Top Reasons to Hire a Medical Office Cleaner

Posted on 18 October 2019

For most commercial offices, professional cleaning is about providing a clean and pleasant office space (hopefully a hygienic space as well). But when it comes to cleaning a medical office, this work must go well beyond aesthetics and appearance.

If your medical offices aren’t properly cleaned (and to the highest standard), you’re simply not meeting your responsibilities to patients and staff. That’s why professional medical office cleaning is so vital to on-going cleanliness and maintenance.

Some office managers might entrust their medical office cleaning to a service provider that offers general janitorial services. This is adequate, but not really enough. It’s much better to contract a medical office cleaner that offers a specialty approach.

When you outsource professional medical office cleaning, you’re provided with a team that is specially trained. Beyond the regularity and dependability of the service, there are a host of benefits and advantages that make the investment worthwhile.

Professional cleaners do the job properly – from end to end

Patients entering a medical office expect the space to be impeccably clean – it only makes sense that this type environment is clean, sanitary, and hygienic. Anything short should be unacceptable to both clinic operators and clinic staff.

With a professional approach to medical office cleaning, high standards of cleanliness are ensured – and there’s far less chance for germs to spread. More than that, a professional team makes sure that every part of a clinic is addressed.

When you contract a professional medical office cleaner, you’re assured of a comprehensive job from end to end. The cleaning team is proficient. The cleaning products are effective and safe. And the cleaning techniques ensure 100% sanitation.

In many cases, medical clinics must meet industry standards and local bylaws for cleaning a medical office. With professionals on hand, you can be sure that the standards are satisfied and everything is compliant – there’s never a need to worry.

Professional cleaners are trained for medical office cleaning

Cleaning a medical office is more than just vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. That may be the scope of a typical janitorial service, but a medical office needs much more depth. You need trained cleaners who focus on a germ-free environment.

Medical facilities depend on cleaning techniques that prevent cross-contamination for both patients and staff. When you hire a good medical office cleaner, the cleaning techniques are designed to address the unique germ/bacteria environment.

Professional cleaning crews generally use colour-coded microfiber cloths for specific areas and surfaces and do not use contaminated cloths in multiple places. This is only one of the many “best practices” that deliver the best long-lasting results.

Professional medical cleaning services are good for the bottom line

Some office managers might consider professional medical office cleaning to be expensive. However, this is more an issue of value, and the return-on-investment makes sense in a number of ways. Outsourcing is actually good for the bottom line.

Economizing on office cleaning is a short-term solution that usually delivers poor results. Having your own people undertake the tasks is time-consuming and stressful. And hiring non-specialized people will not provide the standards required.

Outsourcing medical office cleaning is a cost-effective approach, with outcomes that make the investment worthwhile. Beyond the great results, you’re assured of work that is timely and comprehensive – all at a price that is remarkably affordable.

Professional cleaners customize services to suit your needs

Professional cleaning crews do it all, usually providing services that are all “under one roof”. This means that all of the cleaning equipment, product supplies, and on-site staff are fully provided. As well, the service approach is customized to suit.

A professional team will clean your premises based on your needs and your priorities. Your office schedule, your patient load, and your budget will all be taken into consideration. And above all, your office privacy and confidentiality are ensured.

With a customized approach to medical office cleaning, the TO DO list is tailored to meet your requirements. The cleaning regimen is based on the size of your space and the types of areas – office space, clinic space, and examination space.

Cleaning a medical office using a “green” cleaning approach

Today, many professionals are using “green” cleaning products when possible. In fact, more and more clinic managers are requesting a “green” approach because of the eco-benefits – it’s important for patients and staff throughout the day.

Good cleaning crews also focus on maintaining clean air quality. They use HEPA vacuums to collect and remove airborne pollutants and dust particles, thus improving overall indoor air quality. This is so essential for medical office cleaning.

A “green” cleaning approach is just as effective as a traditional approach with chemicals that often result in off gassing. “Green” products do an excellent job of cleaning, sanitizing, and decontaminating, but without any harmful effects.

Medical facility cleaning from the professionals at We Clean It

At We Clean It, our people understand that medical facilities are uniquely different, and therefore the cleaning requirements are unique. We have experience and expertise that’s facility-specific – and that means we know exactly what’s required to deliver results.

Our cleaning crews are well trained. We use specialized cleaning methods. We use hospital grade disinfecting products. And we pay special attention to the distinct needs of a medical office space. Bottom line, we focus on providing a sanitized and hygienic environment.

When you decide to hire We Clean It, our comprehensive cleaning regime ensures a process where nothing is overlooked. Best of all, everything is customized to satisfy your needs.

  • extensive cleaning of examination rooms, chairs, and tables
  • micro-fibre cleaning of touch surfaces, keyboards, phones
  • attention to personnel stations, personal desks, countertops
  • complete sanitation of windowsills, door knobs, and levers
  • disinfecting of washroom sinks, cabinets, and all dispensers
  • general cleaning of entryways and patient reception areas

For We Clean It, there’s no medical-type facility that is too challenging, and no client that is too demanding. We have the cleaning teams to do the job right – we have the equipment – and we have the resources to provide a clean, sanitized and decontaminated facility. Contact us to get started today!

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