4 Areas Cleaning Services for Business Should Target

Posted on 22 November 2021

commercial cleaning service for businesses

Cleaning services for businesses are expected to provide comprehensive office cleaning in Toronto. While that is absolutely the goal, there are certain areas that commercial cleaning companies in Toronto should target to maximize the results of their efforts. When these areas are prioritized and effectively targeted during office cleaning in Toronto, workplaces will see healthier, happier, and more productive employees. 

At We Clean It, we develop custom office cleaning plans to optimize our cleaning services for optimal results. 

Here are the most important areas for commercial cleaning services in Toronto to target. 


Cleaning services for businesses will obviously stress the importance of restroom cleaning in Toronto. A lot of bacteria can find their way into communal washrooms. As a result, they can be easily transferred from sinks, doors, stalls, handles, dryers, and even the floors, the entirety of a shared restroom requires professional attention. Often seemingly unclean washrooms will make employees uncomfortable and less happy at work. When you choose We Clean It for office cleaning in Toronto, you can turn that feeling of discomfort into a sense of cleanliness. 

Break Rooms

The office kitchen or the office break room should be a priority for any office cleaning company. This is where employees go to eat, take five, or grab a cup of coffee to recuperate and reenergize during the workday. When it is not acceptably clean, it can be hazardous and disruptive to employees. Spilled drinks, crumbs, and general clutter can make the space unwelcoming and dirty, and in some cases, even causes bacteria and mold to fester. With proper and regular care, these risks are minimized, and the peaceful atmosphere of the workplace break room can be preserved. 


The reception area is vital to creating strong, positive first impressions with employees and customers. Hence, cleaning services must understand the value of keeping it clean, organized, and healthy. The weather is one of the biggest influencers in the cleanliness of reception since it’s where most people enter. Slush, water, salt, and snow often make their way inside on rainy or snowy days as people walk in and out. Left uncleaned, they constantly build up, creating stains and unsightly watermarks. Nightly mopping does a good job of protecting the floor and removing unwanted dirt from the elements. 

High Traffic Touch Points 

Without a professional cleaning company, bacteria and viruses can spread through an office very quickly. One way the spread happens at such an accelerated rate is through cross-contamination. Essentially, when one person is sick, they can contaminate areas they touch with bacteria or viruses like doorknobs, phones, and handrails. When someone else feels these later, they can pick up the contaminants and become infected. To minimize the spread of germs, reduce absenteeism, and maintain a healthy workspace, cleaning services should focus their attention on the communal touchpoints where germs are likely to be transferred. At We Clean It, we used a specialized approach to coordinate office cleaning in Toronto, minimizing cross-contamination from cleaning tools. 

Professional office cleaning in Toronto can improve your workplace atmosphere, keeping both customers and employees happier and healthier.

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