyond a weekly or monthly regimen, there may also be an option for specific cleaning duties from time to time as needed.

Hiring a professional team

Professional janitorial services should comprise competent cleaning teams, modern equipment, and quality cleaning products. And business owners should be on the receiving end of excellent customer service. Problem issues should be open for resolution.

Healthy cleaning products

Today, many business owners prefer eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for workers and visitors. A reputable janitorial service should be offering products that are safe, non-toxic, and even biodegradable.

Additional special services

Beyond regular cleaning services, small business owners often need additional, more specialized services. This may include some “handy-man” services; specific maintenance services; even one time major cleanups that require extra staff/equipment.

Bottom line for businesses

By any definition, hiring a janitorial services company is a serious investment. For any business, there must be a cost/benefit advantage to outsourcing. Simply put, this is the true measure of a worthwhile arrangement and a valuable service provider.

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