6 Things You May Forget To Clean At Your Workplace

Posted on 06 August 2020

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As you get back to work post the lockdown, stringent office cleaning protocols are a must to combat the coronavirus.

The office is your second home; it's important to keep it sanitized and germ-free. However, some key places are often neglected during routine office cleaning. A commercial office cleaning service will not make that mistake. 

Here are 5 things you forget to clean at your workplace (that you must!): 

1. Doorknobs & Light Switches 

Two ‘high contact’ surfaces that almost everyone at the office touches while entering or exiting the office are doorknobs and light switches. They are hotspots for the transmission of viruses and bacteria but are often neglected during regular cleaning.  Make sure your office cleaning regimen includes daily disinfection of doorknobs and switches.  

2. Keyboard & Mouse

Research suggests that your laptop or desktop keyboard and mouse can be a hundred times dirtier than a toilet seat! Cleaning and disinfecting your keyboard and mouse is perhaps more important now than ever! Remember to clean them daily to ensure a healthy and disease-free work environment.   

3. Kitchen Culprits  

Microwave touchpads, fridge handles and kitchen knobs are among the dirtiest things in your office kitchen. They are the oft-forgotten ‘kitchen culprits’ which are high-touch surfaces that need regular disinfection, especially in COVID times. Disinfection is at the heart of the cleaning routine; make sure that your commercial office cleaning services disinfect these kitchen appliances every day. 

4. Elevator Buttons 

Elevator buttons are used by almost everyone in the office but are usually neglected during cleaning. Don’t skip this high-traffic surface while cleaning! Deep clean and disinfect elevator buttons regularly to eliminate any lingering disease-causing bacteria and viruses. 

5. Fans & AC Vents

Dust, allergens and bacteria tend to accumulate on fans and AC vents leading to allergies and other respiratory diseases. Clean vents and fans are vital for healthy air circulation in a closed office space. However, they are often neglected. Commercial office cleaning services will ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly to eliminate dust and other allergens.  

6. The Desk Phone

Another thing that is forgotten during cleaning is the office telephone. Like keyboards and switches, shared desk phones are a breeding ground for infection. Coughing, sneezing and even regular talking on the phone can leave lingering virus and bacterial traces. Regular cleaning with a disinfectant is a must during pandemic times.    

Hope you will pay attention to these neglected areas during your next office cleanup. 

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