Best Tips for Effective Hotel Cleaning Services In Toronto

Posted on 06 April 2022

commercial cleaning services in Toronto for hotels

Hotel cleaning services in Toronto are an essential part of the hospitality industry. A clean and sanitized environment is more vital than ever, especially for hotels.  Travellers and guests expect the rooms and facilities to be thoroughly clean and safe. Consequently, hotel cleaning can be challenging, especially considering how extensive and complicated some hotels are. That is why most hotels now use professional commercial cleaning services for effective and efficient cleaning. Our experts at We Clean It have put together a compact guide for hotel cleaning services & housekeeping tips—from fresh, pristine beds to spotless bathrooms! Read on to provide the highest standard of hotel housekeeping and cleaning services to your guests. 

What Commercial Cleaning Covers

Commercial cleaning services are experts at cleaning commercial properties and do a professional job. Commercial hotel cleaning entails cleaning rooms and bathrooms, making & turning down beds, and replacing or replenishing toiletries and towels. The commercial cleaning team will be responsible for an extensive cleaning of the room after check-out. Cleaning procedures for room stayovers would need a limited clean-up. Professional cleaning services ensure that their crew adheres to a cleaning checklist for proper disinfection and cleaning.

Other areas to be cleaned include the common areas, including the reception/lobby, hotel exterior, front entrance, dining, pool or restaurant areas. All these areas also need to be cleaned and disinfected every day. 

Cleaning Procedure for a Hotel Room

  • Air the room: open windows, balcony and main door for ventilation and prevent lingering cleaning solution odours.
  • Strip & remake bed: Remove old bed linens and replace them with fresh sheets. If guests stay over for consecutive nights, replacing the sheets isn’t always necessary. If the sheets are clean, remake the bed neatly as per the hotel instructions (turndown service). Guests may request a linen change by placing the linen change card or informing housekeeping.
  • Remove used mugs/cups: Switch used mugs and cups; replenish tea/coffee supplies.
  • Empty trash: Remove the garbage by emptying the trash cans and placing new bin liners.
  • Dust, clean & Sanitize: Thoroughly dust all surfaces, including tables, cupboards, light fixtures, headboards, etc. Next, clean and sanitize the room. Wipe down and sanitize electrical appliances like TVs, telephones etc., with microfiber cloth and appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • Vacuum: Vacuum carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture to remove dust & dirt.
  • Clean the Floor: Lastly, sweep and wet-mop the floors using appropriate tools and green cleaning solutions. 
  • Last check: Close all windows, adjust the thermostat to default, and perform a final sweep.

Cleaning Procedure for a Hotel Bathroom 

  • Open windows & doors.
  • Remove mats and used towels.
  • Dust and wipe the sink area and towel rail.
  • Clean sink and taps.
  • Clean the toilet, shower, and bath area.
  • Empty garbage and reline bin.
  • Replace towels.
  • Tidy guest belongings.
  • Replenish toilet paper and all amenities.
  • Mop and clean the floor and disinfect the washroom.

Commercial Cleaning Services from We Clean It

When it comes to hotels, cleanliness and quality housekeeping can make all the difference! Ensure that your guests have a safe and memorable stay with commercial cleaning services in Toronto from the pros at We Clean It. With years of professional cleaning experience, our trained cleaning crew has the right tools, techniques, and expertise for living up to your high clean standards. Connect with us today to know how our commercial cleaning services can help you!

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