Do Hand Sanitizers Really Prevent Illness?

Posted on 16 May 2018

If you’re confused about hand sanitizer's effectiveness you’re not alone. Do they really prevent illness? Do they help in any way? We see them everywhere – from the supermarket to the gym to the airport. But is there any impact on the transmission of colds or other germ related illnesses?

Everything you need to know about hand sanitizers

The short answer to hand sanitizer's effectiveness is that no one really knows. And this is mainly because there aren’t any reputable studies about whether hand sanitizers cut down on illnesses or infections. True enough, good personal hygiene (especially clean hands) can make a difference. And studies show that good hand hygiene cuts down measurably on infections and/or illnesses.

The real key to stopping the spread of illness is to break the chain that permits pathogens to be transmitted from one individual to another. The fact is, either proper hand washing or sanitizing can accomplish this. When hand washing simply isn’t available, carrying some hand sanitizer is the answer. This is ideal in public places for those of us who are particularly conscious about it.

When we think about hand sanitizer's effectiveness, a number of so-called “transmission points” come to mind. For example grocery carts can be especially risky. And the handle can be full of all sorts of pathogens, not to mention food debris. Today, many supermarkets make alcohol-laden wipes available to keep things clean. As a shopper, you really have nothing lose by using them.

The thing is, every surface that surrounds us has bacteria and other germs. And the experts tell us that the majority of these are harmless. The cautionary rule is to keep washing hands during the day, whether after using public transit or using a public washroom. This is especially relevant during the winter cold/flu season. For some of us, even avoiding handshakes has become routine.

In a commercial setting, hand sanitizing isn’t enough

In an office or commercial setting, hand sanitizing just isn’t enough. These types of high traffic locations require thorough, regular cleaning. At WeCleanIt, trained cleaning crews use the latest cleaning agents to ensure a clean and sanitized workspace.

WeCleanIt specializes in office cleaning throughout the GTA. There aren’t any issues with hand sanitizer's effectiveness because everything is cleaned at source. Our expert cleaners focus on everything from keyboards, to telephones, to touchscreens.

With WeCleanIt on the job, high traffic areas are given special emphasis – areas such as waiting rooms, public washrooms, and employee kitchens. The aim is to clean thoroughly and ensure the most hygienic space for employees, customers, and visitors.

Whatever the public space, hygiene is the key to health

While the debate on hand sanitizer's effectiveness continues amongst the public, all of us should be extra conscious about hygiene and cleanliness. If nothing else, the best rule is to keep hands clean and sanitized – overall, it seems to be the best prescription for healthy results. And if you can, carrying a travel-sized hand sanitizer wouldn’t hurt.

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